If you were asked what you want out of life, we all want HAPPINESS, of course MONEY, and wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could TRAVEL FOR FREE EVERY YEAR FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

I have a perfect opportunity for you which you can do aside anything else as there is not a lot of work involved. All you need is to decide if you want these three things in your life, if you do, then this Opportunity is BRAND NEW in many countries, it is being Launched in Australia this week. Getting in first is the easy part, then you have less work to do and the world is your oyster, you just need to say yes.

This is ideal for the stay at home mum, the disabled, the newly weds, EVERYONE. You can even incorporate with some jobs already.

Mick and I have signed up to a brand new organisation where their main aim is happiness and travel. This is my dream. We are about to Launch in Australia, it is that new and I really believe it would help many people of different lifestyles as it is so easy to do, it doesn’t take much time out of your day. There is no selling of any products, which is even better, its just offering a chance for family and friends to bring the two most important things into your life and earn money doing it.

There is a webinar to watch, unfortunately it takes around an hour to watch it, but honestly , when you see it, see how easy it is to make money, bring happiness into your life and do some travelling as well, I believe you will sign up. Anyone in the world can sign up.

There are 3 levels:
1. Happy – Free to join, but you must commit to do a 21 day course on bringing happiness into your life. You can still earn some money, but not like the rest.
2. Happier – It is a one time fee of $197, you get points for signing up people, and once you get to 1000 points (and that can come from people we join, or someone else in our group) you get $1500 plus $30 per person you join. Once you get to a managerial level, you will be earning $250+ a week, and that is when you start paying $19.95 per month, which is a $245 Profit per week.
3. Happiest – (this is where we join) It is a one time fee of $297, you get more points per person joined, 1000 points = $1500 plus $50 per person which is a total of $1650, then once you become a manager, you bring in more than $250 per week, and you start paying $50 per month. You also get a travel voucher of $300 plus more.
Once you reach a Regional Manager and hold it for 2 years, you get a FULLY PAID HOLIDAY FOR A FAMILY TO ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD EVERY YEAR FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

Don’t think you couldn’t do it, I know you could and it gives you so much more that isn’t in the webinar. Please have a look at www.everybodyneedsthis.com the money side is different now than on there, they changed it. Even if you start for free, you may decide to go bigger later. We have done this sort of thing before and I have never seen any such benefits for not much work. Even if you join at happier and not do anything, you can still bring in the $250 per week.
We are launching this week, we would love to see you with us,at one of the vacationers which you will see. Also Qantas, and different businesses are involved.
When you get a chance, have a look and let me know if you are interested, you can email me at m.d.lindsay@bigpond.com The world is our Oyster

Posted by dee lindsay, 9th December 2014

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  • Interesting comments and questions on this post; following this one.


  • really


  • Umm sounds to good to be true but will check out the site and see many thanks

    • Hi there,
      There is an old saying, If it looks too good to be true, it usually is. And that means stay away. But, in this case, it is a great company with great ways to earn income and really, it isn’t hard. All you are doing are marketing happiness and travel, and only need to spend about 15 to 30 minutes a day. Check your site, send out tweets, messages to facebook, talk to a couple of people and you can get a free holiday, fully paid every year for the rest of your life. I am a sceptic, and you should hear my hubby, but he just loves this opportunity. Every one helps eachother, and you are never left alone. I have made good friends already.
      If you would like a file with all information, please email me at m.d.lindsay@bigpond.com and I will send you a file with everything you need to know.
      Plus, in time, there will be more offered to us. xxx I look forward to hearing from any of you lovely people xxx Dee


  • I will head on over at some stage to check this out for myself :)

    • Dear HopefullyHeidi,

      This is the most fantastic opportunity of a lifetime. I have signed up, as of yesterday, I have signed 3 people already which has doubled my income before I start. Go and visit my website http://www.fouroceans.net/doodles and if you are keen please get in contact with me. At the moment there is only Australia, New Zealand and a couple of other Countries available in the world, but it will only be a couple of days that the United States and other countries would be available, but I can still get you ready to sign. You can sign up as ‘Happy’ for free and slowly build up an income, or be like me and sign up as ‘Happiest’ start getting a bigger income immediately and you can Travel and bring Happiness into your life. It is Brand New in the World and there are millions who like to travel and that is all we do, market travelling, get happy and earn an income for our troubles. I would love to hear from you. Best Wishes xx Dee (Partner of Four Oceans)


  • If they don’t sell anything how do they make any money. Sounds strange to me, or do you do other work from home.

    • Hi June11,

      There are 3 ways to join, Happy which is free, but only a small amount of earnings can be made, here you are required to do a 21 day Happiness Course.
      Then there is Happier – a one time fee of $197 US is paid, then once you get into a managerial level you pay $19.95 per month, but at that stage you would earn around $250 per week. Then there are another 7 ways to earn income.
      Then there is Happiest, which is where we have signed up, you pay $297US a one time fee, then when you reach managerial you pay $49.95US per month. You are earning up around $750 per week. There are another 7 ways to earn money.

      They have Qantas and other companies who sponsor them, and a travel company. You have one website where customers can book really cheap holidays, and you get benefits from that. Also you join 2 or 3 people, then if I joined someone up under you then you would get their benefits as well. If you wish to email me at m.d.lindsay@bigpond.com I can explain and show you in depth.

      We launched tonight, before I started I had 2 people already, so by the end of December we will be Directors and possibly higher. When you sign as Happiest, and you reach National Manager within 2 yrs of starting, you get a fully paid holiday for a family of 4 to selected destinations around the world for the rest of your life.

      This is brand new in Australia, NZ and a few other countries, it hasn’t been released in the states yet, so for the people who get in now, it is a money making machine, who wouldn’t want holidays, and money. They also earn money through the customers who book holidays through you.

      It really is good. Have you ever thought at a Party Plan party that you have been to, and the managers are driving the flashy cars, I wonder why I couldn’t get there, and it is because there are heaps of people – thousands above you. Here we are the top.

      If you are interested in more information, I will have my site up and running tomorrow, email me and I will send you the link. This is great for anyone over the age of 18 who is looking for work too.

      All the best
      Dee xxx


  • Caution required here. I wouldn’t want to be the first to sign up to anything like this. If its so great, it will take off and then you will here about it all over the place.


  • It sounds like a pyramid scheme, to be honest. They never end well.

    • Thank you ladies for your concern, Mick and I have been in business for many years, and are quite aware of the cons etc.
      This one is absolutely on the up and up. Qantas, McDonalds, and a few others are involved, and we watched the webinar on our compensation plan, it is amazing. There is so much money to be made.

      Four Oceans is a real truly honest business, it has been running in other companies, They launch in the next few days, just waiting until our sites are running well in our back office. It isn’t Pyramid Selling because we don’t sell any products, it is called Multi Level Marketing – MLM. MLM is one of the best ways to make income these days, I believe it is better to be up the top of the tree than leaving it for a few years and letting everyone else get the benefit.

      We really looked into this company, and would not recommend anything here unless it is a safe and true business. We promote happiness, travel and making money whilst
      having some fun. I do appreciate your comments though, there are many cons out there, this is not one of them. Thank you xxx dee

      • Thanks Dee. I love the fact that you have responded to understandable questioning in a cheerful and informative manner, outlining further details of the opportunity. Good on you for such a positive way of putting information across. It’s a skill and a very useful business tool to be able to respond to enquiries in this manner.


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