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  • angel baby

    5 years ago on the 24/02/09 my daughter gave birth to her first baby IVF he was a boy Cody. She had gone to the hospital 3 days prior in labour and sent home as most do not understand IVF embryo implants full term is shorter than a normal pregnacy. Well I was the only one to see his birth and he was sucking his fist and truely perfect. It turned out he had only passed away in the last 20 hrs prior to his birth. This was so hard and still is every annirversary but no more so than for my Daughter. I wish I could take her pain away but I can’t as she feels so much pain as he was and is so very loved. He is with us every day as he lives in our hearts and all children no matter how the are born be it perfect or with problems are a true gift and one to be treasured just as we treasure the time we got to nurse Cody and kiss him. Every year is a year of tears for what was and what could have been and for the love we hold for our angel baby. So please make sure you give your little ones a kiss and a hug and let them know they are truely loved and enjoy the moments even when they play up as some don’t get that Joy

  • Love my husband

    So, I was sitting at my kitchen table trying to work out how I was going to do school pick up in the torrential rain. It is usually easy, I drive a short walk away from the school and wait for my two boys to cross the storm drain and meet me at the car. But today it was so wet, I would have had to take my two little ones out to the school in the rain and manage to track down the big ones before the bell rang, so not to miss them and then us all be drenched.
    But just before I left, my husband rang and told me he got permission from his boss to get the kids. (he finds it difficult to get out of work early, as he is a teacher himself).
    What a great man!

  • For as long as you both shall live?

    “When a boy and a girl decide to get married, they don’t just marry each other. They marry one another’s family also”. The moment these words left my father in laws mouth he did not leave me speechless, he left me filled with remorse and panic.

    What had I managed to get myself into. This was definitely not part of the deal when my husband and I were married. In fact I remember quite clearly our marriage vows:

    [Groom’s name], do you take [Bride’s name] to be your wedded wife, to live together in marriage? Do you promise to love her, comfort her, honor and keep her for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and health, and forsaking all others, be faithful only to her, for as long as you both shall live?

    Surely “forsaking all others” is not merely limited to adultery. Personally I feel it encompasses all those outside of the marriage, including family and friends as well. To me marriage is intended to unite two individuals shifting one another’s loyalties to their partners, rather than their parents.

    When my father in law has a point to make there is absolutely no possibility of a civil conversation. He yells and speaks over you cutting you off any time you try to get your point across.

    He made himself quite clear. He said that because of my husband’s culture that I have no choice but to accept his beliefs, regardless of what my cultural beliefs are.

    I retreated to the kitchen. There was no point in trying to argue with a person who couldn’t care less about my perspective. Besides, there were four young children present, witnessing me being abused by this hysterical old man. Their young minds should not have to try make sense of what was going on.

    It’s embarrassing to be abused in front of children. It’s harder still when those children are your own. No child ever wants to see the the woman who gave birth to them being hurt. And a child, no matter how young, can always understand when their mother is being tormented and harassed.

    My husband followed me into the kitchen. I steadied myself on the kitchen bench top as though the words I was about to say to him were going to leave my mouth with such force that they would send me flying backwards.

    “I want a divorce” left my lips with complete control. “If I am expected to include your parents in our marriage, then I need a divorce”.

    He assured me that I do not have to obey his father’s demands. And promised that the situation was going to get better. I really wanted to believe that, even though I know it isn’t very likely.

    I believe the problem is in each individuals concept of marriage. It doesn’t really matter what our ideal of marriage is, just as long as it matches with our partner’s ideal so that you both have a understanding and respect for each others expectations.

    When I married my husband, “forsaking all others” included my parents. Of course I love and care for them deeply, however my loyalties shifted from them, to my husband. Which is something that my parents respect and support.

    I never would have thought that I would be at war with my in laws over my husband’s loyalty.

  • everything happens at once.

