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How can I get my daughter to eat healthy foods?

She used to have a great appetite, but at 8 mths, she suddenly went off her foods. Now...

13 Answers

Serious sleep problems – any advice?

Has anyone had problems with their babies sleep, but I mean actual real problems neurological? My baby does not sleep and has never...

10 Answers

Superstitions surrounding babies and pregnancy

There are quite a few superstitions surrounding babies and children! Maybe it’s my Italian side but I can...

32 Answers

Advice for flying with 3 mth old and waiting 4 hou...

I have a sling, but my back struggles with carrying him over a period of time. Suggestions would...

6 Answers

Baby never sleeps, anyone in similar situation?

Since birth my son won't sleep. The day he was born he cried for hours and hours and...

13 Answers

How to get my 14mo to sleep through the night?

I'm a first time mum in need of help. How do I get my son to sleep through...

9 Answers

Megan Gale is “obsessed” with her son!

Megan Gale has posted a new photo on social media of gorgeous son River Alan Thomas Hampson. Do...

31 Answers

How to settle a toddler into a new home?

I'm moving into a new unit with my daughter and I'm a little worried that I will have trouble settling her into our...

41 Answers

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