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Guess what?!?! We have 250, yes you read that right, 250 Miracle Lips ™ Natural Treatment for Cold Sores and Fever Blisters to give to our lucky members! Enter now for your chance to win.

Miracle Lips ™ is an all-natural, scientifically formulated wax-free treatment for cold sores and fever blisters.

The patented formula is made with only organic and natural ingredients, including maximum strength Australian Tea Tree Oil and Brazilian Propolis.

These two ingredients are widely known for their anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties:

  • Propolis – A resinous mixture from tree buds, tree sap and other botanical sources collected by honey bees to protect their hive from infection
  • Tea Tree Oil – Has been used for thousands of years for cleansing the body of bacterial, viral and fungal infection

Additionally, unlike many cold sore treatments, Miracle Lips™ does not contain petrolatum wax (petroleum jelly) or bee’s wax. Wax used in lip products can create a barrier that seals in bacteria that can cause infection and suffocates skin cells.

“We offer Miracle Lips as a non-prescription alternative treatment to our patients who suffer from cold sores and cracked lips.”

Dr. Asher Milgrom

President and CEO

American Medical Aesthetics Corp.


  • Maximum strength Australian Tea Tree Oil & Brazilian Bee Propolis
  • Soothing protection for cold sores and fever blisters
  • Natural alternative to lip medications
  • Over 25 butters, vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants and bioflavinoids
  • Free from parabens, dyes, preservatives & petrochemicals
  • No artificial flavours or fragrances
  • Doctor recommended

Learn more about Miracle Lips™

Please note this competition is open from 1st September 2019 until 1st October 2019 and is only available to members of Mouths Of Mums. This competition is a game of skill – answer in 50 words or less. We are unable to accept entries posted via facebook. Facebook LIKE functionality is not a requirement of entry to this competition. The winners of this competition will be published on this page. Winners’ name and address will be provided to the promoter of this competition and prizes will be sent to the address you have in Your Profile. Please ensure your details are up to date so that you receive your prize.

