Mum called the police on her three-year-old son for misbehaving after he ran away from home.

Sandy Gribble, from New Zealand’s Auckland, said she decided to send her toddler son Lachie to his bedroom for being naughty.

But when she returned to his room to check up on him, the horrified mother realised he was missing after he climbed out of the window, shares Daily Mail.

‘Our lovely firstborn woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning and decided to test every. single. boundary known to mankind,’ the mother said on Facebook.

‘Punishment was no swimming lesson and time out to reset himself. Before you go ahead and judge me as you’ll be thinking that’s a bit harsh he’s only three.

‘Yes he is only three, but the kid is gifted, he’s an out of the box character and he can’t be underestimated. Ever.’

I’m not your friend anymore!

When the mother noticed her toddler had escaped, she raced out of the home in just a shirt and underwear.

‘Running down the road (can’t believe I can actually run), the sheer relief that he is unhurt and not been mowed down by a car,’ she said.

‘Not the walk of shame I’d ever imagine doing in my life cause I just realise only wearing my t-shirt and underwear.’

When she found her little boy, he started screaming at his mother as their nearby neighbours watched on.

‘Naturally he’s still peeved off at the whole situation so starts to berating me with screams and toddler obscenities: “YOU POO MUM YOU GIANT POO I’M NOT YOUR FRIEEEEEEND ANYMORE”,’ she said.

‘Awesome thanks kid, now all the neighbors have come out to view the s*** show and I love it how you have kept the performance up while everyone judges me for being the worst mum ever.’

That’s it! I am calling the Police…

Wanting to teach her son a lesson, she called her local police station for help in an effort to prevent her child from running away from home again.

‘I called the police station. I spoke to Lisa, who laughed and told me it was quiet and to bring him in,’ she said.

And so the family paid a visit to the station where police officers explained to little Lachie about road safety and why he should never run away again.

‘After all this, he bloody got it! It has actually sunk into his 1216 day old brain that roads are not built for toddlers and half naked mum and that he should have listened,’ the mother added.

She said she will be installing locks to her son’s bedroom window as advised by police.

Would you do this to your toddler to teach them an important lesson?

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  • I know a child about 7 y.o. who suddenly decided to pick up the “hammer” you tenderise meat with and hit her Mum on her arm. She thought it might be broken so she went to the family Dr. The Dad stayed out in the waiting room with the children. The Dr. called the girl in and gave her a good talking to, including the fact that she could have broken her Mum’s arm and that she wouldn’t have been able to cook her food. She never did that again but a couple of years later she started stealing things, including a vase off the teacher’s desk. After the school incident they called the Police and asked if they took her down to the Police Station was there an officer there who would talk to her about the fact is was the wrong thing to do and what would happened if she did it again and somebody called the Police to go and collect her.


  • Three year olds are a nightmare!


  • She didn’t so much call th police on him as ask them to help. And yes, I’d do this. It’s jst a personalised Kenny Koala lesson, really…


  • A good idea so long as it doesn’t take away from other police work.


  • Wow, that the police took time for this (while the wee boy didn’t even break the law) ! Good that they’re open for such things.
    My 8 year old has a reactive attachment disorder with symptoms as compulsive stealing (daily), lying and destroying items. We’ve been on the point already that we thought about calling the police, to see if they could explain her some things, but so far haven’t done it. Trouble in her case is that you want to give as little as possible (negative) attention to her behaviour and stay as neutral as possible. But sometimes i fear that if she doesn’t change her behaviour she’ll end up in juvenile system.


  • The poor mum! Good on the police for community work during a quiet time. Good on mum for going to the police station and for everyone educating her child. A wonderful and happy outcome for everyone.


  • Yes that is a good idea, my Dad actually did this to me when I was little. Not from running away but from being naughty and I never did the naughty thing again. It does sink into their heads as it did mine.

    • Good to read about another story of this working. Positive police stories are needed and show their work is in helping the community too. Glad the lesson stayed with you when you were little and beyond.


  • I didn’t think the police would have time to do this,good on them!


  • It was amazing that the police officer listened to the woman and wanted to help her out. A great sense of community. And if the little boy now understands, it’s just great. :-)


  • Before reading the whole story, I was thinking it was a waste of already undermanned police force, then I realised they went into the station, good outcome, whatever works for ya ay lol


  • personally I think that was a great outcome and little Lachie has learnt a good lesson by taking to the police , when one of my brothers was about 8 I think he took some money out of mums purse so she took him to the police station and they told him had to be locked in the cell for an hour it was so scary for all of us and he never stole again so I think its a great idea getting the police involved


  • I don’t think I could justify wasting their time in this way …..


  • Great community work from the Police. Hopefully the little fella listens to his Mum and doesn’t run away again.


  • There might have been better ways to handle this, but at least little Lachie learned a lesson.


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