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How much food should an 11 month old eat?

My daughter is breastfed and on solids. I am wanting to know how much other 11 month olds eat when it comes to...

9 Answers

What age did you start your baby on food?

4 months? 6 months? How many times a day to start with? Puree or BLW? Give me all your info! Second time round...

28 Answers

Philips Avent Healthy Baby Food Maker

Watch Tanya’s video review and see what she thought of the Philips Avent Healthy Baby Food Maker. Click here to see all the written reviews...

28 Answers

Alternative to rusks for a first snack?

We’ve started my 5 month old on solid foods and I am wondering if anyone has any alternatives to teething rusks as a...

1 Answers

Do you have a routine for solids?

My bub is 6 months old and we are starting solids. Should I be following a routine or should he be giving me...

16 Answers

Starting your baby on solids

Rafferty’s Garden nutritionist Karen Kingham walks you through everything you need to know when starting your baby on solids.

24 Answers

Eating the rainbow

There is no simpler way to ensure your little one gets all the goodies they need than by simply selecting a variety of...

45 Answers

7 sensational first foods for babies

Today’s mums are no longer bound to a set sequence of “must do” foods. Provided the food you offer is the right texture, enjoy...

45 Answers

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