High praise for new medical drama about a young surgical intern with autism.

The Good Doctor features actor, Freddie Highmore, as Dr Shaun Murphy a young doctor with autism as well as Savant syndrome.

A “savant” is a person with a mental disorder, like autism, who demonstrates “superhuman” abilities.

The show has received very positive feedback for normalising people with disabilities and differences.

“It’s been lovely that so many people have connected with the show, and connected with Dr Shaun Murphy, and are rooting for him, week after week,” said Freddie of his part.

“I’m incredibly lucky,” he says. “I think David’s scripts, all the way through from the pilot, which first enticed me into it, have been wonderful.

“The character is brilliant. And I love that he has autism, but he isn’t the stereotypically ‘autistic person’ that is often is portrayed on television.

“We see what makes him laugh; what makes him tick. He is not emotionless. I think that is the unfortunate stereotype that people with autism have to face; that they are somehow not experiencing as broad a range of emotions as everyone else.”

He adds that Shaun is not based on one person in particular, “but hopefully he is someone that people will recognise, and who will feel real,” he says.

The actor has been winning praise from critics and viewers alike.

“This weekend in LA, actually, one of the highlights was getting to attend this Autism Speaks gala, where the show was given an award, and we got to meet with people who were both on the spectrum themselves, or knew people closely who were,” he says.

“[It was great to see the way] in which they had been touched by Shaun, and ways they connected with him. It’s [been] inspiring.”

One review of the show read, “I have worked with children and adolescents with Autism for a long time. I just watched The Good Doctor ABC and I bawled halfway into the first episode. We need Autism acceptance because Autism awareness is not simply enough. I love that this show is shining a light on those with Autism and it proves that Autism is not a disability just a different ability. Different, not less.”

Another read, “Anyone who’s perceived to be different from the norm can identify with Shaun’s struggles. Beyond this message of tolerance though, “The Good Doctor” is trying to show that it’s possible to fundamentally change how people think, which in itself is aspirational. And that, for all of us outsiders, misfits, and marginalized people, is something to always keep in mind.”

Another said, ” I used to teach autistic kids. Freddie has nailed the gaze/mannerisms/behaviors of our beautiful beings down perfectly!! I love this show!”

MoM says

I have really enjoyed watching this with my teenage son. We have seen two episodes so far and he can’t wait for next week.

It is brilliant for him to see that those kids that are a bit different in class, are actually pretty darn awesome and can do anything! It has been a huge eye opener for him in a way and I think he can relate more to fellow classmates after watching it being normalised in such a way.

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  • I love the good doctor.
    It’s great to see a show, that depicts the ability of individuals who do not fit the main stream.
    The more we see people with differences, the less they stand out. It’s important for children to be exposed and understand why people are different. It’s through education we will someday become truly equal.


  • This show is brilliant! So well written and the actor is amazing at portraying someone who is on the spectrum.


  • Been watching this show and so love watching it. We are lucky and can get it straight from US. So looking forward to more episodes coming out. I like how they are slowly changing how he sees the world and others are trying to learn how he works to understand him, not dismiss him.


  • Oh my 12yo daughter and I love watching this show together (and she has a small crush on Shaun too) She loves to watch anything medical and anything with people with disabilities etc.


  • My in-laws have been watching this- I wish it was available on free to air, looks like a pretty good show.


  • Most children (and adults) with Autism or Aspergers are very intelligent with huge hidden talent. They often get bored at school as often they are very quick learners and are ready for higher degrees of learning. Some have sensory issues, others don’t. I know one lass who was assessed by the Education Dept and a Physcologist. She has actually jumped a year at school. Now she enjoys it and is keeping up despite jumping the year. She is no longer bored or hates school. She is an absolute whiz with a computer, way ahead of other pupils and will most likely work with computer programming etc. as a lot with Autism or Aspergers do. They yearn for strong challenges.


  • I watched it , what a great show!


  • I haven’t watched this show. Medical dramas are not my thing. Sounds like a good show though for those who like this genre.


  • No I haven’t seen it, I don’t watch television. But it sounds interesting and like something I would like.


  • Haven’t watched it yet, but the shorts make it look interesting. Must put it on the calendar.


  • I recorded the first two episodes and can’t wait to catch up on them this weekend!


  • This is a good show, but I do worry that it will make it harder for parents whose autistic child is not high functioning.


  • I haven’t seen it as yet – will definitely make a point of watching it when I can – sounds fabulous!


  • this is the first I have heard of the show – i don’t watch a lot of commercial tv but I will be checking this out for sure. It sounds like even though it is fictional it could be really educational for those of us who don’t have much experience with Autism. Thanks for making our community aware of this show

    • Any awareness is a good thing and I love the different angle of this show.


  • Love this show and Freddie Highmore is a stand out actor – it has been so long since a show has been on TV that has captured my attention. Hope it continues to shine!


  • I missed it but will watch it on cat up TV. Having a family with loads on the spectrum with different degrees of ability, this show is something that l think will help people understand autism a bit more. Also if it wasn’t for people like these we would have a very different world right now.. Not all of this technology or the science that has help with medical advances etc. I think it will be a brilliant show.


  • So far have seen two episodes and marked the rest with a reminder so I don’t miss any. I absolutely love this show so far.


  • No l have not seen it yet,will have to give it a try.


  • Heard a lot about it but not watched it yet. It looks very inspiring indeed!!


  • No i haven’t yet but I have heard really positive things about this programme through a friend. This post really makes me want to watch it. This doctor sounds truely inspirational as a mum with a child who is autistic I don’t like the labels autistic children are given but this show sounds like it will show the positive sides!


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