Winners for this competition

  1. C. McFarlaneNSW
  2. R. Du PreezVIC
  3. R. DiBiasiVIC
  4. K. HickinsonVIC
  5. M. SmithNSW
  6. Y. MarkowskiNSW
  7. N. StouteWA
  8. L. DigVIC
  10. S. JNSW
  11. H. CampbellNSW
  12. J. GrazianoNSW
  13. A. HarriesQLD
  14. M. KagieNSW
  15. K. StrudwickQLD
  16. K. SalmonQLD
  17. L. TillerWA
  18. C. HemiQLD
  19. L. GantQLD
  20. S. UnderhillNSW
  21. M. MelkieVIC
  22. M. ShintaNSW
  23. M. GrahamVIC
  24. S. TestazTAS
  25. A. MilesiWA
  26. L. ShemeldVIC
  27. S. SattlerNSW
  29. R. GuyTAS
  30. S. TahaVIC
  31. A. O'DwyerNSW
  32. K. ClarkNSW
  33. D. LoweWA
  34. C. CronkNSW
  35. J. ReedSA
  36. A. RobinsonVIC
  37. C. SchembriVIC
  38. M. McKannaNSW
  39. N. LancasterWA
  40. R. VanceNSW
  41. N. HelliwellVIC
  42. N. WaltonACT
  43. S. SeilerWA
  44. J. BeachamWA
  45. K. LodewyksWA
  46. S. RivisSA
  47. N. CooneyNSW
  48. C. RussoWA
  49. G. EganNSW
  50. J. OlsenSA
  51. J. ButtigiegVIC
  52. N. LarsenNSW
  53. N. PathakNSW
  54. T. GeorgesVIC
  55. A. SculleyVIC
  56. J. RadovicQLD
  57. M. WardVIC
  58. M. TomlinsonVIC
  59. H. HerbertWA
  60. K. BowdlertQLD
  61. M. RevelantNSW
  62. K. PhillipsSA
  63. C. HiltonNSW
  64. K. YoungVIC
  65. A. OrlickSA
  66. M. SchweinsbergenSA
  67. C. ChiuSA
  68. J. ChowNSW
  69. S. HartmannQLD
  70. A. PereraVIC
  71. A. HollandVIC
  72. A. KenyonSA
  73. H. FerneeVIC
  74. H. CabNSW
  75. K. OtteVIC
  76. L. MayhewNSW
  77. B. FranksTAS
  78. K. TempletonQLD
  79. J. WalczakNSW
  80. L. AbbottQLD
  81. E. BrittenTAS
  82. N. RudgeNSW
  83. B. KramerNSW
  84. K. WaughQLD
  85. M. HutchingsSA
  86. A. TuVIC
  87. C. BeaumontVIC
  88. R. RossiVIC
  89. V. LynchTAS
  90. A. BrockleyVIC
  91. S. SpurwayNSW
  92. K. AveryNSW
  93. J. LingVIC
  94. K. HardacreNSW
  95. S. SalterTAS
  96. M. MarotVIC
  97. T. TanVIC
  99. J. HarveyQLD
  100. L. ManskiQLD
  101. A. JuhlSA
  102. M. MitchellQLD
  103. B. RobinsNSW
  104. T. OsullivanACT
  105. S. PollardWA
  106. C. BuschSA
  107. B. BauerQLD
  108. S. JuragaSA
  109. E. ChenNSW
  110. A. FelthamACT
  111. D. MoodySA
  112. H. Zakarias fawellWA
  113. A. HarrisNSW
  114. A. ThomaNSW
  115. M. CanningVIC
  116. M. MahWA
  117. J. RosenblattACT
  118. D. PapadopoulosVIC
  119. H. McMasterVIC
  120. J. RileyNSW
  121. C. DixonNSW
  122. R. KapsalakisVIC
  123. K. GillespieNSW
  124. C. EvansQLD
  125. D. CosentinoWA
  126. C. LungoNSW
  127. W. MawhoodTAS
  128. T. BerlinskiVIC
  129. M. PattersonNSW
  130. A. KendalACT
  131. A. BlackVIC
  132. M. AmyQLD
  133. S. FergusonNSW
  134. C. ChappelNSW
  135. M. AdeleQLD
  136. T. GuihotQLD
  137. C. SpencerNSW
  138. M. CallaghanWA
  139. C. AlbericiNSW
  140. D. HenenbergVIC
  141. S. DeadyVIC
  142. E. TonkinWA
  143. D. JohnsonQLD
  144. M. PatulloVIC
  145. B. ButlerNSW
  146. B. PatulloVIC
  147. C. AmeyTAS
  148. A. WoodhamsNSW
  149. N. WilliamsQLD
  150. S. Al-EkhtiyarNSW
  151. E. WhitechurchNSW
  152. K. PereraNSW
  153. M. TarinWA
  154. C. CorteNSW
  155. J. DawNSW
  156. N. PyneQLD
  157. T. KeenWA
  158. N. StefanowiczSA
  159. S. GreenVIC
  160. V. GriffinQLD
  161. R. PatchQLD
  162. A. MoirVIC
  163. J. LimVIC
  164. S. EllwoodTAS
  165. L. HaynesQLD
  166. S. GleesonVIC
  167. K. DunnNSW
  168. E. McLaughlin - van DijkQLD
  169. E. AghaNSW
  171. L. MooreVIC
  172. D. TassanQLD
  173. A. LindleyWA
  174. M. KosticNSW
  175. T. HallWA
  176. S. WatsonNSW
  177. J. JusseitVIC
  178. T. KarnerQLD
  179. J. SilaimanVIC
  180. I. HarveyNSW
  181. Y. LawQLD
  182. L. GallagherWA
  183. H. TalebVIC
  184. L. MonteiroWA
  185. M. HigginbothamQLD
  186. M. ChandlerNSW
  187. N. SutherlandQLD
  188. D. RitosaVIC
  189. K. MurrayWA
  190. M. FrawleyNSW
  191. D. FankhauserVIC
  192. S. ThorpeQLD
  194. C. NagarajVIC
  195. K. DennisTAS
  196. D. BolamNSW
  197. T. DoyleVIC
  198. L. SaalVIC
  199. J. BuckleyNSW
  200. S. SmithQLD
  201. M. ForsythSA
  202. K. CrawfordNT
  203. K. BalseviciusSA
  204. S. MirzaVIC
  205. J. WhitingVIC
  206. J. GribbleNSW
  207. Y. JattanVIC
  208. K. JohnsonSA
  209. J. MurphyNSW
  210. J. O'DonnellNSW
  211. W. QuireQLD
  212. J. PinelliVIC
  213. M. KarnerQLD
  214. J. WanNSW
  215. M. BolithoQLD
  216. D. NeilVIC
  217. N. MarshallVIC
  218. S. BeukeWA
  219. T. LambVIC
  220. A. MastersNSW
  221. R. ColombiNSW
  222. S. RevellSA
  223. J. NimmoQLD
  224. H. CommensQLD
  225. J. EnglandNSW
  226. A. MasonSA
  227. T. HowardTAS
  228. A. HitzkeQLD
  229. B. HitzkeQLD
  230. A. OGormanVIC
  231. K. TurnerQLD
  232. A. HutchinsonNSW
  233. N. SkinnerNSW
  234. B. StimsonVIC
  235. C. RobertsWA
  236. L. ChawnerNSW
  237. J. DangNSW
  238. D. BraybrookeNSW
  239. R. BiljnaVIC
  240. J. WilliamsVIC
  241. N. MoerlandSA
  242. D. DeFazioACT
  243. C. PrykeVIC
  244. I. SajnVIC
  245. B. DowneyQLD
  246. J. BezzinaQLD
  247. L. ScrivenNSW
  248. S. CaligariACT
  • try to eat healthy and avoid all the junk food