    Yesterday was my birthday. I woke up feeling sick. The family had a big BBQ planned for me. My mother in law is going through Chemo and is very sick. She decided to go shopping and passed out. They Called an ambulance and she is in hospital now. Of course I cancelled BBQ. To top things off, Today we had to put her dog down. Poor old thing. We found him on the floor. Couldn’t move. I think he must of had a stroke. We told my mother in law, and she took it well. When it rains it pours. It can only get better from here I hope.

  • Emotional toll!

    Hi! My 5 year old just started school a couple of weeks ago and is yet to make a friend . I blocked out most of my childhood cos I hated it and hoped my kids would be so much better. I was shy and never had any friends to hang out with until the end of year 12.
    To find out my kid is 3 weeks into school and is shy and terrified of going everyday made me remember how much i hated school. My son hides under the kitchen table and cries every night not wanting to go to bed cos he doesnt wanna have to wake up and go to school the next day. he begs me to go to work with me.
    he loves the lady in before and after school care, he loves and talks to everyone in the classroom.. but onces its recess and lunch he is too scared and too shy to play with anyone cos the “big kids’ scare him. so he hides in the shade until recess and lunch is over. its so depressing knowing extacyly what he is going through cos i went through the same thing. everyone we know has encouraged him to make friends.. but its ultimately up to him to stop being shy and scared and step up and talk to other preps who are probably just as scared as him.
    sorry guys, just needed to vent.. it upsets me i cant help him anymore than i already have… any tips will be taken into consideration

  • Mumma to the rescue

    Last night was the first scary night I had with my 13 month old. She is such a little terror, climbing all over everything and you can see her little brain ticking over when she is deciphering the baby gate and how she can climb them with her toys
    For the last couple of months I have been like a broken record with her climbing the couch. Finally last night, she discovered why she shouldn’t climb the couch. Over the side she went and landed face down with a massive thud. After 10 minutes of her crying and clinging to me for her dear life, loots of kisses and cuddles, and an inpection of her forehead. I discovered a large egg on her forehead.
    I called 13 HEALTH and they were fantastic! They went through the checklist and felt so at ease after finishing the call. She woke up this morning such a happy little girl again. Laughing and playing, but still, we’ll have a nice quiet day of Disney moves just to keep an eye n her.

  • Babies v seagulls!

    We were down at the beachthe other day and my 14 month old decides he wants to chase the seagulls away as they were coming around thinking that our apple looked pretty good for eating waitng for us to throw them some food I guess. My four year old girl is getting scared and jumped on my lap. But my 14 month old boy jumps up and starts yelling at them in baby talk of course! So cute was he was saying stay away from my sister sea gulls! They moved closer n he got louder and started waving his arms n yelling then he starts chasing them yelling baby talk but looked like stay away from my sister that’s right keep running fly away n don’t come back sea gulls. Baby 1 seagull 0 they all flew away down the beach lol 4yr old says thanks baby bro you won!


    Hi, Just wanted to say a HUGE THANKYOU for the Weekend Holiday I won to Coolum Beach, we got back yesterday and we had so much fun, was soooo nice to getaway and just relax after having such a horrible week! The kids absolutely loved it at the Beach, and I took them to play mini golf at Top Shots, and seen the Sunshine Castle at Bli Bli. We went out for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, it was lovely not to cook for a weekend…. we loved it!! Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou!!!! This is my kids having fun at the beach.

