A dad has begged other parents not to take their kids to see The Lion King but it has nothing to do with terrible reviews or scary scenes…

A dad from New Zealand has taken to Facebook to urge other parents not to take their kids to see The Lion King live-action remake.

While some parents have said that the remake of the 1994 classic could be frightening for little ones, it turns out that the dad’s reason for leaving the kids at home is his own viewing pleasure!

Reliving The Magic

The dad said he was determined to enjoy reliving all the magic of the original film, which had been a favourite when he was a child, without the distraction of his own or other people’s children.

“To all the parents in Porirua, please do NOT take your kids to the movies tomorrow night to watch The Lion King,” he wrote.

“It’s the holidays so take them during the day when us adults are at work. After five is our time. I will have no dramas telling your child to shut the whakarongotai up if they’re making unnecessary noise. Don’t ruin my time with Mufasa and Simba. Said with love.”

Original Fans

Other parents applauded the dad’s hilarious post, admitting that they were more interested in seeing the film than their kids!

“Sorry kids. We waited too damn long for this,” one parent commented. “Stay home for the sake of all our inner children thanks.”

“We will make it up to you with screenings of Frozen 2, Moana 2, and so forth but Mufasa, Simba, Mulan and Ariel… stay at home!”

Despite his initial enthusiasm about the film’s release and campaign to see it without his children, the dad confessed that he was unimpressed, giving it only a 6/10.

“Beyonce you are the queen of music, don’t get me wrong,” he wrote. “But not of the pride lands.”

We love this dad’s post and can definitely imagine a cinema full of child-free parents reliving the iconic films of their childhood! With such mixed reviews, however, the film is definitely one you have to see for yourself to know if it tops the original!

Have you seen The Lion King remake? What did you think? Let us know in the comments.

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  • I still havent seen this remake


  • Lol good on him


  • We all know our kids and what they can handle and what they can’t. We loved the Lion King.


  • We took our son to see the original for his fourth birthday all those years ago. We loved it, his cousins loved it, our son fell asleep. It was his first cinema experience. I wanted to take my grandson to see the remake for his first cinema experience, like father like son


  • Having young kids, and also having similar issues, i agree with this father.


  • Haha maybe they should have adults only screenings. I haven’t seen the remake but will check it out when it comes out on dvd.


  • That is funny… Although I do agree, I know far more adults that have gone to see this than children. Even my in laws (in their late 60s) were first in line to go watch it!


  • We took miss eight and master four both have autism at different levels .
    Both enjoy as did the rest of the family .
    We found nothing scary about the movie .
    Yes some animals looking frightening but they do at the zoo also .
    Yes a lion dies but that’s is part of life .
    Turn we are the same grand parents that took the same kids to see Disney On Ice .
    And when asked if the princess where really from Disney land the answer was yes .
    Is that the real Mickey and Minnie yes was the answer .
    Where are the seven dwarfs . Oh someone has too look after Disney land .
    We all raise our children different.
    Over heard a parent tell their little one no .
    They are people dressed up .
    Then say to us it’s wrong to fill their heads with nonsense.
    Oh so your child dies not believe in Santa ,tooth fairy , Easter bunny , of course they do .
    Have a great day .


  • That is gold. Looks like they should maybe do some Adult Only viewing sessions lol :)


  • My first thought was that there was something rude or frightening in the movie. When I read that it was because he wanted to see it without kids around I thought it was hilarious. Maybe they need to have a time when there are no children allowed.


  • Haha, too funny. And I get it. I’ve waited for school to go back and I will be going on my own on a Tuesday during school hours when it’s quiet.


  • No I have not seen it yet.


  • Lol I’m totally with him on this! Unfortunately my parents are paying for the kids to go so I have to take them!


  • Why not! Everyone deserves a bit of me time!


  • Haha, good on him. I’m sure if he went to the 9pm sessions there would be very few kids present.


  • I’ve never seen the original, I gave my daughter the choice and she went for Toy Story as she thought the Lion King would be too scary


  • I’ve not seen it but my husband did with our kids (except the youngest). He’s not much into this type of movie him self and did it purely for the kids. Nothing wrong with being a bit selfish at times like the dad in this article ;)


  • I Have not seen it as yet but a friend of mine told me it was great .


  • Haha I love this. I am totally with him though. The lion king is our generations film! I am busting to see it but so sad to see so many bad reviews!!


  • I see where he is coming from, and I can see it’s a bit of a joke. If I were to see it at the cinema I would be going to a late session and without my kids. The lion king is my fave movie and I’d love to see it without interruptions but that’s what a bluray at home, when the kids are in bed, is for!


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