A new push to induce women at 39 weeks has sparked massive debate.

There’s a new call from doctors to deliver babies early in a controversial bid to prevent stillbirths.

However a prominent researcher claims this could damage a baby’s intelligence as their little brains are still rapidly growing towards  the end of pregnancy.

Comments on the debate include:

– “You can’t set an exact number of weeks and induce labor as if everyone is the same. These are not factory machines outputting babies.

If I’d been induced at 39 weeks my 39 year old daughter most likely would not have lived as her lungs would not have been developed enough at 39 weeks. She was born at 47 weeks – hibernating pregnancy.”

– “They come when they come. Bet surgeons would love to have an increase in unnecessary c-sections $$$.”

– “No way, they come when they’re ready!!! I understand in some circumstances it is necessary for them to be born early, but let the woman’s body do what it’s meant to do, too much medical intervention in not good.”

– “I think it needs to be individual based. Each pregnancy has its own risks. The doctor and parents need to have an open communication and come to an agreement of what is best for baby and Mum. Some women need to be induced, others don’t.”

– “Crazy, every pregnancy is individual! If you look at the research for still birth the risk doesn’t raise massively. Scan dates are just estimations. I think this view will cause more traumatic births because they are routinely making a women’s body do …”

– “How about… everyone leave nature alone? she knows what she is doing.”

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  • I think placing a blanket rule of 39 weeks is not a good idea. It should never be one size fits all. This should be dealt with on a casre by case basis.


  • I don’t think it would eliminate all stillbirths and I think inducing comes with its own set of problems


  • I believe a decision should be made according to the health and wellbeing of Mother and baby. I know of 3 cases that near became cause for induction. Fortunately the babies all decided to move of their own accord. One Mum had serious mental health issues during pregnancy so they were doing extra ultrasounds to check the baby’s development and size. One Mum had constant vomitting and went to hospital every 2nd or 3rd day for rehydration during most of her pregnancy. The 3rd baby was calculated to be 2 weeks overdue. The Mother was to have been induced 3 days are her appt. but was born that night. He was a large baby and is skin was dry and peeling.


  • I can’t understand why they would induce you unless the baby or mother are in distress. Otherwise let nature take its course


  • It’s a big call to induce early. For some it might be the right answer for others unecessary.


  • Perhaps they should continue to look at it on a case by case scenario, rather than a blanket rule for everyone. Ridiculous! It does make me wonder, though — what if the mother refuses? Where would the duty of care lie — to the mother, or the baby?


  • You just have to do what is right for you and your situation.


  • Every pregnancy is different. I don’t think you can generalise and say this must happen. I was induced at 39 weeks because I was so physically sick for the entire pregnancy. I still had a nearly 24-hour labour that nearly became and emergency caesar to deliver a 4080g baby by vacuum extraction. My son has ASD. After 4 years of trying, I gave birth to a healthy, live baby and I trusted everything my Gyno did to get me to that point. I think each pregnancy needs to be treated separately for all the right reasons – and that is the health of the child and Mum.


  • Being induced is very painful and research shows that it is not very good for the baby too and should only be used as a last resort. I had to be induced in the end as my water had broken and labour was at a standstill, so I’m talking from experience. If I could have had it another way I would have. How can they be sure that this will lower still birth rates?


  • This is so dangerous it makes me angry. Whilst there are some with complicated pregnancies who will need this option, to blanket all expectant mothers with early induction would be medical malpractice in my eyes. If any doctor tried to tell me I needed this when I was having a complication free pregnancy, they’d be getting and earful and I wouldn’t let them near me again. Induced birth should only be used when there’s risk to the mother or baby. Not to prevent a risk that in many cases simply isn’t there.


  • Is there no way to predict how much risk one woman has of still birth?


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