There are two types of babies. Babies that sleep and babies that don’t. And my bub was the gold-star ambassador for the non-sleeper baby association!

In those first few blurry weeks, I met up with a mum from my antenatal class. Her hair was washed, she had on a full face of make-up and her baby was soundly asleep in the pram. In comparison, my hair was all over the place, my eyes were bloodshot and my bub was wide awake. I came out of that coffee date feeling beaten and bereft…why did every other baby in the whole world sleep, except mine?

Our life revolved around getting our baby to sleep. She refused to sleep in her bassinet so hubby and I took turns to cuddle and rock her to slumber. But of course, as soon as we tried to gently place her in the little cot, her eyes would open and that was that! Aaaargh!

Those Awful Cloth Swaddles!

Don’t even get me started on those dreaded swaddles. Every time I tried to wrestle baby into one of those damned cloth swaddles, I seriously wanted to scream! It was if it was my baby’s goal in life was to beat the binds that bound her. I reckon Houdini must be a distant relative ’cause my little one was born with the innate ability to escape out of any wrap.


I’d proudly perform some complicated folding technique to secure her into her wrap. She’d blink at me with those innocent doe eyes and by the time I’d put her down for her nap, her hands had already wiggled their way out and I swear, she was laughing at me!

Hubby and I were this close to admitting defeat, beaten down with exhaustion and close to ripping each other’s heads off out of sheer frustration.

Then Things Changed…

But then I saw the light…..

I was telling my mother’s group about my woeful battles with those friggen wraps and one mum suggested I try a swaddle wrap. They told me that Tommee Tippee has just launched their new sleepwear range, which included a variety of super-duper sleepbags, which, they assured me, would be the answer to my sleep-time woes.

So I hopped onto the Tommee Tippee online store to shop the range right away, and there was my saviour. I placed one of each of the Tommee Tippee The Original Grobag baby sleepbags in my shopping cart and clicked through to purchase. One of these would HAVE to work – my sanity depended on it. The Tommee Tippee the Original Grobag Swaddle Wrap and the Tommee Tippee the Original Grobag Easy Swaddle are perfect for newborns (0-3 months) and Tommee Tippee the Original Grobag Snuggle is available in two sizes: 0-4 months and 3-9 months. I couldn’t wait for my delivery to come so I could try them out.

Swaddle Wrap

The swaddle wrap is so cosy and soft (it’s made from stretchy cotton) and it’s super simple to put on and secure into a swaddle position. No knots or fastenings or complicated folds needed. Life just became so much easier.

Easy Swaddle

The easy swaddle is a slightly different design where baby’s arms are secured close to their chest, keeping them safe.

grobag swaddle and easy wrap

Night Nappy Changes Are A Cinch

I love that both designs have convenient zip access from the bottom to help you easily tackle those dreadful night-time nappy changes, without removing the whole swaddle.


Very importantly, the swaddles are snug at the top, to prevent those startle reflexes from waking baby and roomy at the bottom so baby can sleep in a comfortable natural frog-legged position which is so important for correct hip development. Tommee Tippee the Original Grobag swaddles get the big tick from the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as a ‘healthy hip product’.

Put Them To The Test

But would they actually work? I couldn’t wait to give them a try.

Well, let me tell you, they were so easy to put on. But the true test was whether my little escape artist would find her way out of her wrap. For a few moments, she seemed surprised about her new sleep-time swaddle but it was obviously so cosy, comfy and secure that she didn’t even try to struggle her way out. Yes!!!

For the first time, my baby actually slept in her cot! For the first time, she was totally comfortable and the swaddle kept her warm and safe all night long. It was a real-life Grobag miracle. Those clever people who created the Tommee Tippee the Original Grobag swaddles and sleepbags deserve the Nobel Sleep Prize in my books. Giving parents the gift of sleep is the most precious present ever.

What’s Next?

As my baby grew, we graduated to Tommee Tippee the Original Grobag Snuggle, which is designed for babies from 3 – 9 months. The Snuggle allows you to choose whether your child sleeps arms in or arms out, making it the perfect sleepwear when your little one is happy to self soothe.

grobag snuggle


And then when bub became a toddler, Tommee Tippee the Original Grobag Sleepbag was the best sleep accessory ever. I love that you don’t need any blankets or sheets, which could become all tangled up and may be a safety hazard. There is no way bub can kick her off sleepbag like she would her blanket. The sleepbag is designed to be reassuringly snug on top, while allowing for a natural leg position on the bottom. The sleepbag is developed to keep your baby at a comfortable temperature throughout the night so they won’t wake up because they’re too hot or cold. Plus you can pick the correct tog to suit your room temperature.

Tommee Tippee the Original Grobag sleepbags come in a range of gorgeous designs. There’s the fashion-forward Monde collection or the adorable characters in the Grofriends range – so many to choose from.

grobag sleeping bag

The One Thing I Will Do Differently This Time Around

These days, life is beautiful and those blurry sleep-deprived days are part of history, thanks to Tommee Tippee the Original Grobag! I’m about to have another baby and I know that the biggest change I will make this time around, is using Tommee Tippee the Original Grobag swaddles and sleeping bags right from the time my new bub is born. Because when baby has a good night sleep, everyone else does too​.

What did you use / are you using to swaddle your baby? Tell us in the comments below.

The team at Mouths of Mums is working with Tommee Tippee the Original Grobag to bring you this article. From cosy sleep wear, room thermometers to friendly night lights, they are here to help ensure your baby enjoys safer, longer sleep and sweet dreams.

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  • We used the cloth swaddling until 6 months when we transitioned to nothing. Now have a crap sleeper and wish we could still swaddle.


  • I used the grobags and absolutely loved them, they were a lifesaver and kept my bubs warm without me getting up repeatedly to adjust them.


  • You can swaddle babies but older kids that don’t sleep you can’t swaddle. Yesterday my 6yr old with Down Syndrome slept till 1am and then the party began; calling and shouting, turning her room upside down, went on for the whole night till 5am and then fell asleep for a hour :(

    • Oh my goodness…..I work with special needs children and hear this sort of story from them so often. The childrens staying power is amazing.


  • My son coundlt sleep with out it until he was 2yo…my daughter hated it and was out of it after 3months


  • Our girls would not sleep unless wrapped up like little glow worms x


  • Those sleepsuits are absolutely adorable!


  • Great idea. We used love to dream suits and they were our saviour.


  • oh my son was easy – he slept in whatever i put him in. lol


  • Great alternative to wrapping


  • Totally agree swaddles are annoying


  • I like wraps the better.My all kids easy to fall asleep when i wrap them.


  • Each of my 3 children were different, my 1st like traditional swaddles, the tighter the better for him, the 2nd was a combination of loose swaddles or arms free and my 3rd loved Grobags.


  • My first was a perfect sleeper when a baby now as a teen she is a night owl, all day sleeper, my youngest was in the “omg just go the **** to sleep” category and now as a 9 year old she puts herself to bed everything by 8pm and sleeps until 6am. So they do change as they get older!


  • Wraps didn’t make a difference to either of mine, but sleeping bags are awesome


  • My son kicks the blankets off so we now use the ones that are like a bag at the end. He can kick as much as he wants but stay warm


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