One mum has decided that why should there only be a national breastfeeding week? Why not have national formula week too?

Mum of two, Jennifer Schepers, has taken to Facebook to share some love for those mums that simply couldn’t breastfeed no matter how much they tried.

“I am dubbing this week National Formula Feeding Week. Last week, National Breastfeeding Week posts flooded my feed. Breastfeeding should be celebrated, discussed, and supported. Breastfeeding is a full time job. It hurts. It’s hard. Time consuming. However, there is SO much support for Breastfeeding moms. Lactation consultants, GBMC has a lactation consultant warm line, thousands of FB groups, Breastfeeding Meet Ups…you get the point.

“For formula? Zilch. Here! Take this RTF bottle! Bye! How much do they need? Is this the best formula for my baby? What is the difference between Sensitive and normal formula? Are generics the same? What if my baby is Milk Protein sensitive? So many questions, zero support.

“I tried like Hell to breastfeed Lily. Chained myself to the pump due to a poor latch, an overall dislike for the entire experience, and well, my need for control. I pumped and pumped. My child was sleeping through the night, yet here I was, pumping.

“I never believed the whole breastmilk is nectar and formula is poison rhetoric until a day at Dunkin Donuts. Lily was hungry so I took my pumped milk already in a bottle out and proceeded to feed her. A stranger came up to me and told me (thinking the bottle was Formula) “You know that’s really bad for your baby right?”

“I was shocked. Floored. Here I was, feeding her, bonding, yet this bitty had to shame me because she thought it was Formula.

“Breastfeeding quickly sent me into a downward spiral of Postpartum Anxiety. I kept it to myself because, well, shame. And I have this new baby and I should be glowing and happy and thankful. Should should should. Internally, I was a mess. Externally, keeping it together. All because society says “breast is best”, “Formula Moms are lazy”, “Breastfed babies are healthier, smarter, etc”. It crushed me. I hated that I hated it. I hated that pump.

“I switched her to Formula after a horrible bout with Mastitis. What was the point of this if I couldn’t love my baby? Myself?

“With Connor, I decided to be smart. Take it a day at a time. I knew early on that something was wrong. Reflux. After 4 formulas we landed on one that kept him healthy, fed, and the spit up to a minimum.

“Breastfeeding moms? You rock. You are strong. But us formula moms are pretty bad ass too. We are bonded to our babies. Our babies are loved. They are healthy. We are not lazy. We just know what our babies, and honestly, what WE need to thrive as mothers.

“Whether you chose formula, or due to your body, formula chose you, you are enough. You are doing amazingly. Your baby loves you.

“So, to you Formula Feeding Moms, keep it up. Feed those babies.”

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  • Good for her.
    As long as your child is thriving then you are doing the right thing in how ever you choose to feed your child.


  • I mix-fed my babies, and when I needed help or advice about the types of formula for my babes there was heaps of help and support out there. A lot of the dads at my husbands work were full of advice about which brands to use and why. If I had any further questions there was always the chemist or the doctor. Bottle feeding can be just as hard, especially when you have ignorant, “well meaning” strangers come up to you to belittle you. I think a lot of people out there have lost sight of what is MOST important, babies being fed! And all feeding should be celebrated


  • The woman who “mouthed off” had no idea what substance was in that bottle.
    Many Mums pump milk, put it into bottles and use it while out and about.


  • I agree. Not every Mum is able to breastfeed so why should we be chastised because we can’t. As long as our child is healthy that is all that matters.


  • Good on you Jennifer. Not everyone CAN breastfeed for any number of reasons and we should not be made to feel less of a Mum or that we’re harming our babies. My son is a strong and strapping 17 year old who was formula fed from about day 4 — he was starving, so this was the alternative. He then thrived, whilst I spiralled into PND. There needs to be more sympathy, education, awareness and care around formula feeding so I love your idea.


  • Love the honesty! As a breastfeeding mum I’m pretty sure I’m the lazy one! No bottles to clean, no having to find the right formula and go to the shops, and figuring out if bubs is getting the right amount. Whoever said bottle feeding mums are LAZY probably needs a reality check. I think as long as mum is doing the best for baby then there is no need to judge.


  • Seriously this lady who told her that bottle feeding is bad !! Come on, I could gladly punch her in her nose. Sorry, that’s not normally me, but really ??!!


  • love it!!!!


  • Good on her! And how wrong of people to judge someone feeding their child milk. I’ve had my own bf battles and formula is what has made my children thrive – thank goodness there are healthy options for our precious bubs. No mum should be judged when their child is nourished and cared for.


  • Fed is best


  • You go girl I too could not breastfeeding after trying everything imaginable and I mean everything.. before passing judgment let’s all be kinder to each other as mums and women.. wonderful idea

    • I agree – mums need to be kinder to each other and support each other too.


  • You go mama. ‘Say it loud, say it proud’ ????


  • regardless of your personal beliefs you shouldn’t be telling people what to do. For all she knew the bottle feeding mother could have wanted to breastfeed but couldn’t.


  • I am actually stunned that another woman had the audacity to walk over and tell her that bottle feeding was bad for baby. Simply so rude with no manners! Surely it is bad to be so rude when it is none of their business!


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