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What plants are easy for children to look after?

Can be indoor or outdoor.

13 Answers

Has anyone tried growing and selling succulents?

Wondering if it’s a worthwhile business venture.

2 Answers

5 plants that make air healthier for families at h...

Both new and old homes can harbour invisible toxins. These chemical emissions can be found in off-gassing from...

34 Answers

How can I create a potted fairy garden?

Hi! I'm planning on making a potted fairy garden for my little girls 3rd bday & I've never done anything like it before...

12 Answers

Growing my own orchids

Does anyone grow their own orchid plants and how do I keep the plants I get from the shops to flower? The last...

13 Answers

How do I protect plants from the summer heat?

I recently bought two $10 plants and the heat came along now they are burnt and dried out. I’m trying to grow plants...

23 Answers

Propagating succulents

A great way to increase the amount of succulents in your garden.

64 Answers

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