  • Married mum with a clayton's husband,

    This is my true story I would like to tell you it comes from my hearts and how I felt, I was married in 1992 and was very happy with my husband at that time it didn’t last for very long unfortunately because I really wanted to have children and my husband at the time never wanted to have children however he never told me this before we got married, I thought I would be married to this one man the rest of my life at least that’s what I had hoped for The problems began when I confronted him about having children as I never knew that i could not have children until several years down the track, as my husband at the time really did not want to have any children at all , sure he said we would try to have only one Child because I was so naive at the time I believed he meant this from his heart , we tried for several years I even went on the IVF program, nothing worked for me on that program so I decided to give up on havering a Child ,and go back to work four years later I became pregnant with my very first child I was told by my doctor that I had to have nine months bedrest otherwise I would not carry him to term, it feels like it was yesterday when I remembered it as I was so so very sick, I managed to make it to 43 weeks only because the doctor said I could have a natural birth, which wasn’t the case at all I have 19 hours labour and only die elated two centimetres in all that time, The reason I say my ex was a clayton’s husband is because he never took me to the hospital at the time , or visit me and our child in hospital at any stage, my son was so very sick and in intensive care for one week and I couldn’t even breast feed him , he was in a humidity crib with needles all over him and a little headbox for him to Breath , He never cried when he was Born, so The doctors had to resuscitating him about 45 minutes later I was allowed to see him my beautiful little son, my sister was the one to take me to the hospital and stand by me all the time, how very grateful I am to her even today, two weeks later my husband shows up at the hospital to take me and our child home when we got home I wanted to settle our little one down but when I went into our bedroom I found the bedroom and mess he had a female companions in our bed’ and never cleaned up after him self everything was left on the side table is this for me to see , I was devastated and didn’t know what to do or what to expect this as I was very naive at the time I stayed married to him this for the next 14 years’s silly me because he began to verbally abuse me every single day I lived with this, he was so controlling he took away my friends he took my money off me he wanted to have all control over me and he did because I didn’t know any better, then in 2004 I finally found the courage to kick him out of our home, it was very difficult for me as I never knew how to be independent for myself and my child but I wanted to be a good mother so I tried so very hard I ended up divorcing him and having many hours of counselling after that I’m finally on my feet and doing well as I was always taught that when you get married you’re married for life I truly believe but that’s not so true these days ,

  • Sad tragedy

    On feb 16th 2006 we tragically lost my cousin in a terrible car accident at the age of 23. As were were so close it hit me very hard. A truck driver swerved onto the wrong side of the road and had hit her head on. Today marks the 8 year anniversary for her. A year before that in 2995 we lost our grandpa to loping cancer. Our family was hit very hard in a period of a year.
    Last year we were hit with another blow we had learnt that my boyfriend lost his cousin in a train accident. Today marks the 1st anniversary for her, the pain you feel whip hen you lose a loved with is hard. But each day gets slowly better. You just have to keep faith hope and heart

  • Juggling

    Bare with me people, this is a long and messy tale. But I need some support and guidance.
    My husband and I have a beautiful 6 month old daughter. My husband lost his job before she was born and we decided he would try to start his own business from home and be a stay at home dad. This means I will be going back to work earlier than anticipated, which is fine.
    Except we just found out my mother is very ill. She had been diagnosed with cancer and various other smaller illnesses surrounding the cancer diagnosis. It broke our family’s hearts. Everyone is doing all they can to help her, but I am the only one off work. I love my mother more than I can explain, so I am doing everything in my power. I go to treatments, take her to specialists, bring my baby over to make sure she eats dinner and is okay at night time (she is a widow and lives on her own). But it is starting to take a toll on me. My body is beginning to wear out, I am having chronic back pain, fevers, headaches etc.
    My husband is doing the best job he can, looking after the baby while I am gone, but I am still a mother. I can’t help it, when I am at home, I do everything. I am the only one in my family with a baby, so they don’t understand. They think that when I come home after appointments, I can rest and relax. But I get home at 4pm, which is the start of ‘peak time’. Bathing, bottles, playing, feeding, etc etc. Not to mention our dinner in there somewhere.
    When I’m with my mum, I feel guilty I’m not with my husband and baby. When I’m with my husband and baby, I feel guilty that I’m not with my mum. This then leads to be feeling angry and resentful that I am taking it all on. Every time someone goes to the beach, or a movie, or out to dinner, I get angry that I can’t do it because I’m too exhausted and sore. Then I feel guilty for thinking about myself when my mum is so sick.
    I am stuck in a bottomless pit and need some support. I can’t return to work in this mindframe, I will never survive.

