On the weekend I took my toddler for her first ever haircut. As I picked up a lock of her baby hair to keep for safe keeping I thought back to all the firsts she had gone through.

People always talk about first steps or first word, but there are many others…

The first time baby sleeps through the night

Note, the BABY will sleep through the night. You? You will wake at 3am in a panic.

Something must be wrong! You lie in bed, contemplating whether to go and check on them but here’s the dilemma. If you do check on them you’ll wake them up, and it will take an age to get them back to sleep. If you don’t check on them you’ll lie awake in worry all night.

And, if you’re breastfeeding, you will then realise your boobs are about to burst so you’ll have to get up to ‘release’ them anyway. Oh, and now you need to pee. Typical.

The first trip to the supermarket

You’ve got both yourself and your baby dressed. You have a grocery list! You’ve even remembered your green reusable shopping bags.

You are feeling pretty damn pleased with yourself.

Until you get to the supermarket and realise you’ve brought your baby in the pram. There’s no way you can also push a trolley so you grab a hand basket and fill it up with the bare essentials, resigning yourself to the fact that you’re going to have to shop every day if you do it like this. It’s time to get into online grocery delivery.

Your first night away from baby

Chances are it’s going to be for a pretty big occasion like a wedding, anniversary or because someone has volunteered(!) to mind them overnight.

It’ll be fun, you say. I get to feel ‘normal’ again, you tell yourself.

Then you’ll spend half the night checking your phone to see if the sitter has called, or have a couple of drinks and end up crying because you miss your child so much.

The first time you realise you didn’t think about them

You’ve got a few hours to yourself, you’re ticking off the errands on your list, you’re getting things done at the office, perhaps you even met a friend for a coffee or had your hair cut for the first time in sixteen months.

Amazing! Now 3,2,1…. There it is. The blind panic when you break concentration from what you’re doing and suddenly think ‘Where is my child?’ It’s okay, you did drop them at daycare, I promise.

The first time YOU have to do something embarrassing for them

There’s a fine line between having a boogie with your child at the weekly community run music class and them demanding you dance with them at Carols by Candlelight.

Or when they desperately want their face painted but only if you have yours done too.

Which is fine… until you run into your boss or ex half an hour later.

The first time THEY embarrass you in public

It might be their first tantrum in the shopping mall, pointing out someone’s disability, weight, hair colour or dress sense. Or a good old fashioned bout of public urination.

One way or another, by about the age of two your child will do mortifying things that you thought only happened in the movies.

What firsts stick in your mind? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • I have been logging all his firsts on an app on my phone but I must get it all put into hard copy because I never want to forget & it’s crazy how quickly things can disappear from your memory


  • I have a little book that I write it all down in. I don’t want to forget it all as time goes by!


  • I wrote things down I didn’t want to forget. Such a wonderful time in life and it goes so quickly


  • I didn’t want to forget a single thing so I wrote it all down to look back on. I thought maybe when she is older she will be interested to know these things too especially if she has children of her own. I was very intrigued about my milestones as a baby and my partners but our mums didn’t remember too much of it, so I am glad I have everything for my kids.


  • I do remember a lot of their firsts, all the big main ones anyway. Not all those listed in this article though, first trolley ride?!


  • I remember a lot more with my first than my second…oops.


  • I wrote most things down in his baby book, but now as hes getting older (2) I dont seem to write down as much in his books


  • We haven’t had any tantrums yet as our baby girl is only 10 months, but have had plenty of baby’s firsts. I will always remember when she said “dada” for the first time. Now everything and everyone is dada and mama is just not happening:)!


  • I only wrote the firsts down from my youngest because she was so delayed. From the others I remember somethings out of my head.


  • I have a baby book with all of their firsts and an email I sent to myself just in case


  • I wish I was more organised and write down firsts in my kids baby books but unfortunately most pages are blank. Guess at least I was lucky enough to be living in the moment


  • I remember a few from my daughter (1st born) and a few from my son :)


  • I remember alot more first from my first child than my second.


  • I have a book where I write all of my sons firsts down. The one that sticks in my mind is his first hair cut… he was only 12 weeks old! He was the youngest the hairdresser had ever done. He is 21 months now and he has had 11!!


  • It was easier with the first one but when you have two or more and they compete for attention and life gets busy the ‘firsts’ for the subsequent children are harder to remember in my opinion


  • Wow, no I don’t remember all these firsts. I remember the regular first tooth, first step, first solids etc


  • I’m not so good in remembering firsts, but I did write some of their funny sayings down.
    One of those embarrassing moments was when my daughter, seeing a lady in the supermarket wearing a niqāb, asked out loud why she was dressed up like a ghost !


  • Not my child but my nephew we were minding. My sister had recently had her car stolen. My brother-in-law found out there was a device you could fit that had a switch you could hide that “cut off” the fuel to your motor and it wouldn’t start. We were walking across a large supermarket carpark and Master…..said at the top of his voice….”my Daddy put a special switch on your car so nobody can steal it”.


  • I literally could have written this article myself. Really brought a smile to my face!


  • The wobbly first steps – exciting, funny & scary at the same time.


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