Our bodies are made up of 60% water, the brain and lungs making up to 85% of that water found within our body. Which is why hydration is fundamental in health, we can’t even go a few days without water.

Hydration is important for the essential nutrients of sodium and potassium. We need sodium to take nutrients into the cells and potassium to push waste out of the cells, if we are dehydrated our cellular nutrition may be disturbed throwing off the balance of sodium and potassium. This means, fluid nutrients can no longer be carried into the cell and fluid waste will accumulate making us feel tired and lacking in energy.

Hydration is required for absorption of nutrients and food into the digestive system by being dehydrated you cause the gastrointestinal tract to slow down, which in turn causes constipation.

Our blood pressure is kept regulated by being hydrated. If dehydration occurs it can decrease our hearts output leading to increase heart rate with a lower blood pressure. Placing your heart under strain.

Water lubricates the joints and muscles to ensure we have good movement, 70% of muscle is water, which means that dehydration can reduce endurance, strength, and slow the response time.

The brain requires hydration to supply brain cells with oxygen and keep us alert.

Dehydration may be a contributing factor to weight gain and obesity as human being can misinterpret the thirst signal for hunger and eat rather then rehydrate. Then if soft drink, tea and coffee are consumed instead of water it not only doesn’t rehydrate but also makes us more dehydrated due to the diuretic effect of caffeine.

So you can start to see how dehydration can play a big role in our overall health.

Coconut water is ideal especially if you are suffering from dehydration as it contains electrolytes like sodium and potassium but is low in sugar and is natural. Commercial hydration drinks usually packed with artificial colours and flavouring.

Make water fun and more exciting by adding berries or mint.

A good way of testing your hydration is to pinch the back of your hand, if the skin bounces back your hydrated if it says you are dehydrated. Another sign is dark circle or sunken eyes. Drink up!

How much water do you drink a day? Please share in the comments below.

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  • Ive always been a good water drinker and as a child disliked cordials so its not something I ever even thought about buying for my kids so my kids became good water drinkers also.


  • Good tips. I drink water often and feel I need it.


  • Not as much as I should.


  • This is SO important. I am always dehydrated and it really shows


  • I need to start to drink a bit more water each day :)


  • I keep glasses of water in strategic places. Every time I walk past them it remods me to have a drink of water. You definitely need to drink a lot more in hot water. If you are busy you can easily forget, become dehydrated and feel really ill. Also by the time you feel thirsty you are already starting to become dehydrated according to medical professionals. It can also cause kidney problems.


  • Apparently a human being can last 2 weeks without any food at all, albeit terribly uncomfortably… But only 3 days without water. Fascinating, no?


  • Does your body need more hydration when pregnant?


  • I get headaches if I have not had enough water on a hot day.


  • I use an app to help me with my water intake. So that gentle reminder lets me know if my water intake is falling behind. most days can not make that 5456 ml but come close. Eat lots of fruit and veggies that have lots of water in them.


  • How do you test for hydration on old hands that don’t bounce back any more?
    I do drink a lot of water and green tea, so must be hydrated.

    • This is a very good question, just make sure you keep you water intake at 1-1.5Lts per day and you should be well hydrated.


  • I try and drink about 2 litres a day – much easier on some days than others. I can certainly feel it when I haven’t drank enough. I can usually put lethargy, headaches, etc. down to lack of water.


  • This is something I need to improve is my water intake.


  • I didn’t realise coconut water had electrolytes in it; good to know! I try to drink as much water as I can, but I often forget. I find putting some in the fridge/freezer to make it cold really helps. I can’t drink water easily when it’s warm.


  • I have a 1.25 litre bottle of water in my fridge, I usually drink one full one a day. Plus I drink green tea, black tea, lemon slices and ginger in hot water and occasionally coffee.


  • I find myself being too complacent during the day… I know I always feel better and more energetic on days when I have lots of water but sometimes I just forget. Need to be more diligent!


  • I love cold water – generally my favourite drink.


  • I must confess I drink way too much coffee and not enough water. I need to switch it around.

    • Yep I’m a coffee lover too ! Although I also drink about 1 liter of caffeine free herbal tea…


  • Don’t forget lemon and lime in water

    • Indeed! They add extra vitamins and extra flavours too!!


  • I try to drink at least 1 and a half liter of water every day. While sitting at the pc, I’ve always a bottle of water (600 ml) with me, and I try to refill it twice during the day. And beside that I drink a couple of herbal teas every day.


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