When a dad blogger shared his concerns for his pregnant wife after she suffered a reaction to the flu shot he did not expect the antivaxxers to take the opportunity to preach.

Brad from DadMum last week shared how his wife Sarah had unfortunately ended up in hospital just hours after having her flu vaccine.

He wrote on his Facebook page,

“We had a bit of a scare last night.

From an “I need you to leave work early” to an “I can’t let you leave here unless you’re going straight to the hospital” from the doc, to an overnight admission from Emergency.

We think it was a reaction from earlier in the day. They did an ultrasound to make sure our little man was all good.

As he started the scan we could clearly see limbs moving on the screen. It was obvious that everything was fine and this was more about mumma being sick. We said thank you.

I think there’s something about being a nurse or doctor that makes them just know what to do to really make you feel better.

Even when you didn’t know you needed it.

After admitting he wasn’t a professional at ultrasounds he stubbornly spent the next 5 minutes refusing to give up until he located and watched her listen to that heart beat.

As it came in the screen the nurse with him made the biggest deal. At the top of her lungs she said “how cool is that” as if it were the first time she’d seen it. It made a shitty night not so shitty!

I think it takes a special person to do what they do. To work through the night and show compassion to absolute strangers day after day, night after night. In a world where we like to complain about a bunch of shit all the time… don’t ever forget how lucky we actually are in some parts.

Mumma’s all rested and bubba is fine.”

The next post from Brad was quite shocking to read

He shared how some people chose his post about Sarah as a catalyst to push their pro-vax or anti-vax agenda.

Brad wrote, “How f#@ked up is the parenting internet…

“I posted that (my wife) Sarah was admitted to hospital and that we had a little scare.

“She reacted to the flu jab. She also reacts to codeine, penacillin, full-cream milk, dirty bench tops and clothes on the floor.

“The positive thing is that there was plenty of support for her. The negative thing is that some people chose the post as a catalyst to push their pro-vax or anti-vax agenda.

“We finished our next episode on Netflix only for Sarah to call me an idiot as she read the post and comments. Women were posting article links from people without titles, tagging their posse for back-up and copy-pasting sentences from their last Wikipedia search in the hopes of proving the other side wrong about vaccinations once and for all.

Well guess what… they looked stupid

“These were supposed to be the same “grown ups” that spend the other half of their time whinging about bullying and advocating positivity.

“It was disgusting, watching grown ass women fight when they should have seen a pregnant woman in hospital and thought “I’m glad she’s okay”.

“who preach about village bullshit and then tear each other to shreds over their choice to eat the berries or not;

“who could have seen something they disagreed with and just scrolled on;

“who completely missed the fact that another woman commenting had just experienced loss and was brave enough to share her story with the rest of us;

“and who still thought it necessary to message me after and call me a hypocrite for deleting their comments because my cover photo says “speak, even if your voice shakes”

“Ab-so-fucking-lutely I will delete you and your petty bullshit every damn time. There’s a difference between speaking up and speaking out of line.

Grow the f#ck up internet”, concluded Brad.

Last week we shared three main benefits to being vaccinated against the flu during pregnancy – read more here.

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  • Unfortunately a few trolls like to hurt others. Shame on them.


  • I’m glad all is okay with Mum and Bub. Through everything you have all been through you still wanted to thank the Nurses for all they did in supporting you. Congratulations.


  • Those anti vaccine people should keep their comments to themselves, I’m not one for the flu shot but I don’t go preaching it to someone who has had it.


  • Yes the internet is stuffed up. Everyone thinks their opinion is right for everyone. I rarely comment on stories, but if I feel I have some personal experience or actually some reason to comment then I just might, as long as it is positive, or at the very least, helpful. I remember a chat with my sister about commenting and the internet and she said she never does it any more after an incident where someone asked for advice on a subject in which she actually is rather an expert, but loads of other, presumably everyday people, seemed to feel obliged to contradict and argue with what she had suggested and apparently really weren’t very nice about it either. But I hope that is just “some” of the comments from faceless people on their keyboards! You just try and keep positive and real family and friends will support you on your family’s journey through life.


  • It is not funny ,, a friend had a reaction 8 yrs ago and has ongoing many medical problems which include heart , vertigo etc..on many medications.Many trips to hospital and intolerance to heat changes etc .. Life will never be the same for her and the family.Hope this young mum gets back to normal and has a normal life.


  • I had to laugh at that last line he said, well put. I am disliking people more and more these days because of the way they are treating others. It’s not on! I wish that the internet social platforms, blogs and anything that allows commenting would be shut down for a month or more

    • It would be an interesting social experiment if that occurred! Maybe there would be a little more kindness? :)


  • It is sad but true world where we say we should support and be kind to one another and then become huge bullies when we don’t agree with someone. I see it everyday, I’ve even had it from family. Sure there are times I have serious issues or problems with the choice of some, but I take a step back to realise I don’t know the full story, and my way isn’t the best for everyone.


  • It would be interesting to see some of the comments from these people.


  • Glad mumma is ok and I’m sorry the troll brigade came out in force!


  • Internet trolls and mum/dad shamers are everywhere !
    Glad mum and bub are fine, wishing them all the best.


  • I love reading his blog and also MrsDadMum’s blog, so glad that both mum and bub are going well now, I get so sick of reading the vacc arguments, do it or don’t do it, your choice but don’t begrudge me my own choice


  • love this dude and glad he stuck it to those women who decided that it was a good time to sprout the usual vaxing arguments

    Glad his wife and bub are doing well – I’m looking forward to seeing more of what he has to say so keep sharing his thoughts with us MOM’s :)


  • So many take things the wrong way or try to get things to their own way of thinking.


  • Wishing Brad, Sarah and bub all the very best .


  • How heartless! And just goes to show what kind of people these anti vaxing types are! Anyone can have an adverse reaction to a vaccine but it doesn’t mean that the whole world should stop having them


  • Some people find anything to troll about :(


  • Hopefully Sarah is fine and her unborn bub doing well. Shame some people like to hurt others with negative posts.


  • Some people jst like to display their rudeness and arrogance with any excuse.


  • That’s the mentality of the anti vaxxers campaign. They have no scientific facts to back up their clsims, so they hit n anything that remotely supports their ridiculous claims


  • Great to hear they had such a positive experience in hospital!


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