I just wish to share my story to raise a little awareness. Although I will not be naming names or schools ect…
This all happened last year when my oldest son was in Prep.
He started off the year good. About half way through term 1, he started to change. Become a little more aggressive at home and at school, his attitude was less that desirable. He had a lot of problems with bullying and kept insisting to take his comforting snuggle bear (Tishy) to school. I thought being first term, he was fine. In that first week, I got told he couldn’t have it, but made a point with the teacher that they still have a nap/quiet time and I’m sure they could allow it for then. Well, she did. However, starting the next week, she starting bring up excuse after excuse as to why he couldn’t have his bear at school with him – and he was REALLY wanting it with him. She would say he was hitting people with it, but she never stopped those kids from teasing him in the first place.
By 2nd term, I convinced my son to leave Tishy at home. He was going to school worried, unsure and uneasy and that’s when most of the problems started. He had hard times focussing, so his teacher was constantly getting up him. For lunch, he would spend them mostly at the office due to the fact of “having no hat”, but yet they never checked his (he ALWAYS had a hat in his bag). He was sent to the office one lunch because he had a hat that was a broad brimmed hat – he chose a hat his Nanny bought as a security thing, his other hat was also in the wash at the time…
His teacher was always complaining to me about him and I always tried to get to the bottom of it with my son, asking him questions, but he never really responded directly to my questions. Then he started saying his teacher was being mean to him half- way through term 2.
Term 3 came and my son dreaded school for the first day back. Within that first week, he was complaining of his teacher being mean. He was sent to the office nearly every day. In week 3, I dropped him off maybe 5 minutes late one day, and he had had a GREAT morning, no problems, so I thought he would have had a great day… I was wrong. I got a call at 10am saying that he was hiding under a desk and refusing to do his work. I had to go and get him and they were officially suspending him for the day. I asked him what happened, and he said his teacher was making him do this and do that, and that she was being mean.
Problems kept arrising, and he was at the office nearly everyday or kept from playing at lunch for this reason or that, having to sit and watch his classmates play on the playground at the port racks.
Term 4 came, we had relocated 5 hours away. He started his new school with NO problems. He had a fantastic time, and I saw the light beaming in his eyes again. I got my dad to pick up his school books from his old school to bring them when he came and visit, and as every curious mother would do, I had a flick through to see what he had been up to… Then I came across a “thoughts” journal that they apparently wrote in once a day. And it had a passage in it saying his teacher was mean so he does as he is told so he doesn’t get into trouble… on the opposite page was a thick, black scribble that looked so angry!! I felt so pissed off at myself that I did not listen to my son more when he needed me too! What a horrible thing to see after the horrid 3 terms we had went through with this teacher…

Although I am happy now that he is happy at his school where we are now =) He was here in term 4 for prep and we are now in term 4 for year 1! The worst that has happened is I have been called for a meeting just to see about a diagnosis of ADHD or something of the likes. We did get a diagnosis, although, he is settling down more and more. I am very proud of my son and all that he went through and found it in himself to give his new school the amazing time of day that he has!! He has made plenty of friends, and I don’t think he has had to sit out for 1 lunch or be sent to the office for his bad behaviour.

So just a message to you parents – listen to your child more!!
When my son kept saying his teacher was being mean, I knew something was wrong but I kept thinking there is no way a teacher would be like that… boy, was I wrong!! If only I was a fly on the wall when he was in her class!!

Posted by JessyJade, 11th November 2015

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  • yeah some teachers are just plain cruel! my daughter has the best marks and goes to this bad teacher and barely passed her subjects but all the other teachers gave her “a” and best reviews. this teacher was not liked by any of her kids. i feel disappointed as you expect your teacher’s to take care of the kids and help them achieve their best. But i now know that some of these people should not be let anywhere near children! they need to get repeatedly tested or something to keep their job! i find that if you complain to the principal, you are shooe’d away and dismissed while that teacher treats your child even worse and makes them become more of an “example” as they get targeted more. There is no way that in my home life, i would let such a nasty person around my child but yet 6 hours a day, my kid is forced to be around it. Teachers don’t really care anymore so if you find a good one, LOVE HER! The shame is that the only course of action that a parent can take is to remove the child from the school and their friends in the hope that you may find a better set of teachers


  • It was really sad… He is a bright boy but has a few quirks. Apparently about a month after I left a mum from the same class was saying that the teacher is known for being horrible… There are a few teachers in the same school that aren’t up to par – I have a friend who decided to home school her son as it was easier than the teachers just ignoring him and what he needed – within the first week she knew something wasn’t right with her son and found out he had dyslexia!
    I only hope like anything that no child gets bullied by their teacher. A teacher is meant to be someone for them to look up to, and rely on when in hard times.


  • sadly this happened a lot at school if a child finds school hard and fitting in I have found a few teachers at my daughters school the same they find the easiest way to push that child aside rather than helping that child with the attention they need its very sad. my daughter luckily hasn’t been through this and I’m so sorry to here your son did what a awful thing for a parent to go through you believe when you drop your child at school that there safe the last thing you think is that there teacher is the actual bully :( glad his happy in a new school :)


  • Thanks mom’s!! Just feel like I should have listened to my child more as it was going on… But yea, I always thought to work with the teacher would deliver better results ect so I chose to believe the teacher over my son even though there were heaps of doubt in my own mind. But yes, thankfully he is happy where he is now =)

    • Everybody learns and now your little one is happy. :)


  • I’m so sorry that happened. I’m glad your son is happy now. It’s not your fault


  • That is shocking. How sad for your son. It’s not your fault though, I’m sure many parents would share your thoughts on teachers. What a bitch to pick on a small child like that. So glad things are much better for you all now


  • Thanks MOM165081 … His teachers that he has had at his new school are absolutely amazing!! Even now he is still allowed to have Tishy with him when he isn’t feeling the best, which is great! Although he started leaving Tishy at home the start of Term 2 this year which was GREAT to see!! And it was completely on his own accord! His teachers are so amazing towards him and have helped him so much!!
    So glad he loves school again =D


  • Good to read that your child is settled into a new school. Sometimes this has to occur, not all kids fit with every teacher or school.


  • Read the whole story – really glad you moved your little boy – kids are super perceptive. A few years ago we had a bad teacher in kindy – they were moved on by the school in term 3 (luckily!!!). The negative impact of bad teachers is incredible. So glad most teachers are the other extreme – hopefully you never come across another bad teacher – you have had more than your share of them and there are so very many great and inspirational teachers in our schools.


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