Do you want to learn how to host a party that your guests will be talking about for weeks to come?

Being the hostess with the mostess is an art form, especially in this modern age. Simply getting together a few friends for drinks and a nice dinner can be an intimidating task when all anyone wants to do is stay home.

Use the following modern tips to ensure that your guests always have a fun time.

Don’t Ignore the Guests, Involve the Guests

Rather than spending the entire evening running from the living room to the kitchen, ask your guests to help out a little. Your guests will have fun chatting with you as they help you plate the dishes or pass party favors out.

Remember that a busy guest is a happy guest as long as you can keep the atmosphere cheery and light.

You don’t want to ignore your guests simply because you’re focusing too much on making the evening perfect.

Ban the Television and Mobile Phones

When you host a party, you want everyone to be involved and engaged. You don’t want people to be texting or (heaven forbid!) checking their work emails while they’re supposed to be having fun.

There are many ways to deal with party guests who won’t put their phones down, including the “phone pile”. Tell everyone to stack their phones in the middle of the pile; the first person who grabs their phone will need to complete some fun or silly task! This keeps the mood friendly but still sends a clear message: cellphones are off limits!

Try a Theme: Head to Virtual Las Vegas With Casino Party Games

Pass out the poker chips and start playing the games with this type of themed party. There are many themes that you can try but a casino night is one of the most tried and true party themes. There are a wide selection of games that you can load up and play on a simple tablet such as online roulette, poker, blackjack, slots and more. At the end of the night, count up who has the most poker chips and give out rewards!

Make sure that everyone gets something–even if it’s small–to ensure that everyone feels included. A Las Vegas themed party can be made complete with the inclusion of fancy cocktails and lounge music.

Get Kid Friendly–Consider Hiring a Babysitter for Your Kids and Your Guests

Do you find that your friends never seem to have the time to go out anymore? Most of the time, that’s because of the kids.

Rather than having all of your guests get their own babysitter, why not arrange something yourself? Hire a babysitter to watch the kiddos in a separate room and schedule the party for just before bedtime. Make sure the babysitter knows not to interrupt unless there are emergencies!

You’ll be able to have a relaxing time with your friends while they have the peace of mind of knowing that their children are just a few rooms over.

Make Sure Your Guests Have a Reason to Talk and Interact

If you have a single group of old friends, this might not be that much of a problem. If, however, you’re a bit of a social butterfly and are trying to encourage groups of friends to mingle and meet, you may need to get a little creative.

Use party games to make it easier for your guests to talk to one another; after all, they probably want to talk to each other but are just too shy. As an example, try matching people up at random before you play party games, or run a “scavenger hunt” that includes clues such as: find someone who has a blue car, find someone who works with cash, find someone who is wearing red. Get inventive based on what you know about your friends!

Being a good hostess is all about listening to your guests and giving them what they need. As long as you have good food, great drinks and solid conversation, you simply can’t go wrong.

Remember that things may not always go exactly as planned but that doesn’t mean they can’t always go well! Adapt and be prepared and soon the whole block will be flocking to your parties.

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  • I’m an ok hostess, I look after my guests. Sadly, I drink when I’m stressed so I’m a bit of a mess by the end of the night. I like to have a good time too


  • A good article,we all want to impress our guests!


  • Great tips. I love having my friends around


  • No friends, no family, no need for dinner parties, no need to read this. Great little article for those party people


  • What a good idea about the babysitter! Now having two kids I find when I host things I’m either looking after the kids or preparing food!!


  • This was a great idea to write about! I think as a mum it’s so easy to just stay at home and get caught up in loving your child. I’m a social butterfly and I love catching up with my friends and it’s important to keep in touch with them and return the favor with dinner parties and reminding your friends that there is still something more to you than just being a mother. Some of my friends have children too and we find that they like to play together and watch a movie or play dress ups whilst the adults are entertaining. Some really great ideas to think about thanks for posting !


  • Great advice on how to be a good host!


  • The babysitter tip is a great idea. Board games are also fun for a night in.


  • Some great ideas here – thank you. I love the idea of getting the guests involved – not only a great help to me, but an ice-breaker for them too!


  • Getting someone to look after the kids is a great idea. Most parties nowadays are spent with everyone looking after their own child.


  • Loved this article, a really good read!


  • Great tips, thank you for the article!


  • Having you guests hand around food is a great ice breaker for them if they don’t know anyone.


  • I think people should be allowed to enjoy their own parties too but I never manage it if I am hosting.


  • Ban the mobile phones! Definitely great advice!




  • great tips. also board games are great for getting people involved in having fun


  • Thanks again for the tips; will be using tonight.


  • so many great tips here, makes me want to host a party to see if I can make them all work! – thanks for sharing your ideas


  • Such really good ideas.
    Love sharing a baby sitter idea.


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