After all that indulging over the festive season, you may be considering the best diets to get your eating under control.

But before you rush into your New Year’s resolution of renewed health, take a look at what eating plans you should avoid, and which are the best diets, that actually work.

This annual ranking of the Worst and Best Diets by highly regarded nutritionists and specialists in diabetes, heart health, and weight loss, scores a number of popular eating plans.

The rankings are based on seven categories in which each diet was rated on a scale from one to five. Categories include: nutritional completeness, how easy the diet is to follow, the potential for long- and short-term weight loss, the safety and possible side effects, and the potential to help prevent illnesses like heart disease and diabetes, as reported in Insider.

The Worst Diet

Surprisingly, despite its almost cultish popularity, the ketogenic diet was ranked among the worst in several of these categories.

The Keto diet is a controversial high-fat, low-carb plan, that is touted by its followers for accelerating weight loss, boosting energy and overall well-being by transitioning the body into a state of ketosis, where it burns fat for energy instead of sugar.

However, the respected US News & World Report has scored the Keto diet as the worst out of 35 diets for healthy eating and the second to last overall, after the celebrity Dukan diet.

The Keto eating plan also bombed in the heart-healthy category – which is not surprising, given that the emphasis of keto is on saturated fats from butter and red meal.

The diet was also blasted for being unsustainable, as it frowns upon carbohydrates, which makes Keto very difficult to maintain, especially over the long term. It also bans healthy food such as fruits, whole grains, and starchy vegetables.

The only small victory for the diet was in the “fast Weight Loss” category – where it was ranked third, tied with Atkins, Weight Watchers, and Jenny Craig.

However, rapid weight loss does not necessarily equal healthy weight loss. Expert panelists said that while Keto and Atkins almost guarantee short-term weight loss, “long-term adherence” to the diet “is nearly impossible.”

The Best Diets

So if Keto is considered a dud, what was the winner?

For the third year in a row, The Mediterranean diet received top honours for overall best diets. It also was awarded a winner in the easiest diet to follow, the best at preventing diabetes, and the best plant-based diet.

This eating plan is reliant heavily on seafood, fresh produce, whole grains, nuts, and seeds. And what’s life without a glass or two of vino. Good news: wine, in moderation, is permitted in this diet.

The recommended foods in this diet are packed with all sorts of healthy nutrients and vitamins, which are purported to protect us against disease and help reduce the risk of diabetes, among other issues.

If the diet is combined with forgoing high-calorie processed foods and refined sugars, then weight loss is a welcome side-effect to this healthy eating plan.

However, supporters of Keto have attacked back saying that the ranking was overly simplified, and said many people have reaped the benefits of keto for years, including weight loss and more energy.

Are you a Keto fan or foe? What are the best diets, if any, that have worked for you? Tell us in the comments below.

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  • I love food and dont really diet as such. I have lost 20kg but it took me 3 years and I did it slowly. I simply cut down on my portion sizes but other then that I carried on as per normal.


  • I found success in Paleo, Keto, calorie counting hand eating small. So I think for me as long as I watch what I eat it works. I do struggle tho o gain weight fast but lose it fast also.


  • Common sense and moderation are the best diet.


  • Fresh healthy foods always win out.


  • I’ve never needed a diet and I don’t think many work. You need to eat a balance meal and move your body it will make a big difference


  • Keto is not sustainable long term so it’s a dangerous fad


  • I don’t mind keto – although not a super high fat intake like suggested. Definitely difficult to maintain in my opinion


  • The only “diet” iv ever found working for myself Is honestly just counting calories, cutting out sugar and junk foods. I lost 12 kgs counting calories and cutting out crappy foods and sugar in 5 months! I was so proud of myself. I maintained the weight loss to, even after I fell pregnant and gave birth! I’m 14 weeks post birth and I’m only 4 kgs from my pre pregnancy weight!


  • Everything in moderation is my diet! Lots of exercise and water too!


  • Honestly, I believe most diets are just fads … as long as you eat healthy foods and in moderation and exercise daily, you should be able to stay active and fit.


  • Don’t like the Keto diet – for me everything in moderation and no restrictions seems to work well. Others in my family have diet restrictions due to ill health – but we still have fish at least twice a week, some meats, cheese etc. Our biggest restriction is on vegetable content as it is so high in potassium – that is a hard diet to follow but is a necessity.


  • Not a fan of Keto but am open to learning more about it. I understand how important a balanced diet is.


  • I don’t diet as such but if I find I want to lose a bit of weight I cut down on my portions, reduce the amount of treats and take more walks. I like to stick to the ‘everything in moderation’ rule but sometimes that might go by the wayside.


  • I just practice moderation. And I’m trying to eat more veggies.


  • Unfortunately I eat for the love of food which isn’t good. I’m certainly not a Keto fan. The best one I found so far was the Jenny Craig diet but it became too expensive for me to keep up.


  • I have never been in a diet. I just try to exercise when I am feeling a bit sluggish or unfit. Try doing things in my everyday life you keep active.


  • Trying to lose weight quickly doesn’t work in the long term. Going back to sensible eating, cutting back on sugar and fat along with exercise works well for me


  • I follow healthy mummy. It’s all about the right food choices and exercise


  • I don’t follow a diet and just eat healthy wholemeal and vegetarian


  • Let’s all stop focusing on diets that aren’t sustainable and focus on making small healthier choices throughout our day. Drink more water, get more sleep, eat more veggies, fruits and whole foods…go for a short walk. Don’t get caught up on diet fads that last a month then you’re back doing the same bad habits that had you unhappy in the first place.

    • I agree – all sensible tips and good for health and well being.


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