  • Eating the rainbow everyday and drinking lots of water.

  • Healthy eating and exercising as much as possible.

  • Weekly meal prep is key for my family to maintain a healthy diet and also allows us to have extra time of an afternoon to go for beach walks and workout together. Also prep my babies food myself using fresh produce and freeze so it is always ready to go!

  • Walking! Our house backs onto parkland and ANY time of the year is perfect for walking, breathing fresh air, and admiring whatever creatures cross our paths!

  • We all play tennis, it’s our family sport! It’s great fun and quality time spent with each other. With fresh air, fresh food and a happy, harmonious home, we lead a healthy lifestyle with the occasional cheeky treats :)

  • We walk the dog every morning, Super early and everyone is yawning! Afternoons we always play outside, And no game consoles – they hide.

  • A minimum of 8 glasses a day,
    When the sun comes out it’s time to play,
    Yoga whenever I can,
    If I have a moment I’ll try to make hiking plans,
    10,000 steps a day is my goal,
    I better try and do it before I get too old!

  • To me it’s keeping busy! And fun! Growing veg, gardening, enjoying what you do and walking!

  • We try and eliminate most sugars and processed foods

  • We don’t refer food to good or bad, but to “sometime food” and “everyday food”. Everything’s ok by moderation. We try and walk to school and back, stopping at the park for some fun. As we enjoy playing outdoors in the sun.

  • Eat clean – avoid hidden sugars and exercise daily

  • We laugh, we play, eat well and communicate. A healthy lifestyle means more vegetarian meals (my daughter is vegetarian anyway), incidental exercise (stairs, walking to the shops and house cleaning to music) and we jump on any health issues quickly.

  • As a family we practice mindfulness which means we live in the moment, embrace nature are kind to people and animals . A healthy happy mind, walking, talking ,supporting and loving each other is all we need to flourish!

  • We grow our own fresh produce and herbs and every Sunday we make a point of taking our dog and going to the forest, the beach or the park to get fresh air and exercise

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