  • My son's 2nd birthday party in march

    So im a little worried i have organised a fun party for my boy Harley to keep him and his little friends busy but have had no response from any parents about their children attending, im worried there wont be many little kids at it as i haven’t been in a mothers group since the group broke up and he only really see’s his cousin’s to play with even tho i have taken him to other kids parties, their parents don’t seem keen to bring them to his. It saddens me as i know my boy is such an amazing sweet child but i feel everyone jumps to conclusions with him because he is so cheeky and active. Not sure if i should cancel it or not closer to the date as at the moment i only have two definite yes’s :(

  • Making peace with myself

    Some of you may have seen my others stories where I’ve mentioned being ill for nearly a year with various illnesses and apparently I’m on my way to type 2 diabetes (still shocked by this), others might have seen where I wrote about a difficult childhood and trying to stay happy. I started counseling about 3 weeks ago. It hasn’t been too bad although I still get a wide range of emotions. I have started bumping into my family lately in our small town which is hard to deal with when you don’t speak to them. My mum is by no means a great mum and has hurt me a lot but lately I’ve been able to remember the times she has given me good advice. It made me miss her and wish we got on better. It’s been nearly a year since I spoke to her. Yesterday I went and bought some special hair care products. As I was washing my hair I could suddenly smell my mothers beautiful scent, It made me want to cry right there in the shower. I got out and dressed. I then sent her a text message to say I missed her. We texted for the next 20 minutes and then she asked to come over and talk. We spent 4 hours talking and it was great. I don’t know if things will be better between us but I want to give our relationship a chance.

  • donuts anyone ???

    I was running short of both money and time for a grandson
    s girl friend, who had invited us to share afternoon tea with them.,it being her birthday, and we were to meet her. Whilst at the local supermarket I saw packets of donuts., and the brain started to kick in a bit. , some were coloured some plain, so I purchased a box When I arrived home, searched and found a piece of dowel and tied some 12 pieces of xmas curling paper to the top, you know the sort that you can make curl up if required, but I just needed the thin colours . Searched for a round plate , stood the dowel and ties in the middle, and to each one I tied a donut, making a maypole. Covered it all over, using the weight of the donuts to stand it up straight. Would you believe, I struck gold with it. Lass, loved donuts and nobody had ever made this up for her. That lass split from grandson, but we have a baby boy from their time together, so we now well and truly keep in touch with her, and for xmas I bought her a small donut machine to make them now for herself and the little one, when he is big enough….Dont have a photo of it, but thought it may give rise to other mums for ideas for children. You can buy donuts with cinamon, and literally no sugar if you need too..

  • Was this a message?

    As most of you who have been following my stories know, my dad passed away on the 22nd Jan. Its the same day his mum (my nanna) passed in 2011. He was 54. The last 4 weeks of his life, even though mum and dad divorced in 1996, my mum brought him to her home to die. The home we were a family and where he was the most happiest in his life. Having him at mums allowed me to spend time with him in his last few weeks. His funeral was the 31st and I received my half of his ashes on the 11th Feb. I have always questioned spirits and all that stuff and never believed in much of it. I do believe that after he died, his mum and other family members and friends were waiting for him. I have to believe that for my sake. I have to believe there is something happy for him now. I have heard people come to you in dreams but didnt know if it was true or not but still wondered why dad hasnt came to me yet until last night.

    Last night i dad was in my dream. It was the day he was dying again as i could feel it. but we werent at mums and dad wasnt in bed. We were all at like a play centre. everyone who was at mums the day he died. We were waiting for a while and someone there said why aren’t we allowed in yet? and someone else said because they probably dont know he is going to die so they arent rushing to let us in. We were all sitting in what looked like church pews or an airplane and He walked past me and i managed to touch his shoulder but thats all. Dad went i think up the back play fighting with someone. In my dream i could feel that i was worried that he should be careful or not be mucking around because he was dying today. When we were allowed in i had my niece on my lap and we went down a slide into the “play centre”. i doing something on a game and when i turned around people were carrying Dad’s coffin out of the place (all the same people that carried him at his service plus his sister) I started crying and as they walked around the corner i kinda fell and then woke up crying my eyes out. Im trying to put some message together and hope it was Dad coming to me

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