Who finds the political correctness of today’s society just a little bit over the top? We have done away with some old fashioned favourites just so we can have an extremely sterile like society. For example Sesame Street’s the Cookie Monster is no longer – he’s now been renamed “The Sometimes Cookie Monster,” which doesn’t quite have the same ring to it. The fat controller from Thomas the Tank Engine is gone. Apparently there was something sinister about Noddy because he used to jump into the same bed as Mr Big Ears. Humphrey B Bear didn’t wear any pants, so he had to go – what bear wears pants anyway? What’s next are they going to rename Sesame Street’s Big Bird “The Extremely Vertically Gifted Bird.” Let’s not
forget Bananas and Pyjamas, they’ve managed to fly under the radar for sometime now, jumping into bed with the Teddies all the time. I wonder how long it will be before they too are axed. I think in a way this is patching the way for future generations of overly sensitised people. Not everyone will agree but there was a story a mum
Wrote on here not so long ago about loving her children enough for them
Not to be the centre of her world and it got me thinking about some of the things she wrote and how in some ways we are contributing to an over sensitised generation. I want my son to be able to handle
The hurdles in life.

Posted anonymously, 11th June 2014

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  • this story is good


  • yeah it would be nice to protect children from the world but that isn’t the best way to raise them. children are innocent and won’t see these things like we do.


  • I think we definitely have gone overboard with being PC.


  • I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s and witnessed a lot of racial discrimination and sexual harassment. Fortunately I was brought up to accept and respect that there were many people who were displaced during WW2 and came to live in Australia. Many of my neighbours and school friends were not Aussie born. There was plenty of subtle racism about, but not the violent hatred that some places experience. I taught my kids the same values that I was taught as a child. Honesty, respect, compassion and humility. Religion and faith didn’t come into it (that was separate); it was just a good way to live and be happy.

    Yes, political correctness has got completely out of hand in the past decade or so. We expect the children of today to have the same values as above, but then we put them into an insulated and unrealistic learning environment. How can kids learn respect, humility and compassion in an environment that is so well structured and safe that they never have to question “what if” or “why” ? Most of their learning comes from contrived scenarios and not real life situations. Their world is a warm and loving cocoon where there is never a harsh or loud word but just kisses and cuddles; no criticism, just praise; The TV only shows “PC” children’s programs and most adults are called by their first names.

    I wonder if they will be ready for the real world when it is time for them to face it.?


  • I think standards are a bit awry. It is important to be sensitive to the feelings of others, but you can try too hard not to upset anyone. I’d rather people “turned down” some of the sexual imagery in our faces every day.


  • I agree everyone has to watch more closely as to what they are saying and to who.
    I remember my childhood growing up was great no one was worried about things that they are today as you stated “cookie monster” and noddy jumping into bed with big ears.
    Children these days have so many more rights now somethings i think more than they parents do.


  • I really do think there are double standards now.
    Oh the days of Golliwog’s (both toy and biccie) now the biscuits is called scalliwag’s if I am not mistaken, Oh for heavens sake, give me a break, Hey wait a cotton picking minute is “heavens sake” politically incorrect?
    And i had a black doll whist growing up but now you can not call a person black as that is seen as racist, do we call people racist when they call us white, it’s just a colour as far as I am concerned.

    • oops pardon me …it should read “biscuits are called” not biscuits is called..where are my manners and political correctness.

      • Yeah and somebody told me that in America black boards aren’t allowed to be called black boards anymore. Don’t know if this is true or not but I like you consider it a colour. If that’s the case they should change the name of a white board too lol.


  • I agree and will only get worse. It never made me turn out to be a criminal or a bad person/Wife/Mother/Grand Mother and my kids and Grand kids are fine and they have watched things that have been taken off they I still have or could get. I never left things for my kids turn learn by going to school and pick up from friends. It is getting over the top but then some adds I have seen that I though was a bit much some don’t mid and trust me I am far from a Prude. I had a Gollywog as a kid but now they are called something else due to this.
    To me it was a toy and also a yummy bicky but not any more.
    I still call them that my kids know them as that and so do my Grand kids and I do not see a problem with that as it is harmless it only becomes something else due to some ones else’s way of thinking which in our family it has the meaning I grew up with.
    My kids watched Humprey as well as Fat Cat and Friends and it do not harm them in the least. Not to forget the Telly Tubbys there one minute gone the next.


  • Too true! What I find stranger is that shops display products with really suggestive or downright offensive messages on them which are on full view to children. I turn those kind of Items around to face the other way if t can and tell the shop people their practice is unacceptable. These are not particularly adult shops in some seedy part of town, these are in so called family friendly local shopping centres and the big centres alike, the ones who feature photos of happy families on their advertising, provide kiddy play areas and parent rooms to make out they care. I also hate those giant billboards with messages like “make it last longer”. Going out with my grandchildren is tricky when they are so curious about everything and Miss Five is a good little reader. I wouldn’t mind a bit of correctness about stuff like that.

    • Yeah absolutely and what about the pictures plastered around of Rhianna in a mesh see through dress, yet people looked shocked when somebody breastfeeds in public (not that I was really able to for very long at all). The curious little minds ticking over as lyrics of their favourite tunes are played over the radio with sexualised lyrics. To be a great artist people didn’t have to take there clothes off or be a gyrating dancer once. I’m no prude either just think there’s a fair few double standards. Overly protecting children in terms of kids shows and role model play and then allowing them exposure to other things through the media. I quite agree with you.


  • i cant agree more!!!!!! i find it ridiculous, children are definately bubble wrapped and everyone gets so offended SO QUICKLY! The world needs to get a sense of humour and take a chill pill!


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