A new mum fed up with her mother-in-law’s meddling ways is planning on leaving her husband, after his overbearing mum made their newborn sick by kissing him.

The 34-year-old mum says she and her 36-year-old husband have been married for five wonderful years, with the only negative being his mum. She says her mother-in-law has an emotional hold over her son, with years of incidents.

But the latest run-in was the final straw, with the new mum making plans to leave her husband due to his mother’s behaviour.

“We just had our baby boy three … yes THREE weeks ago and as you can imagine I am not in the space for company or her flippant comments about how I’m parenting,” the new mum explained.

So the couple asked all of their family, including the husband’s mother, not to visit until they felt their baby was ready.

“Myself and my husband have both told her we need at least two months to get acclimated and we don’t want our son to get sick and she will have to quarantine for at least a week before she can come over to see him. That may be a little much but he’s my first baby. After a week of badgering she seemed like she understood. She assured him.

“This leads me to Friday. She comes over unannounced with balloons, presents, along with my SIL, BIL, and her two friends who I don’t even know. I stood there in horror and shock as she darted towards my baby and kissed his face. I screamed at her and the family to get the hell out of my house.

“She called my husband crying and he got back yesterday and told ME that I needed to apologise and she’s just happy for the first boy grandchild. I’m actually crying while writing this because now he has a fever and my husband just doesn’t get it. This is the last straw.

“I told him he needs to tell her to back off or I’m done. He said I was overreacting and she was just excited. His siblings DID NOT know I didn’t give her permission and they called and apologised profusely. His mother feels like she’s being ganged up on.

“Yesterday I talked to him and I have come to the realisation that I care so much about my baby getting sick but HE doesn’t… I’m closing this chapter.

“I met with a good friend who is a lawyer and I’m getting all my ducks in order. My husband is calling and blowing up my phone. I blocked his mother because she was too. I can’t block him because he is the father of our child and he does have rights to see his son but I am done. He no longer has access to me, he’ll have to go through a mediator and only communication will be about our child. I’m heartbroken that five years are gone but the fire inside of my belly from this situation is making it better.”

The mum says she will still give her husband access to their son, and his mother will also get to see her grandchild, but it will have to be on her terms.

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  • My inlaws invited themselves to stay in our house when we had our babies. To say I was displeased is an understatement! I went through all of this! I didn’t want visitors for 2 weeks post birth, with our first my husband asked them to stay with one of his aunts. They did but still came and visited every single day! I had no chance to rest, heal, bond etc and it caused a lot of arguments between my husband and I. I feel for you, but your husband didn’t invite his mother into the house and hand her the baby. It’s terrible that your baby got sick and that he didn’t seem as upset about it as you are, but are you sure divorce is the correct answer here?


  • I’m so sorry you feel this way – unsupported, unheard. The weeks and months following birth are traumatic, emotional, hormonal, crazy, hectic — so many things. I hope you have some help and support from some other family members to help you through this and also suggest seeking professional help. When things calm down, you might feel differently. Clearly high emotions are at play, and the hubby and MIL need to also understand that and to give you some space. All the best.


  • That seems excessive but okay each to their own i guess.


  • Look hun, first believe me I understand, you see my mil was ex mother in law was the wicked witch of Australia, I was still in the delivery room just had my son he was minutes old and she grabbed him and nearly dropped him on the floor, I was in shock, said to my husband at the time take him off he. Also my ex husband was very very close to his mother, anything I did he’d say why can’t you do it like my mum? She was always telling me what to do and judging me, when she’d come into our home she always check for dust. I realise that it’s bad that your mother in law has gone against your wishes and it’s really bad that Bub is sick, but Please don’t leave your Husband sit down and talk to him tell him all you feel, and yes at the moment your hormones are everywhere, I hope you and Bub feel better soon.


  • Oh my. This seems a bit over the top. What a reaction.


  • Goodness gracious, calm down. Yes she is a horrible person, but that is no reason to get a divorce.


  • I think the mum is letting her hormones take over. It’s too soon to be making life changing decisions. Yes, MIL was out of line. Yes, hubby’s still attached to his umbilical cord. But, baby is still hubby’s baby and MIL’s grandson.
    Set boundaries. Give MIL a chance. Give reasonable visits (eg. Come every second day to visit for 30mins only, wash hands when arriving, no kissing his face and help out by folding some baby clothes). 2mo alone is not what a new mum needs for her own mental health.
    If you divorce him, he will have baby alone then MIL will have access unsupervised to smother baby’s face with hers. This is what MIL probably wants. Don’t let her win!


  • Wow, look I get it. I have a very hard to handle MIL too, but I think this is a huge overreaction. I’m not sure if the article is just missing detail or what, but was the MIL sick and then kissed the baby? You don’t know that the sickness came from her. Clearly the father was going in and out of the house. You can pick up and carry sickness in from anywhere. The whole idea that they expected people to quarantine for a week is severely OTT. As long as you’re vaccinated and not sick it should be fine. If the MIL is interfering too much and taking control, talk to your husband and set boundaries. For goodness sake don’t leave the poor guy it’s not like he actually did anything in this situation. Yes, it would be frustrating that he can’t see your side, but work through your issues!


  • I understand exactly what your going through. My MIL refuses to get the whooping cough booster as her theory is “I don’t have whooping cough so i don’t need it”. That’s the kind of woman I deal with. Its always her way or the high way. To turn up unannounced we with others is very disrespectful. But my Mother also pushed boundaries too. Both women were overjoyed with the first born grand son. At 3 weeks, hormones are still settling in and post natal depression can sneak up on you as well. So Hubby has no clue what your mentally and emotionally dealing with. However, 2 months to acclimate is very unheard of. 2months for no one to see the new born is quite extreme. You want the baby to be exposed to particular people and you want noise. My SIL was strict with visitors and no noise that her two kids struggled with adapting to people and sleep through noises. You do need to have a talk with hubby but you have no reason to apologise. Your the one who got hurt. Others need to stop playing victim and come to their senses to why you flipped out. I was forced to apologise to my MIL when she was the one who disrespected me and I still brew over it til today. So don’t apologise for something you didn’t do….. Apologise that the fact that they couldn’t be understanding and respectful to you.


  • No one should ever turn up uninvited; it is not a surprise; it is entitled behaviour and bad manners. Never let other family and in laws impact on a relationship. Boundaries need to be established from the beginning and adhered too at all times. Communication needs to occur between the parents and professional support could be beneficial to save the relationship.

    • Counselling may be helpful in this relationship.


  • Its a big thing and she shouldn’t have visited un announced. If you have other issues with your husband sure but I think its a bit too new post partem to be making big decisions. If you agree for him to see your son you won’t always get to choose what they do so either way down the track this won’t be worth it if this is the main issue (the incident)


  • I also think this is a rather extreme reaction.
    I can understand being angry with the MIL for not respecting boundaries and being frustrated with her partner for not standing up to his mother but as others have said hormones can make things seem worse than they are . It is sad for all involved.


  • I know how hard it is when a mother in law has a hold of their son (my mil is a divorcee who was wayy too protective of her son). Try not to let her interfere or destroy your marriage, it’s not worth it.


  • She is definitely taking extreme measures I feel. She needs to just relax and enjoy bonding with her little one.
    Over dramatic ????


  • I get being over protective, but having split time where you wont know where your baby is and who with when its the fathers turn, wouldnt that be worse?


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