We all know that in the real world a stay-at-home-mum doesn’t usually get paid, even though it’s one of the most challenging jobs to do in the whole world. However if a SAHM did earn a salary, we would be earning what a CEO does (well, we are in fact CEO of the household and family! so it’s fitting!).

A recent study has calculated that full-time mothers should earn on average at least $230,000 a year, working on a working week of a whopping 96 hours.

This Salary.com tally was reached by surveying thousands of mums to determine how much time they spend doing all their everyday household duties.

The Hybrid Role Of A Stay At Home Mum

It may seem like a hefty sum but let’s take a look at all the roles that are wrapped up in the SAHM job role, including:
Academic adviser ; Accountant; Buyer; CEO; Coach; Day care center teacher; Janitor; Judge; Marketing manager; Plumber; Photographer; Psychologist; Staff nurse; Teacher

This estimated salary does highlight the variety of skills that stay-at-home parents have to master to do their jobs.

What’s Taking Up Our Time?

Another survey from Insure.com discovered that mums are devoting more of their time to being ‘party planners’ than ever before.

The other most time-consuming duties according to Insure.com include cooking (14 hours per week), driving (9 hours), childcare (40 hours) and those “miscellaneous” tasks that sum up to 40 more hours.

Work Out Your Mum Pay Check

But of course, each mum is different so if you really want to know what you’re worth, check out Salary.com’s calculator, which allows you to pop in your own data to calculate what your own Stay-at-home paycheck should be.

Calculate Your Dad Pay Check

And if you’re a stay-at-home or working dad, there’s a calculator for you too.

Some people have taken offense to the thought of SAHM being paid such a high salary, with one commenting “Taking care of your kids isn’t a ‘job’, it should be considered a privilege or a gift and no price tag or salary can be put on that.”

But many stay-at-home parents insist that it’s not about the money and that being around to be there for their kids is priceless. Despite this, it is nice to know that we are valued.

Do you think stay at home parents should be paid a salary? Tell us in the comments below.

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  • how on earth could we be paid? and by who?…the Government???
    If that was the case then the Government would have to be a bit more like China and put a child per househild quota in place.


  • It’s a choice to bring children into this world and care for them one way or another be it at home or childcare and working. I don’t think you should be paid to stay at home I with the kids – it’s called responsibility.


  • I agree but by whom? The government? Good luck, we are already doing it without being paid so as if they’ll change their stance on that!!


  • Definitely think stay at home mums should get paid!
    I work from home but also look after bub at the same time. It’s definitely challenging at times but I love being there with my bub and watching her grow.
    On a good day where she let’s me get things done I’ll get over 10k steps with doing the cooking, cleaning, laundry and putting of clothes away not to mention spend a few minutes playing with her.


  • If stay at home mums got paid an hourly wage, we would all be rich. If only, keep dreaming


  • Stay at home mums are so important and should be valued. I think it would be great to give stay at home parents an income for the amazing job they do everyday.


  • When you can’t afford children then don’t have them; that’s a free choice. Being a stay at home mum is a free choice too. And depending on the level of income of your partner, the government certainly has fundings available to support.


  • I go to work to have a break, it’s so hard being a stay at home mum.


  • I think we should be paid a wage which would help the household. In reality it won’t happen but it would be nice to be appreciated.


  • Whilst we should, it’s not going to happen. We do need to keep the conversation going about the value of a stay at home mum though.


  • I couldn’t agree more with all of this. What about the mum’s that work part time and look after the household…that is a double whammy. But all in all, we are amazing human beings for getting through it :)


  • Probably about the most unappreciated job out there!


  • I wish I could get payed for being a stay at home mum! Would help us out so much haha


  • Why not. Stay home mums doing harder job than the working mums.Working mums get paid for their child care fees apart from their job.I wish they can value duty of stay home mums as well.


  • What about the parents who work part time and look after kids on their day off or the full time parents who have to work please it’s their choice to stay home


  • I think it’s a bit useless to pop in your data to calculate what your own Stay-at-home paycheck SHOULD ?? be. Fact is we don’t get this pay check.


  • Sounds unusual to me. I was brought up to think that if you couldn’t afford children, then you shouldn’t have them. That’s how I loved my life and never had any government handouts with my children ever.


  • And who would make sure the SAHparents aren’t leaving work early, slacking on the job or napping at work? I’d probably get fired.


  • Stay at home pay check hahahaha I wish !


  • Yeah, I probably won’t get paid anywhere near that amount. I’ve got more washing to fold than a clothing store, I get my kids to help out round they house (they live here too) and when my middle child goes to school in a few weeks I’ll be taking naps! I will probably only bring in the pittance that a chef and Uber driver earns, plus a laundry maid, teacher and personal shopper


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