Australian parents are travelling overseas to secretly ‘design’ their next child.

Couples are spending between $30,000 and $35,000 on selective IVF so that their bundle of joy can ‘complete’ their family, according to Daily Mail.

In April 2017 the National Health and Medical Research Council said that it does not endorse sex selection for non-medical purposes.

The concept of designer babies means that expecting parents can have an embryo manipulated.

CRISPR is a gene-editing technology that can allow scientists to delete or add types of DNA into certain cells.

While this can lead to the cure of some hereditary diseases and illness, there’s also fears that it could be the start of a slippery slope.

‘Sex selection techniques may not be used unless it is to reduce the risk of transmission of a genetic condition, disease or abnormality that would severely limit the quality of life of the person who would be born,’ the updated Artificial Reproduction Technology (ART) document said.

However, according to The Age, U.S. clinics are seeing a boom in the practice.

The Age reported that that Kolb Fertility Australia sent five people a month overseas before the 2017 document.

Now they send 15 to 20 people a month and get between 50 and 60 inquiries a week.

Around 70 per cent of Australian couples are seeking to have a girl, according to Gender Selection Australia (GSA), who also sends clients to America.

Do you agree with gender selection?

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  • I can just hear the comments of the future when a parent complains about something their child is doing “Well you designed him”


  • This is really terrible that people are more concerned about looks, gender etc rather than the baby just being healthy. and a surprise of gender.


  • The only reason choice of sex should be allowed is if there is a hereditary disease passed on to the babies – boy or girl. Sometimes one child is lost before the issue becomes obvious. Sometimes such illnesses skip one or two generations making it harder to get the relevant information.


  • Unless there is a medical reason you should be happy with being able to have a child. Things are getting ridiculous now.


  • If you can’t be happy with what God gives you, you shouldn’t be a parent. People need to stop playing God because this is how science goes too far and all sorts of bad things things can arise like genetic deficiencies.


  • No I don’t, not at all. Not when there are so many parents who want children, and for whatever reason they can’t have them. I believe you’re given the child your family needs and deserves. Starting to genetically select — until what? You decide the girl you genetically designed to add to your family of boys, doesn’t quite fit. I think this just opens up a whole can of worms and trouble.


  • I have four boys and would have loved a daughter, while I wouldn’t travel and pay to choose I understand the desire to complete a family with both genders its no one else’s else place to judge. These parents do not love their exciting children or children of the opposite gender any less, they just have a desire (stronger than others) for a child of a particular gender.
    They’re not choosing features, hair colour height or weight, simply have a desire to balance their families with a particular gender.
    When ivf was first establishing itself many held similar views that it was playing God and now it’s just part of life.
    The comment referencing hitler is beyond me ????
    Forcing these families to travel so far and pay such extreamly costs for something available to be done safely in their home county is something that needs to be looked into further. It’s not like every many and his dog would opt in for it. It’s a strong desire that leads to the decision and effects a real minority (who I’m sure would be happy to pay all costs and not expect it to be covered being personal choice) who are we to stop them and say no? We’re becoming such a nanny country. Abortion is okay, but choice if gender not? I’m pro everyone being in control of their own bodies and making their own informed choices. Stop being so judgy and try showing some support. Why does everyone think they know best for everyone else!


  • Unless there is a genuine medical condition, I don’t agree with gender selection. You should feel happy and blessed with what you get.


  • People should be grateful what you get but hey whatever keeps people happy I guess.


  • Shouldn’t be having children if you based it upon the gender. Unless you have a real medical condition where you cant have a girl or boy.


  • Scary ! Trying to create the perfect designer baby makes me think about what Hitler and Mengele did during the 2nd world war.


  • Personally I think it’s a waste of money. Yes if you needed to spend it on ivf for a baby but not a designer child.


  • I don’t agree with it. If you want a child then you should be hoping for a healthy child instead, you get what you’re given with gender


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