Mum defends her decision to breastfeed her baby during sex.

Last year we shared the story of vlogger, Tasha Maile, who like all mums just wants the best for her babies and believes that breast really is best when it comes to feeding. Her youtube channel is full of advice on breastfeeding.

She encourages other mothers who also want to breastfeed to find support from similar women, and attend groups where they can discuss their decisions with like-minded people.


Tasha questions why sex is so taboo and admits to having sex while breastfeeding her son. She says we should enjoy it, “enjoy yourself.  None of us would be here without sex. There is nothing wrong with it at all.”

Many people who have read this story, and others floating around the net accused Tasha of incest, and claim she is sexualising breastfeeding in a way that is totally not natural.

Comments at the time included -

“She wants viewers to believe this is a natural mother and child bonding while breastfeeding. However from the start this doesn’t appear to be natural but incestuous.”

“Breastfeeding is a natural, beautiful extension of the mother and child bonding. However this woman’s exhibitionism certainly takes away from the wonderful bonding between mother and child.”

One mum said, “Pooping is a natural thing… But I’m not going to shit and feed my baby at the same time… Sorry draw a line. Meal time is meal time. Sexy time is sexy time.”

“Having sex in front of your child is Not natural”

Some comments argued that DHS should be called as it is in fact very illegal.

“Illegal to let a child watch porn, but not illegal to have sex while a child is attached to you?? What is wrong with this world.”

“That has to be sexual abuse of some kind! There no way I could get aroused with my son anywhere near me.”

“This is why people get all squeamish about breastfeeding. Idiots like this who cross the line between natural and just sick. Having sex whilst holding your child is so wrong no matter their age.”

One comment pointed out,  “I think she just gets off filming herself breast feeding.”

Another point of discussion was twiddling – Tasha enourages mum to let their child twiddle with the other nipple while feeding as it is a great distraction for them and they feed better.  One commenter said, “Oh if your kids twiddle with your nipples let them! It distracts them into feeding while her child is fidgeting and focusing on the camera. No lady your kid is not distracted into feeding your kid wants to see what your doing so if you care out feeding your kid perhaps you need to switch off your camera and worry about actually feeding your kid instead of seeking attention. You are absolutely the wrong spokesperson for breastfeeding.”

Tasha argues that there is nothing perverted about breastfeeding at all. She reckons we all just need to loosen up! “Lighten up a bit.”

Tasha is STILL defending her choices

She recently spoke out to her critics telling those who are judging her to ‘get your panties out of a bunch’.

Tasha has clarified that her baby was sleeping at the time as he was ‘attached to me 24/7′, and urged people to stop judging her.

She said in her video: ‘Sex is a beautiful thing – I think we can all agree with that.’

She said her baby was ‘not involved’, but simply ‘there’.

‘If you actually listen to the video , my three-month-old would not allow me to put him down at all,’ she said.

‘[He was] attached to me 24/7.’

Tasha has said her child was sleeping at the time, and that it was time to put an end to judgment and shame.

‘Get your panties out of a bunch’.



Do you think this is purely just sexualising breastfeeding and is she being an “exhibitionist”?

Share your comments below.

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  • “She says we should enjoy it, “enjoy yourself. None of us would be here without sex. There is nothing wrong with it at all”…….

    uumm…. It is very true that none of us would be here without it and that there is nothing wrong with it……. BUT there is a time and a place. Stop twisting things to make you feel better about your decissions.


  • I guess it’s up to her, whatever makes her happy. But personally, I don’t think they go together. I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing both at the same time. I would feel wrong on so many levels.


  • This is just wrong! Both my babes were attached to me almost 24/7 and I can guarantee that I never got intimate whilst either of them were feeding! There’s a time and a place, and the 2 should never marry up! Feed ur baby, put him down (or invite someone over to hold him) and then be intimate in another room behind closed doors. There is seriously no need to breastfeed whilst having sex!


  • Different people think and feel different.
    Personally I don’t think these 2 should go together.


  • I also had to turn the video off if I see her whip her hair around one more time I would have thrown my phone! Very self absorbed in my opinion and sorry no use in trying to justify sex as a beautiful thing we all bloody know that but there is NO WAY I could be turned on with my child even present in the bed let alone attached to me! If you have to go without then tough titties that’s the choice you made when you had kids is that your needs no longer come first.


  • This would be classed as sexual abuse in Australia – any sexual act performed with a child present is. And I agree with the law, you don’t have kids present (asleep or not) whilst having sex, just no. Is she seriously saying she couldn’t get a minute away from her baby for months? No bathroom breaks solo? If so, then it sounds like she needs to earn how to settle her baby properly instead of being attached at the breast. My second bub is clingy as hell but I still make time to be alone when I need it. I’ve taught her to settle and sleep on her own – wasn’t easy, but its doable for her own sake.


  • To each their own.


  • This woman is disgusting in so many levels!!! How can she defend her actions when sex and breastfeeding do not go together at all!!


  • Each to their own, but sex and breastfeeding together I don’t agree with


  • I tried watching video and had to turn it off her child is talking to her and she does not even turn around to face him when she talks to him she is saying it into the camera with him standing next to her. She seems very self absorbed. Just going on and on – a waste of time listening.


  • Not for me, I prefer one on one time when BF my children.


  • nope that is gross and dangerous. i haven’t ever considered it and neither has hubby. how could you even get into the idea?


  • Ugh don’t even want to watch her videos – do we even need to know ? Why would she share it? Too much information thanks lady. Besides, who has the energy for that!!??!


  • I can’t bring myself to even view her videos. The second comment from a viewer in the article above pretty much summed up what my opinion would be of the scenario.


  • wow she is making a name for her self as a media sensation – who cares! I for one wouldn’t do it as I would be too afraid that my child could be injured or suffocated from bedding.

    I am a strong believer though of what goes on behind closed doors of a bedroom should remain behind closed doors – I guess she just publicised it for some sort of benefit to herself, although i can’t see what it could be?


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