A father accused his wife of feeding their child bleach to help cure her autism.

The Indianapolis mother had read about the dangerous treatment in a Facebook group.

Police arrested the 28-year-old mother on Saturday after she allegedly put drops of hydrochloric acid and water-purifying solution in her young daughter’s drinks, reports Washington Post.

The potentially dangerous chemical combination, which becomes an industrial bleach, is marketed as Miracle Mineral Solution or Master Mineral Solution, which its advocates claim will cure a number of diseases, including autism, cancer, AIDS and hepatitis.

Police did not release the names of either parent, or the age of the child, who was removed from the home by Child Protective Services.

MMS is among many touted “cures” for autism sought by hopeful parents that are considered harmful and banned by the FDA.

Side effects, according to the FDA, include dehydration, kidney failure, and death.

Just last week researchers shared news of a simple two-minute test that may be able to detect autism in toddlers earlier than ever before.

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  • Glad the father was looking out for his daughter. Hope he can get sole custody of his daughter.


  • Horrifying. I hope this child was removed from her custody


  • Shows what desperate people will sometimes resort to. I did hear about the two minute test to detect autism in toddlers – hope it works and remedial work can start so much earlier than at present.


  • Did the parents actually check what is in the solution?. It is promoted as Mineral Solution. It is possible to have a mineral deficiency the same as it is a vitamin deficiency.


  • Look, I know that what the mother did was pretty silly, but in all honesty she was probably desperate. Shouldn’t they be looking to prosecute the ones who are creating and/or promoting said ‘miracle cures’. If people are desperate enough they would probably be willing to try anything and she more than likely didn’t realise the risks.


  • Oh my gosh what sort of lunatic would do something like that. Crazy.


  • My God. How is it that in this day an age of information people still do not understand Autism or ASD. It is a brain/neurological disorder. It cannot be cured, but it can be managed with all sorts of interventions and therapies. This is horrific. How any person/parent would think that using a poison to cure their child… makes me question her ability to be a parent of any child.


  • Oh my goodness, what crazy group of people come up with such ideas????


  • I have never heard of this and can not believe someone would work. As parent with 3 special needs children I know life can really get you down but to resort to bleach ,no way.


  • Is it just me or is anyone else finding that people believe everything they read or watch.
    I recently saw a University student on TV being interviewed who was trying to lose weight follow a ridiculous, dangerous diet because he read it online.


  • If you go online you can find 100’s of parents talking about using MMS successfully, not sure it is so black and white.

    The FDA approves a host of other drugs which are listed as poisons. Doing a little research, there’s a quite frightening long list of horrific side effects from chemotherapy, for example, some of which are irreversible and can be permanent.

    I have not made up my mind about MMS and I will continue to research more before doing so … and even then I may not be able to categorically decide because much of the “evidence” is anecdotal. I do know, however, that every time I’ve had something wrong with me, natural cures have always been more efficacious than prescribed drugs.

    The greatest irony of this story are the real criminals, the ones that most likely damaged this child’s brain will sleep in their own bed tonight, “untouchable”.

    Look into vaccine research, the “science” is corrupt to the bone. Pharmaceutical lobbyists now control govt. the policy of what gets injected into our kids. It’s absolutely terrifying, please look at just their history of scientific fraud. They are criminals, and they are more powerful than gas and oil combined.

    Watch a documentary, look into independent science that has no conflict of interest (extremely important), but educate yourselves and protect the children!

    one of many:

    • Conspiracy theorist! So you advocate feeding bleach and hydrochloride acid to children? That would kill not cure. No doubt the instances where you had more success with natural cures over prescribed drugs……I bet they were non serious medical conditions? I’m sure if you had cancer or whooping cough or diabetes your natural remedies wouldn’t have worked at all. There’s undoubtedly corruption in pharmaceuticals, no different to anything else that involves lots of money. But pharmaceuticals also cure a lot of people


  • Are people completely stupid or what???


  • This is quite terrifying – why on earth would anyone think drinking bleach is good in any possible way?


  • Who brought this Miracle Mineral Solution or Master Mineral Solution in the world ?
    We might wonder how you could believe such a deception, but desperate parents might try anything and everything !


  • Why would anyone think that bleach would cure anything??


  • Bleach???? How can a person believe that that is something safe to give to your kid???????


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