“Have it all” means different things to different people.

To me, it means being able to look at your life and not wish for an alternate one; to have achieved (or be achieving) all of the goals you set for yourself.

My life is not perfect, and it has not been all rainbows and sunshine.

But if I were to do a stocktake of everything I ever wanted vs everything I have, it’s all here, right now: the happy marriage, 2.4 kids, house I always wanted and a business I love.

Of course I still have a million goals I want to achieve (mummy-tummy…you’re next!), but I can honestly say that the life I dreamt of is the life I am living.

I was reflecting on this last night as I cheered my 3 year old daughter on while she attempted to expel a “monster poo” (did I say perfect life?) and I realised that there are five specific things that have been essential along the way:

1)  Know what you want.

What does “having it all” mean to you? What does your ideal life look like?

Sometimes life throws us curve-balls and we have to adjust our perception of “ideal”, but from where you are now to where you want to be – what’s missing?

Before you can create the perfect life, you need to know what it looks like for you.

Know it. And then focus on it.


2)  Use picture boards.

I know this sounds like a bunch of hogwash, but I swear by it.

Five years ago, I created my first picture board. I put it in a plastic sleeve inside my bedside table drawer and didn’t look at it for three years until I was moving house.

When I did look at it, I found that more than half of what I had put on there had mysteriously found its way into my life.

From a pretty wallet and a nice car, to a wedding day and a baby girl. I was freaked out.

So, I got back on my computer and created a new picture board of everything new that I wanted. Two years later I know what’s on there, and again, already half has eventuated.

Try it for yourself…

Open a word document, copy and paste pictures from the Internet of exactly what you want in life (or do a scrapbooking version if you are the crafty kind!), put it in a drawer and then go and live your life.

In three years you may find yourself freaking out too!

3) Have a great routine.

Every moment of my day is planned, to allow me to achieve the personal and business goals I set for myself.

I wake up and jump straight on the computer and work for two hours. Then I spend my mornings playing with the kids, cleaning or going out. At lunch I spend two to three hours on work, while my little one sleeps and my daughter watches a movie. Then I spend the afternoon with them before a strict bath/story/dinner/bed by 7pm routine. After my husband and I eat, it’s back to work for two hours before spending time with my husband and heading to bed at 10:30pm.

Whatever goal you have, you have to make time for it.

I have a goal to get fit, but I don’t have a 40 minute window in my day that I allocate to getting fit. I count jumping around in the lounge room to “Say Geronimo” with my kids as my daily exercise. If I were serious about the goal, I’d schedule that 40 minutes at the same time everyday, and then come hell or high water I would be doing it.

Make time for your career/business, make time for your kids, make time for your husband, make time for yourself and your health.

We all get the same amount of time to achieve our goals. Use every second wisely.


4)  Give it time.

I’ve noticed a pattern in people’s lives.

They talk about something they want, and then three years later they have it. I see it all the time. It’s like the universe has a pre-determined time period to give you what you want; which is just enough time to test you and see whether you really want it!

If you have a goal, work towards it every day. But then, be prepared to give it time to come through for you.

What you do today will change your life tomorrow.


5) Have a “can do” attitude.

People who dwell, or whinge, are boring. My Mum used to say that to me as an eight year old when I lay whinging on the kitchen floor. “Oh how boring,” she’d say as she walked away.

I didn’t like it then, but I understand it now.

People who dwell on the bad stuff, or constantly whinge about the hard stuff, are just boring.

They don’t take responsibility for their own lives, and their ability to improve their lives by changing their attitude (and their routine).

If you want to achieve something, be confident that you can achieve it. And even if you find out that you can’t, find another option just as fulfilling and go after that.

Getting out there, connecting with people and changing lives, is much better than laying on the kitchen floor whinging.

What about you? What would it take for you to have it all? Are you confident in your ability to achieve it?

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  • I like the idea of a picture board, I really must try it.


  • being happy is very important too, or have a positive attitude towards life, that way everything seems better already.


  • I think all starts at home.If you are happy as a family you can achieve everything you want.


  • looks great


  • I don’t know that we can have it all at the one time. I believe over time, we can have had it all. I am pretty close though – I am a Mother to a teenage son, I work three days a week so have spending money whilst also contributing to the household, am working on exercise and take yoga for myself once a week. It is a work in progress, something I work towards.


  • If only everybody where happy with all they have, others have no-one and nothing and not by choice.

    • It’s hard when life throws us curve balls, and I definitely understand that some curve balls are a lot worse than others :-( .

      I just hope that these people can find peace in their hearts and look to the future for what they can make out of it.


  • Thank you for sharing these great tips they are very useful


  • Im starting to get there….I had my long dreamed of trip to visit my adopted family in the US last year and im going again this year. My kids are grown and I only have one at home now…well…actually 3 but 2 have just moved in temporarily. Once I have grandkids….im sure then i will feel like i have it all.

    • I know my Mum felt like that too when I asked her (before having kids) if she felt like anything was missing from her life.

      Now she has two so I’m sure she’d be able to say she has it all too :-)

      I’m sure grandkids will happen one day soon, and I hope you have a wonderful visit overseas!


  • Great inspirational article makes me realise that I have it all too.


  • yep being positive is so important! i really believe that


  • Two sayings that make so much sense :

    Health is better than wealth.

    When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.


    • I love that saying…it’s so true that when life changes we can change our heart about where we are going and be happy moving forward in a new direction


  • I am going to start my own picture board today and look at it in a few years time and see how it has gone. I have been thinking of doing it for some time now but keep putting it off but today is the day.

    • I wish you all the best with it :-)

      The results have always shocked me!


  • Definitely know what you want and not what anyone else wants for you or tells you to do. It is your life and your choice. Keep it in your mind at all times and it makes what you want as easy as breathing!

    • Great advice!

      • Thank you! And a big thanks for writing this article as it is important information for Mom’s community members. Also; I love picture boards too. I agree with you; they do work! :)

      • LOL – here’s to our futures in picture boarding!

        And thank you for your kind comments :-)


  • i have not heard of a picture wall before. i will have to try it!


  • Having it all I believe is being content and appreciative for what we have, I consider that I had it all, healthy children, great partner who managed my business, lovely home, a successful career, financially secure, we ate out at least 3 to 4 times a week, we had a new car at least every 12 mnths, then I got sick, hindsight is a wonderful thing and I was probably ailing for sometime but kept on going, I went to work one day and the next I collapsed, spent months in hospital and rehab, I have been unable to work since and after a couple of years we sold my business as well which was my baby but my husband sort of like took it over so I went back to my original job, suited us both well as he could run it part time and do the school pick ups, and when I got ill he had to run the business as well as follow me thru lots of treatment and is still looking after me, he is now my full time carer, so I consider that although life has thrown a huge curve ball, my kids are now adults, I have a wonderful husband who cares for me, showers me, dresses me, and takes me out everyday for coffee, whilst this would not be everyones ideal having it all, for me I am grateful to be alive and to be loved and cared for in my home, so being thankful for what we have is all we need to have it all.

    • What a truly inspirational story.

      After I wrote this article I considered that I had left out one very important point…know when you have it all!

      There’s no use going through life waiting to “have it all” if you never take a moment to look around and think, “hey, I actually have it all!”

      Your attitude should be an inspiration to people everywhere, that when life throws a curve ball, you can still understand that you have it all – even if having it all looks different to what you thought it would be.

      Thanks for sharing xx


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