I love it when our children break things whilst under my husband’s watchful eye. It means I’m not met with outrageously ridiculous questions like “Rochelle how could you let this happen? Weren’t you supervising them? What were you doing at the time?”

I detest those sorts of questions – I feel it implies that I intentionally allowed our children to destroy whatever their newest carnage is. When it should be obvious that I had my back turned for what I thought was just a quick moment.

Yes, that’s right Hubby Dear, I was not minding the kids for an instant. Perhaps something unexpected came up, maybe I needed to pee, or have a sip of water, eat- haha probably not eat, because if I were given the rare opportunity to serve myself food, guaranteed, all of your children would be piled on top of me to devour whatever was on my plate – even though they would have just eaten!

Breakages Are Guaranteed

If you’ve got a child, you’ve got potential for breakages around the house. No matter how precisely you baby proof your home, there is always room for damages! This doesn’t even account for all the spilled drinks, food and even basic kitchen staples such as flour, sugar and spices- although somehow they often creatively utilise these things in the ruination of something else.

Maybe they will decide to redecorate your walls with sharpies whilst you hang your clothes to dry, alternatively, they could decide to shorten your curtains with their safety scissors as you take the clothes in off the line.


You honestly haven’t lived until you’re concentrating on loading the dishwasher as your toddler empties a bottle of dishwashing liquid on the floor just behind you, so as you take a step back to close the dishwasher door you have an almighty slip and end up flat on your back- oh the irony! Perhaps if I were actually using that dishwashing liquid to wash the dishes it wouldn’t have happened in the first place!

Lord help you if you have more than one child! It’s like a group of little villains working effortlessly as a team against you – if only there wasn’t so much destruction one could stand back and admire their alliance.

Do children hold anything sacred? Do they understand the value of things? Televisions, iPads, laptops- you name it, they’ll break it, even if it’s things they benefit from using.

Are You Laughing?

If it wasn’t so financially draining it might even be amusing- well as long as no one gets hurt, some scenarios are still quite hilarious, albeit expensive.

Often it feels like they take what seems most valuable to us, like our makeup, our electronic devices, even home decor and then they completely and wholeheartedly destroy it, often whilst pretending to be us and use these things the way that we do!

It’s Only A THING

It helps to keep in mind that whilst these sometimes sentimental items may be valuable, they are not vital to our existence. They may cost an arm and a leg to repair or replace… but admittedly new technology is continuously being released and what an awesome excuse to be able to upgrade, even if it takes time.

… with the exception of things like my hubby’s watch… oh heavens, that broken watch cannot be replaced and to fix it after our son destroyed it is going to take quite some time to save up for! I wish it hadn’t been obliterated under my supervision though… guaranteed my hubby will be boring our grandchildren to death with stories of the time his watch was broken! That man remembers everything!

I would hang a poster of the phrase ‘kids will be kids’ on my wall, but I fear it would give them a brilliant excuse to ruin even more things around the home, so for now I will just continue to remind myself of the fact quietly in my head.

As a mother of mixed ability little ones, I feel it’s safe to say that the rate of breakages is equal across all children, they are all capable of accidentally destroying something which is meaningful to us.

Our kids Are NOT replaceable

Whilst all the things they do brazenly wreck are materialistic and often replaceable, it’s helpful to remember that our little ones aren’t! The experience of being their parent cannot be replicated and as unforgettable as the damage they cause truly is, the immense love that they provide is far greater than anything else!

Children are like mini explorers in so many ways, ones who arrive on your land and search for treasures often causing you to have faith in higher powers and sometimes not having enough fruits and vegetables just like the real explorers once did… clumsy little pirates who accidentally smash the loot instead of treasuring it!

Oh but they love you, truly they do, unconditionally! And they spark a feeling of joy bigger than anything you own ever could! They will show you what actually matters in life, as well as what really doesn’t.

Do your kids break things? Have they broken anything that you’ll always remember? Tell us in the comments below.

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  • I totally skipped this with my kids. cant think of anything that they ever broke other then dropping a plate or a glass which we all do from time to time


  • My children haven’t but hubby has and then tries to blame the children!


  • We haven’t had too much broken.


  • dont put things before people


  • sure do and they have done silly things like cutting their hair when they are old enough to know better rather than when they were younger.


  • I havent had too many breakages. On odd cup or xmas decoration. Nothing of value is in their reach!


  • Lucky for me my kids rarely break anything. Their toys is about all and I’m not too fussed about that.


  • My son used to pull things apart, chop them up, effectively break them. Then he would work out how to put the things back together. Before I knew it, he was pulling things apart and fixing them. Today, you can give him just about anything and he’ll work out how to repair it. So it’s not such a bad thing to be destroying stuff as a kid


  • So far the most damaged item in our home arebooks, not on purpose but my 1 yr old loves to sit and lookthrough them but doest understand when to stop bending them haha. I more worry about themselves getting injured with how they play together (cringe worthy sometimes)


  • The odd thing here and there but not a lot


  • I had experience of this as a teenager with a much younger brother who ruined many of my things. As a teen that was devastating. Now I get sad if my kids break stuff but I’m much less worried about it.


  • I found living with my husband gave me a bit of practice in learning not to get nice things because they get lost or broken. Kids take it up several levels in frequency of breakages and yes it’s annoying and frustrating but in the end it is just an object and our kids matter more.


  • My daughter broke (by mistake of course) a big ceramic vase that one artist I knew had made. I was disappointed as it was a unique piece, but well… I should have probably put it in a safer place. :-(


  • I’ve learn’t from my husband to relax a bit more, although sometimes I loose it because I’m sure I’ve told the kids 100 times to be gentle with things and then they break something. They are kids after all, but just sometimes, would be nice if they treated their things with respect….especially if they want to keep playing with them.


  • I am beginning the process of baby proofing as my little one isnt far off crawling. Boxed up all my trinkets…now just need to find safe storage for them. Breakages are inevitable but I have tried my best.


  • I learnt early not to have anything precious or valuable with kids. I had early climbers and walkers so nothing was sacred, even baby proofing they figured out quickly. There toys have survived, but my pricy gaming keyboard doesn’t work properly anymore. Sure easy to replace but no time for games now so no point. They did destroy a handmade collectable that was made by my Dad, that was precious as my Dad died when i was a baby. That was their Dads fault and I haven’t told him how upset it made me. I had it packed away and he unpacked it looking for something else and of course the kids “played” with it.


  • We’ve had a few breakages, not too many luckily and nothing that can’t be replaced. But kids will be kids, as long as they aren’t hurt, that’s the main thing


  • I actually used to get ticked off that my kids behaved on those rare occasions that my husband had them by himself! He never believed what I told him. Then the day came and he said something so I just responded with “Welcome to my life” or “This is my every day!” And as for the breakages, I try to tell myself it’s not that bad, but when they happen I’m just annoyed about the waste of money… of course the kids are never hurt, which is the main thing!


  • Yes they do. NO matter how much you watch them, things get broken.


  • My kids broke a globe which has our marriage picture embossed inside along with love hearts. That was my birthday gift and I really loved that globe.


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