This mum admits to using breastmilk in the brownies as she didn’t have time to get to the shop…

An anonymous mum has taken to Facebook to share her disbelief after coming under fire for selling breastmilk brownies at the school bake sale. After other mums found out about the unconventional ingredient, the mum says she was hit with a wave of criticism despite her insistence that it made absolutely no difference.

Advice Please

The mum said she wasn’t sure how to handle the situation.

“I need some advice,” she wrote. “I made brownies for my school bake sale that had breastmilk in them. I didn’t have time to run to the store and didn’t think it was a big deal (some of those kids could use the nutrition, let’s be honest). One of the mums found out and is blowing it way out of proportion. Idk what to do!”

While the mums call for advice seemed to fall on deaf ears, that didn’t stop thousands of comments flooding in within half an hour…

Just Not Ok

Responses to the post were divided, with most disgusted by the mum’s lack of consideration.

“Honestly this is actually near a criminal offence!” wrote one shocked commenter. “Secretly feeding children that aren’t yours baked goods with your bodily fluids in them is gross, shady and borderline psychotic.”

“So, I know we are all mammals…etc, but the smell of breastmilk seriously makes me yacky. The thought of breastmilk brownies made me throw up in my mouth a little,” said another.

Some of the comments were hilarious:

“Ummmm those other moms should THANK you. Don’t they know breast milk cures everything from cancer to anal warts, psoriasis, lumbago, sweat of limbs and stupidity. So, like, all the things that coconut oil and essential oils don’t cure. Pffffft. Ungrateful bitches,” said on comment.

“Oh my gosh, YES, the only way I can get my kids to drink breast milk is by slipping it into baked goods, breakfast cereal, etc. They’re in their 20s, so they’re not as receptive to latching on anymore, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to deprive them of Mommy’s precious nutrients,” said another tongue-in-cheek comment.


It seems parents were right to be concerned, with the US Food and Drug administration saying that unscreened breastmilk can pose serious health risks, including exposure to infectious diseases.

We think that whatever you choose to do when it comes to feeding your own kids is one thing, but using breastmilk in a bake sale contribution is completely unacceptable. Who knows what else is hiding inside those cookies and cakes!?

Do you think this mum was wrong to use breastmilk in her brownies? Let us know in the comments!

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  • So very wrong.
    But this is the risk you take as you never know what people have put in their baking.


  • I don’t think there’s ever a time where it’s OK to give anyone breastmilk to consume unknowingly. Don’t know how you could be surprised by people’s reactions.


  • Surely this was someone posting for attention?? They couldn’t have actually done it… right?? That’s the story I’m sticking with because the alternative is disgraceful.


  • Wow!
    I have used breastmilk in my cooking for
    my daughter when we introduced solids. I do however find this not acceptable when providing it in a bake sale. Everyone has their own values & beliefs and this is one.


  • Wrong thing to so in my opinion.


  • SO not ok, disease can be spread in breast milk as its a bodily fluid. She is lucky she isn’t being sued


  • I find that disgusting. How the hell did she even think that to be okay. It just shows she knew she was doing the wrong thing because she’s upset someone has dobbed her in.


  • Very wrong, she was making them for other people not herself or her family


  • Totally not on to provide these brownies to others!


  • I must admit I used my own breastmilk in cooking – for my own children. I would never feed it to anyone else. This is so wrong on so many levels. I really don’t believe it.


  • I would be very angry and upset if my child ate the brownie with her breast milk. I find it strange that she choose to use breastmilk rather than driving to the shop for proper milk. I’m sure the bake sale would have gone ahead with or with out her weirdo brownies.
    I think this lady has some mental issues that should be addressed and I hope the school band her from ever giving any food products to the school. At our school we are made to list every ingredient we use in the baked goods on paper so the school can check for things that may cause an allergic reaction. The school should be responsible too.


  • I guess that what you don’t know won’t hurt you. An outbreak of diarrhoea or something after eating them would have been interesting. It would not be my preference though and I don’t imagine I’d be happy about it.


  • I would have been upset to find that out. How do I know it was stored properly and that she wasn’t going to make every one sick. There are food regulations for a reason and to do this makes me think what else is she hiding and I would no longer trust her. Sad that she probably just lost all her school mum friends.


  • That is just revolting. I do not, under any circumstances want to consume someone else’s breast milk, no do I want my kids to-ESPECIALLY without my knowledge!


  • There are plenty of brownie recipes out that that don’t require milk. There are plenty of things she could have substituted milk for as well. This is a NOT ON in my books.


  • She was definitely wrong in using her breastmilk in the brownies for other people to eat. By all means do this for you and your family’s own consumption but not for people you don’t know. Maybe she should make sure she always has some UHT milk in her cupboard for when such emergencies occur.


  • This is not ok if it was not fully disclosed to other parents before kids ate this.


  • Usually you have to include ingredients in things when you sell them in a bake sale so I think it’s wrong to have not told people that she used breast milk

    • Yes she should have mention this in the ingredients

      • Yes, I’m calling BS. For any bake sale I’ve cooked for, we have to list the ingredients. And yes, you can substitute ingredients for milk – like yoghurt, cream, applesauce, oil – so I don’t believe this story at all. If it is true, she has problems. You can’t put allergens in a bake sale product without disclosing, and who is to know what this woman ate or didn’t eat before hand? Just no.


  • Breast milk is a personal thing and should not be used in items for sale at a kids bake sale. This has over stepped the mark and I can’t work out why the parent would think that it is ok that she did this?


  • If she didn’t disclose that there was breast milk in them, then that is wrong. She may not have a problem with it, but what she eats essentially goes into that milk. If she eats something that a child is allergic to, they can have a reaction.
    Cows milk (or any other milk available for sale) is processed in a certain way and everything is controlled (the animals environment, what they eat etc) for our safety, using breast milk may be fine for her kid, but it is extremely stupid and, quite frankly, a bit arrogant of her to think it would be fine for other people and their kids. Keep in mind, it isn’t just kids eating these brownies.


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