A Perth mother is calling for a ban on mobile phones at schools, after her daughter was viciously attacked by a group of girls who filmed the assault on their phones.

The Year Nine student, who’s too scared to be identified, was targeted while walking down the halls during recess on Monday.

“They kept kicking and pushing me until I got to the door and then she pulled me by my hair and kneed me in the face and that’s when I dropped to the floor,” she told 9NEWS.

The two students who instigated the assault have been suspended and WA Police is investigating.

However, the girl’s mother is demanding the school expel the bullies, and confiscate mobile phones from students caught doing the wrong thing.

“Every week someone’s getting bashed and it’s getting filmed,” she said. “

The Education Department said the use of mobile phones is up to school principals.

“While there must be consequences for those caught using phones to harass or bully their peers at school, students also need to learn how to use mobile phones and other online devices in a safe and respectful manner,” a spokesperson said.

A Government review may see smart phones banned in schools

Smart phones could soon be banned across NSW schools as part of a state review into the use of the devices following parent concerns and the rise of cyberbullying.

Education Minister Rob Stokes ordered the review on Thursday into the use of technological devices in schools, which will be led by prominent child psychologist Dr Michael Carr-Gregg.

“While smartphones connect us to the world in ways never imagined just a decade ago, they raise issues that previous generations have not had to deal with,” Mr Stokes said in a statement.

“In the classroom and in the playground, smartphones provide opportunities for students and parents to stay connected, but can also create other problems.

“From screen time, to cyberbullying and social media, smartphones have generated concerns for parents, teachers and students. Schools need to have better rules in place around phones.”

In another case a Sydney school girl has been charged after this brutal attack at a Bega school.

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  • All schools should have a phone ban. Children do not need to have them at school. They can take them to school if the parents insist but they should be dropped at the office and coillected at the end of the day.


  • Definitely support a ban, too often they are used for something that’s not their purpose. If a parent is going to be late phone the school.


  • I know of one pupil who was given a mobile phone to use in emergencies or to contact parents if they were late picking her up from school. They found out how to program in a limited number of phone numbers. They are the only ones she can contact or people can contact her from – only via phone call or text message. Another reason she was given it was because she has a serious medical problem. All other numbers etc. are blocked. She has to hand and sign in her phone in at the office when she arrives at school, and do the reverse at the end of the school day. The rules apply to all pupils at the school.


  • Many schools are banning mobile phones during lesson times and I think they are right to do so,


  • With regards to this I think the phone is good because it gives solid evidence in a court of law. The bullies can be clearly identified and punished accordingly.


  • At my school phones weren’t banned as such, they were something that teachers understood that kids would bring to school in their bags, but were not allowed to be seen anywhere or they would be confiscated. So definitely not in the classroom and also on the playgrounds, if a teacher saw one it was confiscated. This is how it should be. Kids can still understand how to use a phone without having it with them during school hours and they they will still have access to one if they need it.


  • I totally support a ban of smart phones in schools, full stop. Our school believes they have this process in place, only for me to constantly see photos and videos across social media clearly taken from inside school classrooms and bathrooms. Every week there is another issue with smart phones in schools. Students are distracted, using them not for good but for evil, and I am sick of this issue not being dealt with. My son is 17 and in Year 12 and quite frankly, I cannot wait for him to leave the school system. I don’t envy parents of younger children in Primary School where this issue has already started and will be rife (if it’s not already) as years go by if it’s not addressed now.


  • Banning phones may be appropriate for other reasons, but it’s not the solution o this problem.


  • My 13yo daughter is the only year 7 without a mobile phone-I can’t believe every child has one. I agree they should be banned. If they are seen in the yard or school grounds with them they should be confiscated.


  • I really struggle to understand how these teens think..also a ban on phones is not entirely going to fix the problem. Something else needs to be done.


  • I don’t think a ban would help. Actually the filming of fights can also provide evidence in case of attacks. Personally I find it handy my high school kids have a mobile so we can contact each other in case of emergency or when I’m late for pick up. And our kids on high school also need to learn how to use mobile phones and other online devices in a safe and respectful manner,
    It’s serious what these girls did to this year nine student, charges should be made.


  • Please band phones from schools and replace them with a book. All students must carry a book around school for a week . Give it a go and see the results. I am sick and tired of reading bullying kids and teenagers Suicide due to bullying. Where are the teachers ,when I was at school the biggest thing was smoking behind the tin shed. Arrrr. Hope my mother doesn’t read this.


  • Bullying, violence and phones are all different issues which do intertwine and all need to be addressed in schools for sure.

    • It is encouraging that the police are investigating this incident – there needs to be recourse.


  • Charge the girls and expel them! These kids need to be punished and taught that it’s not ok


  • The kids should be charged, not suspended.

    • I agree with you ..do hope the police follow through on this.


  • phonebans won’t stop these attacks but it will give the schools a way to brush the issue of these attacks under the rug


  • Absolutely. Mobile phone should be put in the locker and taken out just at the end of the school day. It’s disgraceful what happened in that school.


  • I support mobile phone bans during school hours. Most schools I know have kids log them in before school then they can collect them for walking home.


  • Im not sure this is a mobile phone issue. Definitely expel the bullies, all the kids who were involved in this attack. Unfortunately the bullies rights are seen to be more important then the victims


  • Terrible at what happens but you would think having a phone and filming it is good as you have evidence of the assult and the people involved. The school can’t brush it under the carpet if you have evidence like this where as if you said Sarah pushed me etc etc then you would be told it’s not that bad….. your fine…. or stand up to them etc and no Action is taken to the bullies or support to the victim. Also you would be frightened to dob on them Incase of it happening again where as they have dobbed themselves in with out realising by posting at what they had done.


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