I can help you get this. I have joined a wonderful new business opportunity. Four Oceans has just been released with Australia being one of the first countries Launched in the World. We are all about bringing Travel, Income and Happiness into your life. You only need to spend half an hour a day to be able to make a good income. We all help eachother reach our goals, mine is to do a 21 day Happiness Course and go on fully paid holidays for a family of 4 to many locations around the world, every year for the rest of my life. I don’t know how many more years I can travel, as a sufferer of Chronic Pain, but I want to enjoy my time with my wonderful hubby.

You can start for FREE and slowly earn an income, or be like me and join in the Happiest group and start earning a good income. This is an easy business opportunity as all you need is given to you. You just need to look at my website www.fouroceans.net/doodles and then email me at m.d.lindsay@bigpond.com and I will send you a file with everything you need to know.

This can be for anyone, stay at home mums, business owners, job workers, anyone over the age of 18. Why not give it a go, what is the worst thing to happen, you earn some good money every week. Thank you.

Posted by dee lindsay, 18th December 2014

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  • Thank’s for your post but definitely not interested.


  • Interesting opportunity, but not for me.


  • I wish you well but having looked at the site and other reviews I would consider it pyramid selling and in several countries it certainly is, may get around the definition in Australia but we are not always up with new marketing scams, I consider that I am happy and do not need to try and entice others to part with money to buy in at a higher level to be happy as well, I will continue the old fashioned way, work hard and pay cash,


  • Thank you so much for your comments.
    this is definitely NOT Pyramid Marketing, It is a Travel club where our product is Happiness and Travel with the opportunity, only if you want to, Make Money. You don’t have to. You can just do the 21 Day Course in Happiness, Get Absolutely the Cheapest Holidays, and you are invited to attend the Vacationars all over the world.

    At the moment. you can sign up to this Travel Club for FREE UNTIL 1ST FEB, then the Government has a Registration Fee of $99US which has to be charged. Pls visit http://www.fouroceans.net/doodles and JOIN NOW AS ‘HAPPY’.

    The reason we charge in Happier and Happiest is because in these two levels you are running Four oceans as a business. You earn an Income, receive Training, Webinars and Vacationars with the best of the best speakers such Shawn Achor, and many many more. We have a set curriculum as well as the opportunity to make a decent living.

    Pyramid Selling is different. You need an actual product and it is illegal. Four Oceans has been worked on for 10 years to make it the best, most wonderful program and opportunity for everyone. 99/100 people interviewed said they want Happiness, The Opportunity to Travel and earn a good income. Well, I CAN give you all 3. It isn’t hard, you just need to be keen to learn, and good at talking. That’s all. All Training is Provided by the best people in the industry.

    Thank you for allowing me to talk about this wonderful, exciting new opportunity



  • Nope I’m not sold. Sounds very much like pyramid selling to me – and if you aren’t selling anything why are you charging people for ‘nothing’?


  • Thanks for sharing, i will have a look at this opportunity.

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment.

      I hope you do have a look at this great opportunity. If someone said to me, What is Four Oceans? I say, it is a brand new company in the world, Australia is lucky enough to be launched in first, with New Zealand and a few other asian countries.

      Four Oceans is a company where we are to spread Happiness around the world, that’s all, spreading Happiness. We are lucky enough to be invited to Vacationars which are seminars on vacation, they are at different places around the world. Each Vacationar is different, in Melbourne, we learn about Wine, so if you enjoy a drop, this one would be good to go to, it will increase your happiness. The seminar runs for one to one and a half days, we are away for a week, all the rest of the time is free time. We stay in 4 or 5 star resorts. There is one, I think off hand it is Costa Rica, to learn about how to use our own camera properly, take photo’s, and the same deal, we get most of the week free.

      If you want to just bring happiness into your life, you can sign up as Happy. It is FREE, You are invited to do a 21 day course in Happiness. You are also invited to the Vacationars. We also are able to get highly discounted holidays as the president has a Travel Agency. If you sign people up as Happier or Happiest, you are able to earn some money, off hand I think it is $30US for Happier and $40 or $50US for Happiest.

      Then there is the opportunity to earn a great income. There are 9 Levels to the pay structure. People think Pyramid selling, but we don’t sell anything. We are only marketing Happiness, Travel and Income. The pay structure can be confusing to explain, all I can say it is fantastic and if you go to http://www.everybodyneedsthis.com, it will show it also I have a file I can email you. If you wish to get a copy, please email me at m.d.lindsay@bigpond.com and it has a page for each level of income.

      To make it a money earner – It is our goal to sign people up as either Happy, Happier or Happiest, you earn more if you sign them up as the last 2. Then they sign up 2, then they sign up to and your ladder (binary) increases and the more you personally sign up, the more money you make. You can sign up 2 or 1000, it is up to you.

      We set a goal. My goal is to be National Manager by December 2015. I want the free holiday every year for the rest of my life (for a family of 4) to selected areas around the world, and it is achievable.

      If you also go to my website http://www.fouroceans.net/doodles, there are short video’s to watch.

