My life stated in1961. I had a okay child hood. A father that was a bully. And loved his belt .. Yep nothing for his to leave welt marks on us.. And a mother that was very good at dipobbing would hit us with a would spoon for being cheeky. Then tell dad… Big deal get over it learn to live with it… My sister Margaret was there favourite .. There was four of us my younger sister Judy her and me got on the best … My sister Kathy was a selfish sneaky little twit… So growing up in this house hold not much money. Both parents working . Me the eldest. Yeah right … I had a couple of boy friends when I got a bit older. Always took them home to meet my parent … But no one really special…. Then one day I was coming home from work. And this guy said hello to me … I told him piss off … Well he was a dirty looking hoon omg you must think I,m d

Hard up …. Anyway my mother worked at St Mary’s railway and every one held her in high esteem if they only knew… This guy worked with my mum. I was talking to mum when he said hello I again … Hi. Trying to be polite but wishing he would go away yuk… He goes would you like to go see a movie with me. … I said no I,m busy… With that mum said what are you doing I said I do not know but I,m busy… Well she said that’s just rude… Omg. I said. I turned I said I,m sorry you have a beard long hair you look like you need a tub. You smell of old spice and I really do not like that my father wears it.. . He said will you give me a chance…my mother is standing there looking at me… Mum. Goes Peter is really a nice person I think you should just give him a chance… Omg now she is trying to find a boy friend for me …. Okay I said… Saturday. 1 pm we will meet here to go to Blacktown for a 2-30 movie. It’s called Dawn… About the swimmer. … Great I do not like sport I thought … Wonderful I said … Mum goes oh she will be here I run her down myself .. Don,t want her getting lost. … Omg embarrisng . So Saturday came. Peter had not only had a shower lol he had a hair cut a full shave except the moe. No old spice. Nice jeans. Mmmmmmmm not bad yummy in fact. .. Very yummy I. Fact and I told him so. . I said you scrub up really well … He said thank you. … He said I have to tell you some thing .. Oh he said I have been watching you for months … Why I asked because I think your really pretty and I wanted to take you out. ,,,, I want to get to know you. Better… Oh okay … So that was the 17 th march 1979. We went out when our shifts allowed us. As he was a shift worker and I was also doing nursing… So I was all so studying… So after a few weeks he invited me to his place for dinner…. Not even thinking when I arrive I asked where are your parents .. He said what. Oh he said, I live on my own okay….. I thought a bit strange he is only 21. .. He cooked a beautiful baked dinner of chicken and roasted veg. Gravey. .. He was a gentleman… I thank him for dinner… He asked me if I wanted to go out the following night .. I said yes it should be okay I would have to let him know… The next morning I rang and said it was fine. And he was very upset. .. Mum. Dropped me off I said what’s wrong he said we need to go to my moms I said fine. .. I said what’s up … He said my father has passed away … Oh I,m so sorry .. I said but I cannot go with you .. That’s family time I,m a stranger to them… We have not meet yet… I,m sorry but I will feel very out of place…. He said you are family .. Will you marry me… What he said I want you to be my wife.. I said Peter you just lost your dad. Your timing is off .. He said I knew the moment I saw you… Will you be my wife .. I said. Yes. We were married on. The 3 rd of November 1979 9 months after our first date.. Yes we did go over to his parents home … Yes there was lots of tears. Yes I was very happy to be there and help out … But the strange thing is as soon as we got there. His mother said congrats to you two .. I am so happy he has done nothing but talk about you for months… So we have been married for 34 years I have been so happy .. My life has its moments our twins have Crohns and one of the boys did chemo last year. The other had a section of bowel removed this year and had a bag put on for five months … This son also father a son when he was 19. Our daughter has two beautiful daughters and her youngest has big issues she was born with no bottom and one kidney not working . She is also asbergurs So she will not go to anyone expect Peter myself mom and her big sister… We have had our troubles we have had our hardship. But what’s got us through is our love.. I am truly blessed. I have a husband that loves me. For all my good for all my faults my husband loves me. And I love him… My parents are now gone. My sister Margaret died at 40 of breast cancer. My sister Kathy moved to ex mouth. My sister Judy moved up the north coast all are married Margaret divorced her hubby A lovely man he was. ,, so even though my chopild hood was shitty .. The love that found me has made my life so for filling . I am truly blessed. We have three children. Melissa and our twins Mathew and Martin. We have three grand sons sean11. Ayla 8. And little Kiera. 2.4 months .. These are my sunshine. And my hubby is the breath of fresh air on my face. …. I have curled up and cried in those big strong arms a many a day … But the joys out watpy the bad a million times over… So love is what you make it get your man kiss your man and cuddle your man remember love your man…

Posted by liz007, 22nd October 2013

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  • very tough things. at least you have the love of a good man. it makes life better


  • Thank you very much for sharing Your story.


  • Lovely story. Thanks for sharing. :)


  • Such a lovely story and love that you seam to be making the most off things


  • How beautiful. He knew from the moment he saw you…


  • Such a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing.
    It really makes me appreciate the loved ones in my life.


  • Thank you so much for sharing your painful story, pleased that you have someone to cuddle up to and have a wonderful and loving family.


  • havent times changed imagine if we used the belt today


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