The more time I spend driving, the more I wonder why people find it so hard!

I would like to put it down to one type of person but its not….. the bulk of the driving population is… BAD AT IT!

When did the care factor for the people around us vanish? Why do people care so much about getting one car space in front? Why would people rather risk the lives of themselves and those around them than just accepting that they can not hurtle their car infront to gain 2 meters. The amount of near misses on the roads is scary.

Last night I refused to speed for the angry driver behind me. He was so close to the back of my car I could not see his lights. We were going 90 on the dot, my refusal to speed engraged him, he swerved back and forth behind me, sped up and slowed down taunting me from behind. With my two toddlers in the car there was no way I was going to speed up and risk our lives for this bad driver. In the end he ended up screaming past our car in a turning lane that was not long enough for overtaking. So I subsequently had to slam on my brakes so he didnt hit the front of our car. Im sure if he had, he would not have stopped.

Every day there is someone doing a stupid act just to get somewhere faster. Is the pressure on us that bad that we feel the need to risk everyone elses life? If their mother was in the car in front would they treat her like that?! Or are the people driving like this just not value anyone elses life, nor their own? It baffles me, and scares me to death. Oneday my girls are going to be on these roads, it scares the hell out of me.

Why can’t people just drive, dont you know you will get there in the end, you dont need to potentially murder someone to get there. Calm the hell down on the roads!

Posted by kgbrunsden, 12th June 2014

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  • great to read this story


  • I stick to the speed limit and often find I catch up with the ‘speeders’ at the light.


  • all I can say is when I got mine many moons ago I was taught in depth and when my kids where taught they did not get taught the simple things like we did. So I also do blame some of the driving school no teaching them properly and making it younger to be able to drive. I was 18 before I could go for mine. Personally I think they should raise the age again as if you have ever raised a child at 16 they know every thing and every one else is wrong. There are to many immature drivers in control of a car or such and they think they are indestructable and are not mature enough and sometimes it than carries on as they get older as they think they are right and this is how to drive. there are way to many off them on the roads these days


  • I think that people in Australia are always in a rush to get no where in a hurry.
    I bet if half the people retook their driving test they would fail or even just the theory test.
    People need to slow down and actually watch whats happening further than the end of their bonnet.
    I think there should be more plain fleet police cars out and about because as soon as you spot a police they either slow down or just stop being stupid.


  • It is so sad that reading through all your answers I can say yep thats happened to me. There should be more police out there!


  • i had a guy yesterday in front of me that took the exit to get onto the highway, we are both speeding up to merge on to the highway and then he must of suddenly thought ‘crap i didn’t want to go this way’ and stopped dead! i nearly ran right up him, slammed on my brakes, thank god noone was behind me, but i had my toddler in the car and i just couldnt believe what this idiot was doing!!!!

    • That is incredibly scary and potentially life threatening. You poor thing Krissy! I’ve been hit by two cars on two separate occasions and on both occasions I was not in the wrong. On one occasion an elderly lady forgot a salad she had left at home for her daughter, so instead of going twenty-fifty metres up the road am using the round about, she decided to do a u turn right there and then and collide with me.


  • Also scary are the drivers who suddenly realise they want to turn and do it from the wrong lane, OR decide they don’t want to turn after all and go straight ahead from the turning lane, forcing other drivers to suddenly brake to avoid a collision. Then there are the ones who amble along the lead in to the motorway and keep everyone behind them doing 50 or 60 to merge with motorway traffic doing 90kph. So dangerous.


  • And this is precisely why I don’t like driving. I’m a reasonable driver, but not necessarily good enough to compensate for someone else’s lack of skills. Or manners.

    • I feel the same as you BellaB, lately I get anxious driving due to other bad drivers.


  • You obviously are one of the good drivers in this crazy world Kiri. When we drive we are not just driving for ourselves but the other drivers on the road as well. Our roads scare the hell out of me as well and sadly I do not see a light t the end of the tunnel, cars have increased in number and cars go a lot faster and there will always be that stupid driver. One of my very pet hates is drivers texing or talking on the phone whist driving and sadly I have seen many a mum. Women eating or applying makeup is another, do they think if this caused an accident and they were killed the blood on their face would look any better with a bit of makeup.
    I love my police force and wish there were more of them, many many times over.

    • Agreed I wish there were more patrols just cruising the streets. And I wish we could have cameras on our cars to tape stupid drivers. I would pay to have a camera on my car if it meant making the roads safer for my girls!


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