May 3, 2023


Inquisitive, playful and social butterflies, Gemini babies are a bundle of absolute joy!

Astrologer Debra Underwood is sharing her extensive knowledge and insights into the characteristics of children born under each star sign. She explores their personality traits, how to help them spark joy, and ways that we can help and challenge our little stars.

Want to tune into the energies of the children in your world, and discover something new as you Explore their Sun? Join me each month as we follow the Sun’s loop of the Zodiac. As with Taurus Sun Child last month, this month, we explore the characteristics of the Gemini Sun Child.

Gemini Sun Child

Astrology Signs (1)

Gemini Sun Sign dates for 2023 (May 21st – 22nd June)

As a curious parent, it’s important to know that the dates and times of each Sun Sign can vary slightly from year to year. If your child is born on, or close to these dates, a Birth Chart can accurately decipher their true Sun Sign. The time and location are also valuable details. For example: The Sun moves into Gemini close to 8pm on 21st May, 2023, Sydney, Australia time and stays there until approximately 1am, June 22nd. Birth Charts are coloured with vibrational influences and angles that add flavour to your Child’s Sun Sign expression.

It’s also interesting to note that each Sun Sign has its own Symbol, Element and Ruling Planet.

They synergise and flow through your child’s character. Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac, so let’s begin by delving into the energies and personality traits of the Gemini Sun Child, followed by helpful tips to guide, support and spark their joy.

Gemini Sun Child Symbol: The Twins

In astrology, the symbols are representative of the energy and characteristics of each of the twelve signs, which mostly derive from Ancient Greece, Rome, and as far back as Babylonian times. The Gemini Sun Child’s symbol is

The Celestial Twins. Their two lines join together to signify the expression of the dual nature of things. Doubling themselves due to their many interests and their innate ability to do two things at once!

The Twins are known for their; Social rapport and exchange, Intrinsic impartiality, Playful agility, Quick mobility, and a knack for talking and listening at the same time. Multitasking is a given as long as it’s stimulating, assorted and thought provoking.

Does your Gemini Sun Child’s nature align with the qualities of The Twins?

Gemini Sun Child Element: Air

Interestingly, Fire, Earth, Air and Water are known as the four elements in astrology. Each element belongs to three of the twelve zodiac signs.

The four elements relate to different aspects of the self and Air is “life approached through the mind and communication”. The nature of air is expansion. As the element for Gemini, Air is expressed through ideas, thoughts, and the ability and interest in communicative exchange with others.

Gemini shares the element of Air with Libra and Aquarius. The three signs possess individual qualities based around the element of Air, and when grouped together have a common thread of compatibility within the zodiac.

Juggling friendship groups, with much to chatter about, there’s generally a cerebral buzz around children with strong Air compatibility. They find a connection through meaningful, spirited conversation, comparing each other’s novel concepts and ideals, and airing their views. Tune into their natter and you may discover them laughing at the same jokes and speaking a new language they’ve created all of their own!

Do you see the qualities of the Air element fizzing in your Gemini Sun Child?

Gemini Sun Child Ruling Planet: Mercury

Over time, each sign has been allocated a Ruling Planet. From an astrological perspective, the zodiac signs and  planets in the Solar System were matched up, largely based on their thematic relationship to one another. It’s interesting to note that as you foster your Gemini Sun Child’s radiance, Mercury sets off the synapses!

As an extra layer of insight to your Gemini Sun Child, Mercury is close to the Sun, so its rotation is rapid and energetic with a sensitivity to its immediate environment. The Archetype of Mercury is The Messenger, therefore it moves nimbly, with intellectual curiosity, to process and pass on factual information, with the occasional dash of mischief! Is your Gemini Sun Child a trickster?

When tuning into the dynamic of Mercury and how it may stimulate your Gemini Sun Child’s personality, consider these phrases; Urged to express their perception and intelligence through prose. Transporting ideas and transmitting information to and from the brain. Much like little satellites they are super keen to understand and compute. Be sure to adopt a stealth approach and alert siblings lol if you don’t want them to pick up the code!

Have you noticed your Gemini Sun Child loves to absorb tidbits of brain intel from a variety of sources? If so, they’re plugged into their Sun Sign, sitting in the pocket of their Ruling Planet Mercury, with fidget spinner in hand!

Gemini Sun Child Personality


By now, you’re sure to have gained a true sense of your Gemini Sun Child’s energy. As their Sun Sign is their life force and expression, enjoy this list of character traits that may ring true as you see your Gemini Sun Child at their most luminous.

