Is it just me, or did someone actually forget to send the memo warning young people that one of the BIGGEST changes that comes after marriage is your new husband’s tastebuds!

Suddenly this man, the one who used to be your boyfriend, who got promoted to fiancé and finally reached hubbyhood- that same man who would be able to pick any darn thing off a restaurant menu and CLAIM to absolutely “LOVE” it- his tastebuds become HIGHLY SENSITISED after you put that ring on his finger!

The moment you say “I do”, is the moment he says “I don’t” to your cooking!

Guess what baby girl- he FAKED IT!!!

He Lied!

Every single time that man ate a meal you cooked him prior to marriage, and stated that he “LOVED IT”- he LIED!!!

He didn’t love your cooking!!!

He loved the thought of you cooking.

Just like all those times you went and ordered food from a fancy restaurant and he claimed he “LOVED” that too, he didn’t love it at all!!!

He loved the concept of eating nutritious food, but deep down inside his belly he was thinking about his Mama’s chicken curry!!!

Let me fill you in on a little secret:

That new age health food restaurant you take him to every week? The one you assume is ‘your place’, your ‘hangout’, the one special place that you two can go to and enjoy a meal without feeling guilty about the calories?

Girl you’re the only one feeling it!!!

Back To His Mama

Your man is going to go back home to his Mama and enjoy a proper home-cooked meal with her right after he finishes up having dinner with you.

Now, at first it might feel like he’s cheating on your food with his Mama’s meals, but it’s not like that at all.

I think it’s a common misconception that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but girl, unless you can cook exactly like his mother your cooking isn’t even close to his heart!

See, men want the reassurance that their soulmate can cook, but unless you can recreate his mother’s soul food, there’s going to be drama.

Here’s What To Do

Avoid marital indigestion, cut the crap and just sus out how much of a culinary genius his mother is right from the get-go. Because if she can cook, you’re in a world of strife if you can’t, because fussy children are one thing, but until you’ve had a fussy husband, you don’t even know what “fussy” means!

God speed with your cooking skills, and may you find yourself a life partner whose mother can’t cook!

In fact, to make life easier for my children’s partners, I refuse to complicate my children’s tastebuds or cook anything excessively challenging.

My children will grow up with basic tastes, all my recipes are written down and they cook with me so you know it’s basic if a child is helping to create it.

Future partners of my children, you’re welcome!

… I could never really cook anyway, but my children don’t need to know that…

Does your hubby moan about your cooking? Tell us in the comments below.

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  • My husband never complains about my cooking (aside from lack of salt!). He know he can always make it himself if it’s that bad! Most of our flavours come outta a jar anyway!


  • My hubby says I either put too much salt or not enough and even once was brave enough to say his mum’s cooking was better. Didn’t cook dinner for him for nearly two weeks. He still complains but at least he doesn’t compare now.


  • My MIL is not a passionate cook, her boys learned to cook for themselves and my husband genuinely loves my cooking.


  • In 45 years of marriage my hubby has never complained even when I overcooked the food. As 1 of 8 children he had done his share of cooking. If there was a particular dish he liked I just asked his Mum for the recipe. Simple


  • Phew………I’m safe


  • He wouldn’t necessarily comment on my cooking, but if it’s something that is not his cup of tea, he would just have a little (so he is not hungry) but you can totally tell what is a favourite!


  • Absolutely not! He wouldn’t dare-he can’t cook so he would starve!


  • My hubby does most of the cooking lol!!


  • My lovely man told his mum i made butter chixken better then her and omg i was given the look of death lol. She hasnt liked me much since. My mans lretty blunt when he wnats to be mostly good complements on my cooking. Ikm luckupy cause omg he can cook verh well too :)


  • Haha! This is hilarious. I have showed him a whole new world with food and he loves it ! ????


  • Funny but not always true.


  • This didn’t happen to me at all!


  • I had eaten at my ex’s plenty of times prior to getting married and his mother couldn’t cook for toffee so anything would have been an improvement. Bonus it was


  • Interesting article one to wisen up my daughter about. I do believe look at the Mumiz cooking to see the trend.


  • Lol – worth a read, thank you


  • I liked the read .. haha thanks


  • I was lucky my mother in law can’t cook and my husband is a retired chef (I still cook better than him though hahahah)


  • Not all Mums are good cooks. Some cook the same things every day or stick to such a tight routine that you know what you are going to be given anyway. It never varies. I just to enjoy lamb. We were fed almost solely on it as kids so neither my brother I eat lamb now. My other half won’t eat chicken for the same reason


  • he’s happy as long as he gets something to eat..hahhaa


  • I have widened my hubbys tastes as he was a very fussy eater when we met thanks to his mum! He now eats so much more than he used to and she cant believe it lol


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