      It really is easy. It isn’t like the Party Plan type businesses, it isn’t hard work. All you really do is spread the word. Have a friend sign up, your partner, boss, mother, father, sister, brother, kids, anyone over 18. If you spend a bit of time spreading the word,

      I look forward to hearing from you. Remember, if you have any questions at all, please email me at m.d.lindsay@bigpond.com.

      If this isn’t for you, it would be great if you could spread the word, you may know someone who would love to join. It may be someone you least expect. I would be extremely grateful.

      Thank you and best wishes. I hope 2015 is full of Happiness and good health.

      xxx dee


  • Thanks but I am not into these types of ventures, but I do wish you well and pray your dreams don’t become expensive ones. Best of LUCK.


  • I wish you had explained more about what is was in this post rather than just sharing a link

    • I agree; more information would be helpful and useful!

      • Thank you ladies I am quite happy to share more information. There is quite a bit of information on the link, video’s to watch which do some explanation about what the business is all about, so if you are thinking that this could be good, then please go to my home page and look at the video on the middle of the page, and the ones down the bottom right.
        Four Oceans is a new company who is sponsored by many well know businesses including Qantas. One of the Presidents has a Tourism Business so he offers us great, well actually absolutely fabulous deals on our holidays.
        Four Oceans has launched in Australia, NZ and a couple of other countries, we are the first in the world, I talk with one of the Founders, he is one of the people we deal with, a lovely man. Our main aim is to bring Happiness into people’s lives. Throughout the year there are a qualtity of Vacationers, which are seminars whilst vacationing in different areas of the world. In Melbourne we learn about Wine, There are some in New York, Costa Rica, exceptional places in the world. The seminar lasts a day or so, then the rest of the time is free time. They are all 5 star resorts. A part of signing up is to do a 21 day course which will bring Happiness into your life. You can sign up for free, do the course, attend vacationers and if anyone joins under you, and sign up as Happier or Happiest, you are paid a small fee. You can also sign up as Happier and Happiest as a customer, get the benefits, but the best way to earn good income, which both my husband and I have done is join up as Happiest. There are 9 ways to earn an income. Your ambition is to sign people up to bring Happiness and Travel into their life. They both sign up 2, then it goes on and on. The more YOU sign up personally, the more income you earn.

        The compensation plan can be confusing to explain, so please feel free to go to the website http://www.fouroceans.net/doodles and watch the video’s.

        You are promoted by the number of people under you. I could put someone under you, People above me can put people under you, and we go from Partner, to Director, Regional Manager, National Manager, etc right up to Global Ambassador. If you reach National Manager within 2 years of starting and maintain it for 7 out of 12 months every year, you are given a Fully paid holiday for a family of 4 to various location around the world every year for the rest of your life.

        It sounds hard, but it isn’t. There is no selling, all you need to do is sign up as Happiest, then have 2 friends or family members sign up too. Help them sign up two people, etc etc. You are bringing Happiness into their lives by way of the course, which will help.

        My contact details are on the webpage, just click on the links, watch video’s and join. If you have any problems you can skype me at deanne.lindsay1 anytime. I am here to help. You may have 10 or even 20 people in your family that may like to join, it is a great way for a young person to start their first job.

        I hope this has helped a bit. I wish you all a very HAPPY New Year.
        xxx Dee


  • Hi,
    Have you sat back and thought how nice it would be to be Happy, I mean really Happy, and have the opportunity to Travel all around the world.

    I do all the time, so I did something about it. I joined a brand new company in the World. Four Oceans is brand new, just launched in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and a couple of other countries. I don’t have to sell anything. All I have to do is tell people about Four Oceans and ask them the same question I asked you. I joined up as Happiest as when you listen to the video’s, you will find there is a Massive Opportunity to earn quite a bit of income, go on Vacationers, and meet some wonderful people.

    You can sign up for free as ‘Happy’, do a 21 day course to bring Happiness into your life, earn a little bit of income and go on Vacationers. Then there is ‘Happier’ and ‘Happiest’. There is a one time fee, and a monthly cost, but there is a 9 step Compensation Plan. That is incredible. All you really need to do is get 2 people to sign up, then they get 2 etc etc. That is easy, and I would recommend joining asap, before USA is launched. get in at the top of the ladder.

    You would have seen some people driving in the flashy cars and they work for a company, been there for years, usually since inception, then you join and struggle. You want that Bright Pink Car, or that Free Holiday worth thousands of dollars.

    So, what do you do?

    Go to http://www.fouroceans.net/doodles, watch the short video and then click on the links – Watch, The Movement, etc, then click on “JOIN NOW” – get in before everyone else. Next, you will see a link “GET STARTED TODAY” and then YOU CHOOSE which level you want to join. If you want to earn the huge income and get that Holiday – Fully Paid every year for the rest of your life, you need to sign up as Happiest, and I will see you on the beach. You can start lower, then you keep your level, never lose your spot on the ladder and increase up from Happy to Happiest when you want. Or start at Happier, then in a few months go up to Happiest.


  • Thanks for sharing this post; information.


  • Thanks for posting this opportunity


  • I’m very interested please email to mummythenwifethenme@gmail.com

    My name is Beccy

    • Thank you Beccy,
      We have just received a file which I will send to you tonight and my website for you to look at.
      You will not be sorry. This is such a fantastic opportunity.
      Best Wishes


  • Thank you for posting your views.


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