December 4, 2023


Whether you’ve got little ones heading back to school or bigger ones returning to work, an insulated water bottle is a must-have hydration companion for busy days.

Insulated water bottles use durable stainless steel to keep drinks cool (or hot) for hours – sometimes even days. Available in various sizes, from mini flasks for toddlers and school kids to mega bottles that hold a day’s supply of water, there’s a thirst-crushing bottle out there to suit every age, stage and personality.

Perhaps best of all, reusable insulated bottles are a critical step away from single-use plastic bottles. And we’re right behind environmental awareness every step of the way.

Tips For Buying Insulated Water Bottles

Best insulated drink bottles

Thirty? Not for much longer! Take a peek at our top tips for buying water flasks that go the distance:

  • Look for leak-proof lids - When a drink bottle leaks over a handbag, school bag or lunch box, it can quickly ruin the day. So if you or the kids are always on the move with a bottle in tow, do yourself a favour and opt for one with a leak-proof lid.
  • Do you need a carry handle? If you have younger kids, a handle makes bottles easier to hold and helps keep them out of the lost property. For adults, a handle is fantastic for taking your bottle with you on your daily walk.
  • Consider capacity - Younger kids aren’t likely to get through a litre of water in a day, so there’s no need for them to lug around a large drink bottle that weighs down their school bags. On the flip side, active teens and adults hitting the gym might need up to two litres to save on constant refills.
  • Get enough insulation for your needs - Whether you’re packing a tasty soup for the kids’ lunch or a cold drink to get you through an entire day, ensure you buy a bottle that insulates the contents for enough time. Technology varies a lot between bottles; some insulate for up to eight hours, others for up to 90 hours!

 22 Best Insulated Water Bottles For Kids, Teens & Adults

We took a deep dive into Australia’s coolest insulated flasks and put them in one handy spot for you. From the sweetest bottles for little hands to giant ‘emotional support water bottles’ for grown-ups, check out our pick of the crop and get your new year off to a healthy, hydrated and eco-conscious start.

Included Real Mum Reviews come via the Mouths of Mums Facebook Page.

Avanti Fluid Vacuum Bottle, from $6

Avanti Fluid Insulated Drink Bottles.

Available in four sizes and a rainbow of colours, the Avanti Fluid Vacuum has an opening big enough for ice cubes and a sweat-free exterior. Each uses the highest-grade 18/8 twin-wall stainless steel and is completely BPA-free, non-leaching and non-toxic. But the best bit? It keeps your bevies cool for a full 24 hours, or hot for 12.

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from Spotlight

Hydro Flask Insulated Drink Bottles, from $49.99

Hydro Flask Insulated Bottle

Available in a range of volumes and a choice of standard or wide-mouth formats, the Hydro Flask caters to all lifestyles. Made using pro-grade stainless steel, they’re BPA-free, dishwasher-safe and they keep your drink cool for up to 24 hours. Removable silicone boots are available separately to protect against knocks and bumps.

Real Mum Reviews:

“Keeps ice all day with tap water. Also lasted all year with my boy who drops and smashes all drink bottles. It’s worth the money” (Jess)

“Love my hydro flask” (Tan)

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from City Beach

Yum Yum Kids’ Insulated Bottles, $24.82

Yum Yum Insulated Drink Bottles for Kids.

Offering busy kids 16 hours of cold drinks or eight hours of hot drinks, Yum Yum insulated bottles are perfect school companions all year round. They are odour and stain-resistant and come with an 18/8 stainless steel body and a BPA-free lid and straw. We love the quick-release spout button and chunky handle for little hands.

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from Tiny Fox

waterdrop All-Purpose Thermo, 1L, $69

waterdrop insulated water bottle

Waterdrop is the latest big thing in hydration – cute cubes of flavour made from fruit and plant extracts.

Along with the hydration cubes, waterdrop also has a ripper range of drink bottles, including this big bertha – the 1L All-Purpose Thermo Bottle. The double-walled stainless steel keeps drinks ice-cold for 24 hours – and the extra wide opening means you can easily pop in ice cubes to keep your water extra cold.

from waterdrop

Ever Eco Insulated Drink Bottles 750ml, from $29.95

Ever Eco Insulated Drink Bottles

From Positano blue to the prettiest purple, Ever Eco bottles are as beautiful as they are practical. They use 304-grade premium stainless steel and vacuum technology to keep beverages cool well beyond the workday. They fit in most cup holders and have an opening wide enough for ice cubes.

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from Healthy Life

YETI Insulated Bottles With Chug Cap, from $49.95

YETI Insulated Drink Bottles With Chug Cap

Available in kids’ and adults’ styles, YETI double-wall insulated bottles are some of the most popular in Australia for their good looks and high performance. They come with a TripleHaul handle that twists off easily, revealing a shatter-resistant spout perfect for gulping. The entire spout is removable for adding ice and the stainless steel and DuraCoat colours are resistant to cracking and fading.