  • Inquisitive
  • Wordsmith
  • Crave variety
  • The messenger
  • Loves to chatter
  • Social butterflies
  • Agile and nimble
  • Alert darting eyes
  • Vivacious and youthful
  • Playful and quick witted
  • Friendly and very bright
  • Versatile and fluctuating
  • Rarely have a hidden agenda
  • Taking data in and sending it out again
  • Needs to establish a connection with others through communication
  • Learn as much as they can through immediate perception, and different perspectives in order to comprehend

Any light bulb moments?

Phew. All that engagement makes me tap on double shot espresso stat!

How To Spark Joy In Your Gemini Child

Enjoy taking in these Hot tips for the healthy expression of their life force.

  • See them light up as you open the diary to plan an assortment of social engagements together.
  • Bask in their brightest light with a walk through the neighbourhood. Say hello to the postman or shopkeepers along the way…but don’t stop for too long!
  • Channel their Air with activities that connect to others. Letter writing, posting a poem, party invite letter box drops, phone calls and of course messaging!
  • Be the instigator of luminous laughter as you watch a silly cartoon montage together. Gemini’s are great mimics and they may even be inspired to create their own cartoons.
  • Ignite their mind with a mixed bag of games like kids trivia, scrabble, fun facts cards and guess who? They’re adept at technology but mind, body games keep them on their toes too.
  • Enlighten their true happiness with plenty of time for chatter and the exchange of ideas. (Seems like a no brainer but our busy lives sometimes forget this).
  • Fill their happiness cup book shopping, exploring the local library for interesting finds, or wizzing into gadget central. The newsagent is also a buzz if you can find one!
  • See them shine as they dress themselves in a matching ensemble with a thematic or gimmicky edge. They are usually great at balancing the perfect mix of colour and style. Once they grow out of onesies that is!
Did you know that in Astrology, from the day you are born, your life force, energy and expression is largely determined by the Sun’s position in the Zodiac? The Sun represents life and illuminates the world around us. It is the largest star in the Solar System, and its energy vibrates and adorns you with the flavours and characteristics of the Sign you were born under.
Your Sun Sign, also known as your Star Sign, represents your core personality, and how you shine through life. It’s where you are at your most luminous. From an earthbound perspective, the Sun takes one year to complete a circuit of the Zodiac, and spends approximately four weeks in each of the twelve signs.

Gemini Sun Child Mum Inspiration

A few extra tricks up your sleeve as you look to the Sun for a Super Mum boost!

Uplift your Gemini Sun Child’s confidence by championing their knowledge and embolden them to air their views.

Inspire your Gemini Sun Child to free up their minds a little through movement. Their abundance of nervous energy can make everyone else jumpy, so it’s important to find an active outlet for them to enjoy.

Support your Gemini Sun Child’s natural instinct to try to understand many perspectives, with all the facts and figures. When the penny drops, it drops!

Spark the immediate attention of your Gemini Sun Child with a quick delivery. However, they’ve probably already heard you coming, and the plans you’ve made!!

Stimulate your Gemini Sun Child’s spirit with life variety. They hate to be cooped up, so moving outside of their usual space is important.

Guide your Gemini Sun Child in measuring the information they share, as Mercury’s cheeky influence can be strong!

Encourage and allow for recharge time. Sometimes their innate duality can be falsely misrepresented. Their antennas are always buzzing and they need space to live into their quieter dual nature for restoration.

Gemini Sun Child Playlist

Telephone – Lady Gaga ft.Beyoncé
Message in a Bottle – The Police
Freestyler – Bomfunk MC’s
Call Me Maybe – Carly Rae Jepsen
Can’t Hold Us - Macklemore ft.Ryan Lewis

Gemini Sun Child Quote:

“They will either say what they are thinking, or say nothing at all” – Anonymous

Shine Bright, Gemini Sun Child

As your Gemini Sun Child grows, watch their social skills flourish, and their knowledge expand, as they learn to relax into their own perceptions and insights. Follow their lead and keep listening, learning and socialising. And as your child’s greatest mentor, equipped with the added point of view of their Sun Sign, you can light the pathway to their true happiness potential and trajectory of spirit!

I look forward to you joining me next month as we continue our loop around the zodiac, exploring Cancer Sun Child.

Love and abundant sunshine, Debra✨


Debra is a Certified Modern Astrologer from Sydney, Australia, specialising in children’s birth charts. An astrological messenger, Debra offers interpretive pathways, and positive insight into your child’s abundant, evolving growth potential. Debra’s heart space finds joy, wonderment and enrichment from the unguarded, natural expression of children. Being a mum further ignites her innate desire to champion the unique qualities, and astrological signatures of the precious little gems in our lives.

Debra’s lifelong connection to Astrology, finds her invested in sharing the deep and significant awakening a reading can bring. Drawing on her vast observations and years of tuition, she guides you in celebrating and supporting your child’s individuality and luminosity. It’s intrinsic to know your child, and to add a sprinkle of stardust can be enlightening. Connect with Debra at Mini Signet.

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