Mum suggests that school holidays should all become a thing of the past.

The user “SkaPunkPrincess” made her suggestion on parenting forum Mumsnet, where she asked parents, “Why we don’t just do away with [school holidays] entirely?”

“Run schools like a regular workplace in that they operate 52 weeks of the year,” the mother posted.

“Teachers and students to get four weeks allocated holiday allowance per year and parents can use this at their discretion.

“Staff would be able to be more flexible and they would have more time in the year to teach children at a more realistic pace.”

She then asked: “Am I missing why this isn’t a genius idea?”

You can guess that not many people were keen on the idea.

– “The kids would burn out, never mind the teachers.”

– “My kids are exhausted after a 9 week half term.”

– “It’s a terrible idea because children need time away from school to pursue their own interests, to develop socially, to rest and relax. Intensive year-round schooling would cause them to completely burn out and would deny them the opportunities to experience life outside of the school room.”

– “From a work perspective, I get it. But the kids are knackered at the end of each term/half term and we’re all greatful for the break. The break from the early mornings and the running round, and the costumes and the school admin, and the homework. And I don’t resent the teachers the same break at all.”

– “It’s a ridiculous idea. So, 30 children in one class all take their holidays at different times.

– “How does the teacher ensure that 30 different children catch up on parts of the curriculum they missed when they were away? Many more children if it’s secondary.”

I agree that kids would be totally exhausted!

What do you think? Would this work?

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  • Sadly this would not work at all. I work as a carer for special needs children and they are all starting to get super tired by the end of a 10 week term.
    Teachers put in a lot of hours during the holidays to prepare for the next term.

    Its not just school staff there is also the Bus drivers, school crossing people, etc.


  • Are employers going to expect their staff to work without a break/s at all too. If all parents have a break at the same time, there wouldn’t be enough accommodation (including camping) for people to have a break from their own 4 walls. Tourism would probably “die” leaving thousands unemployed seeking Govt. pensions. I’m sure the would be a lot more people suffering from Mental Health issues. Some older people who do heavy work simply wouldn’t be able to cope physically


  • Maybe this woman wants her freedom to do or not do what she pleases, not to consider the needs of a child. In other words they are an inconvenience to her. If that is the case she should have thought very carefully whether or not she should have a child, and if appropriate taken more than one step to avoid pregnancy. I would not like to be a daughter or for that matter a relative of that woman. I pity her patients if she is a nurse and any of them are children.


  • I haven\\\’t watched the video and don\\\’t intend on watching it l have a daughter and she is rougher than most boys even when she falls over there are no tears just l am alright mum and picks herself up and gets back to what she was doing these days boys are more sooky than girls


  • Make the Christmas holidays shorter would be good.They are too long.


  • I don’t agree, this would not work, I don’t think we need stressed out kids, adults and kids alike need a break so as not to effect their mental health. What a silly suggestion.


  • Ummm, because kids need a break from school. Just like as adults we need a break from work some times!! My son would be a mess if we didn’t have school holidays. As it is, I sometimes take him out for a mental health day. School holidays are a time to relax, wind down, regroup, and get ready for the next term.


  • I LOVE the school holidays, it’s a time for them to relax, hang out with us and do special things together. This woman is crazy. They need those holidays off school so much, they just get so tired by the end of the term.


  • Children are just that children ..they are not adults. Children need time to be children and I feel will burn out if pushed to this limit.


  • Kids need a break too! I understand it’s harder for parents but they need time to have fun.


  • Just have 4 weeks at Christmas parents cant afford to have 12 weeks of holidays off


  • The only way it could work is if kids only went to school half days especially for the little kids. I personally think kids go to school too much already, but then a lot of time is wasted at school too. As a homeschooler we never actually have holidays as such but keep time aside for outings, exercise, hobbies and relaxing.


  • Unless your children are home schooled this is not a very good idea.


  • Absolutely a bad idea. Kids need regular breaks. In particular if we want them to enjoy school and being keen on learning.

    • Yes breaks are good for children otherwise they would definitely hate school, if they don’t already. My eldest loves school but I think she wouldn’t if this was introduced.


  • I think all family members benefit from school holidays. Can’t see this pain ever coming to fruition


  • Even if this was a good idea there are so many issues with it, kids at different levels of class work because of taking different holidays, enforcing holidays so kids aren’t just not getting them at all and ensuring kids are getting the breadth of experiences they need that aren’t currently possible for a school to provide.

    • Exactly! it would be an administrative nightmare it scheduling and tracking and monitoring!


  • Nah, a silly idea. Life is not about school, family time and having regularly a break and focus on other things in life are most important.


  • Seriously!…..No! Children, teachers and parents all need a break. Not everything is taught at school and family and home and holidays are also for education and learning. Consistency is also important and it is not practical to take holidays randomly when you want throughout the year. Schools have schedules and testing and other activities. It is school and not work and work places have work agreements unlike children at school.


  • Does she even have schooled aged kids? They get so tired and need regular breaks. Plus also having a life and spending time with their families!


  • I love having school holidays with my kids, great way to break up the year and have a rest before resuming again for more school. I prefer the 4 terms as it is now.


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