Real Mum Reviews:

“Yeti expensive but keeps drink cold all day” (Kim)

“Yeti all the way. Put ice in the morning and still have ice in the afternoon” (Melanie)

“Kids were all given yeti water bottles for Christmas. They are brilliant!” (Amber)

“Yeti all the way” (Nicole)

“In fact our entire household only use Yeti drink bottles, they’re that good” (Rebekah)

“Yeti are amazing” (Brooke)

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from BCF

Frank Green Ceramic Reusable Bottles 2L $89.95

Frank Green Ceramic Reusable Drink Bottles 2L

Some of the most popular ‘emotional support water bottles’ around, Frank Green Ceramic bottles feature hand-polished stainless steel and triple-wall insulation to maintain the temperature of your drink for days! They’re BPA-free, ceramic-lined (which means no metallic taste) and come with a silicone strap for easy toting.

Real Mum Reviews:

“My 4 kids and I have frank green. And they are fantastic” (Sianna)

“Frank Green! Cant fault it yet. Pre-teen says it stays cold all day! Easy to clean!” (Bec)

“Myself and my kids (9 and 12) have Frank Green. Great bottles. Stay cold all day” (Rachael)

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from Frank Green

EcoVessel Frost 355ml Insulated Bottle With Straw, $49.95

EcoVessel Frost Kids' Insulated Drink Bottles

A finalist in the Non-Toxic Awards, the 355ml EcoVessel Frost offers triple insulation to keep drinks cold for up to 36 hours. It uses non-leaching stainless steel and comes with a flip-spout lid for one-handed drinking – fabulous for when their hands are full.

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from Biome

Pura Insulated Sports Bottle, from $51.95

Pura Kiki Insulated Sports Bottles

Crafted from stainless steel and medical-grade silicone, these are the only bottles in the world with a ‘non-toxic’ certification. They keep drinks cool for up to 24 hours and come with a sip guard and comfortable sport spout for spill-free hydration. Better still, the wide mouth makes it easy to add full-sized ice cubes.

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from Amazon

b.box 350ml Insulated Drink Bottles, from $19.95

b.box Kids' Bottles

Leak-free and ergonomically designed, b.box double-walled drink bottles are just the right size for toddlers and preschoolers. The easy push-button opening makes one-handed sipping easy and the smart insulation keeps things cool for up to eight hours.

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from Catch.com.au

MoveActive Insulated Drink Flask, $44

MOOVACTIVE Insulated Flasks

Whether you need to keep your coffee hot or your water cold, this vacuum-insulated helper is up for the job. It has a leak-proof, airtight lid and it won’t sweat as plastic bottles do. We’re completely in love with the matte finish on these – how to choose?

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from The Iconic

EcoVessel Boulder Triple Insulated Bottles, $69.95

Woman drinking water from an insulated bottle.

The award-winning Boulder range from EcoVessel boasts triple insulation technology to keep your favourite drinks hot for up to 18 hours or cold for up to 90 hours! It comes with a removable strainer for use with tea leaves, fruit or herbs, and it absolutely never sweats. Choose from 591ml, 700ml or 946ml.

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from Biome

EcoCocoon 350ml Stainless Steel Bottles, $36.95

EcoCocoon Kids' Water Bottles

Eco-friendly and huge on fun, EcoCocoon kids’ flasks use high-grade stainless steel to keep drinks cool or warm for an entire day. They have a leak-proof cap, a one-way valve system and triple insulation for less condensation. And at the end of its life, it’s completely recyclable.

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from Biome

MontiiCo 1L Insulated Water Bottles, $57.95

MotiiCo 1L water bottles in beige and blue styles.

If you’ve got a mighty big thirst, the Montii Drink Bottle Flask is the bottle for you. It holds one litre of water and thanks to its flask-stye lid, keeps the contents at the perfect temperature all day. And here’s the kicker – you get no condensation, which means no more slippery bottles! Mix and match with your choice of base, lids and bumpers!

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from Adventure Snacks

Happy Way 750ml Matte Drink Bottles, $44.95

Happy Way Water Flasks

With a Happy Way stainless steel drink bottle in your life, you can keep your tea hot or your water chilled just the way you like it for 12-24 hours. BPA-free, it combines seriously good looks with the high performance a busy day demands.

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from The Nile

Thermos FUNtainer Drink Bottles, from $32.95

Thermos FUNtainer Kids' Drink Bottles

With ‘fun’ in their name, you can count on the kids loving these thirst companions. Each uses BPA-free stainless steel and comes with a non-slip base and flexible silicone straw. Spill-proof, they boast vacuum insulation to keep drinks at the perfect temperature for longer. Choose from 355ml or 475ml capacities.

Real Mum Reviews:

“Thermos stainless steel water bottles are the best. Covered flip lid, double insulated” (Catherine)

“love ours- had them for years – and they don’t break the bank either like other brands” (Christina)

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from Biome

Cheeki Kids’ Insulated Bottles 400ml, $39.95

Cheeki Little Adventurer Drink Bottles For Kids

Perfectly sized and majorly cute, Cheeki bottles use food-grade stainless steel that stands up to all the rough and tumble of the day. They have a wide mouth for adding ice blocks and come with a smooth rubber carry handle for tiny hands. Choose from five gorgeous designs.

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from Cheeki

The Somewhere Co 1L Insulated Water Bottles, $54.95

The Somewhere Company 1L Insulated water bottles.

These colourful bottles definitely stand out in the crowd. Key features include a big 1L capacity, double-walled, stainless steel construction that keeps liquid cold for 20 hours and hot for eight, and a silicone band to protect it from dings!

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from The Somewhere Co.

Revomax 355ml Vacuum-Sealed Kids’ Flask, $49.95

Revomax Kids' Insulated Flasks

With double-walled insulation and a copper-plated core, these cuties keep condensation to a minimum. They have a one-handed opening and double-seal lid, and they keep drinks cool for up to 36 hours or warm for 18 hours. Safe to pop in the dishwasher, these tick all the boxes.

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from The Iconic

MontiiCo Mini Water Bottles, $22.95

Montii Co Mini Bottles

With 24-hour cooling capabilities, this little bottle is great for kids on the go. Made using tough stainless steel, it won’t hang on to any smells or flavours, no matter the contents. Better still, the kid-proof exterior is both dent and scratch-resistant.

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from Lime Tree Kids

BBBYO 750ml Insulated Water Bottles With Covers, from $49.95

BBBYO Insulated Bottles With Neoprene Covers

Created by an Australian business committed to keeping our oceans and beaches beautiful, these eco-friendly sets come with a stainless steel flask and a neoprene sleeve. They have an airtight lid and keep bevvies cold for up to 24 hours or hot for up to 12.

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from Biome

July Personalised Drink Bottles, from $35

July Personalised Water Bottles

Keep losing your drink bottles? Put your name on it! From July, these vacuum-insulated stainless steel bottles are the perfect size for bags and cup holders. They keep liquids nice and cool for up to 24 hours and come with non-slip matte coatings.

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from July


Are insulated water bottles worth it?
Yes, if you like your liquid to stay at a constant temperature throughout the day, insulated water bottles are worth it. If you invest in a great quality insulated water bottle, you’ll get icy cold water for hours, without condensation on the outside (which is super annoying for kids when they keep their bottles in their school bags!)

What shouldn’t you put in an insulated bottle?
You shouldn’t put certain drinks like hot milk or tea in insulated bottles, because of the risk of bacteria buildup. It’s also not recommended to fill them with soft drinks as it may damage the bottle.

How long should I keep water in an insulated water bottle?
It depends on the individual features of each water bottle – some keep water cold for up to 24 hours. But it is recommended that you tip out any water after a day and wash your water bottle thoroughly between uses.

Can you put coffee in insulated water bottles?
Yes, you can put coffee in insulated water bottles – and depending on the features it can keep it nice and hot for hours. Just remember to wash it out thoroughly as soon as you can, once you’ve finished your coffee.

Got little ones heading off to school soon? Take a look at our ten tips to help school starters settle into the new stage smoothly and our complete list of Australia’s best school shoes for boys and girls.

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  • We love our yeti!


  • Wish these were popular when I was in school! Some I cant believe how expensive they are though! I would hope they work.


  • Received a frank green bottle for my birthday just gone and now I understand the appreciation for them. I’ll never go back!


  • I could’ve done with one of these. School days in WA, stuff doesn’t stay cold for long


  • So many choices. Only my eldest has an insulated water bottle, the rest of us keeps it simple.


  • I think I have purchased over 50 water bottles and lunch boxes over the last 10 plus years with 3 kids. Liking the look of The Somewhere Co bottles but maybe just for me.


  • Yeti is by far the best waterbottle on the market at the moment.


  • So many beautiful choices out there, but on the dear side for sure !


  • Im still umming and arring which one to buy for myself YETI sounds good but they never have a sale on . Love how you can get them personalised on the YETI website .


  • Thank you so much for this article. Finding good quality drink bottles, I’ve found is a challenge


  • I regularly wash my bottle to keep it clean.


  • So many cute designs & thankfully combined with actual durability & function! Gone are the days of hot water to drink at recess!


  • Thanks for all the tips and the dos and don’ts of using insulated bottles. I will be wiser the next time around.


  • Some great options here. I will keep details of some for my next purchase as Im sure one of my kids will need one soon.


  • My daughter keeps losing her water bottles so we stick to the cheaper (but still good) Kmart bottles.


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