First-time mum reveals the terrifying moment something very unexpected happened.

First time Mum Eliza Curby, 27, had baby Charlie in January 2016.  What happened just 6 weeks later was something both she and partner Ben were absolutely not expecting.

The young mum had always believed the old wives tale that ‘you can’t get pregnant if you are breast feeding’ but a surprise package in the form of being pregnant with twin boys (yes with a 6 week old) proved that breastfeeding is definitely not a reliable form of contraception!

Who Says You Can’t Get Knocked Up While Breastfeeding?

‘Breast feeding doesn’t do s***, this pregnancy happened, it is real’ Eliza told Daily Mail Australia.

‘I knew I was pregnant straight away because when I woke up it felt like I had been hit in the head with a baseball bat’. Eliza obviously had a Mum’s intuition because she had to take four pregnancy tests before one came back positive.  We’re guessing she just had to know if it was really happening!

‘When we found out Ben’s face just went white,’ she said. ‘But for two or three weeks were in denial. Then I saw the obstetrician we had with Charlie and he confirmed it – I have never been so nervous in my life.’

‘My doctor actually uses me as an example for couples when they say they don’t have any contraception plans in place after the birth of their child.’

Three Of Everything

Now Mum to 3, Ms Curby said by the time her first born Charlie was a six-month-old she thought she had the ‘baby thing down pat’ but having to do it all over again with twins is ‘completely different’.

‘It is like I have had to start all over again. But now it is just everything in threes, three bibs, three baby seats – three everything.’

What MoM’s Were Surprised About During Childbirth

So with Eliza’s story in mind, we thought it would be interesting to compare stories with other MoM members to see what they found to be completed unexpected when it came to childbirth.

Here’s what just a few had to say.

Natasha on STITCHES …

I wish someone had told me that the pain of being stitched up afterwards makes you nearly hit the ceiling and no one warned me of the sheer agony of going to the toilet after giving birth. I was completely unprepared for these things and they shocked and took the breath out of me…by the way expectant ladies, lavender or other soothing oils in a warm bath help to combat the pain and uncomfortable feeling down below.”

Brooke couldn’t believe a PLACENTA could be that difficult …

Not knowing the placenta can cause soo many birth issues! My first labour was fine but with my second child the placenta wouldn’t come out and caused a lot of issues. I went into shock and was shaking. Lucky I knew that after bubs is born there is still work to do. But I never knew your placenta could cause soo much drama. I almost ended up in theatre after being pricked with needles and pulled and tugged by different midwives and Drs and to have two massive tears down there! It was soo painful and petrifying. But it finally came away after an hour of them trying everything.”

Des and many other mums made us laugh when they said NOT TO LAUGH …

Not to laugh after your waters have broken! Its like you’ve done wee after wee and any movement too. Not the greatest feeling ever.

Who cares who sees you NAKED …

Des also mentioned that something quite unexpected for her was “even if there’s a room full of people you won’t care who see’s your naked body!”

Amie brought up something we never expect for our first bub and dread with the next ones … POOP!

How you get told to push like you are pooping and the fact you may actually poop hahaha.”

No bonding …

Casey opened up and said she didn’t expect to not bond with her bub … “No one warned me that I might not bond with the baby. I felt so guilty and disconnected for a really long time.”

Samantha on VOMITING …

Samantha said, “I never expected the vomiting, especially at the beginning of contractions and just before you’re ready to push.”

Tammy reminded us all about the first time after delivery …

“The after delivery first pee and poo. I never expected that to be so …”

And who expects such drastic BACK PAIN …

Tracy said, Something unexpected for me was the back pain! OMG with my second child it was horrific during labour. At the time I had no idea that “back labour” was actually a thing.”

And while we’re on pain, Diane discussed after birth pain …

She said, “The after birth pains I felt were worse than the labour pains! Also I thought once you had baby your tummy went back to pre pregnancy size..how wrong was I lol”

Teela summed up the conversation wonderfully.

Reminding us all that every birth is different, everybody is different and every experience is unique.  We love what she had to say …

After 5 natural births. I accept that I know nothing. Each one is surprising and frightening. No matter how well it was planned, something that you never expected will happen. Nothing can prepare you.”

Any other important tips for new mums? What was the most unexpected part of childbirth for you? We’d love to hear your story.

You can read more about her story on Daily Mail here. Or on Eliza’s Facebook page.

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  • Wow….3 bubs under 1 year…..just like triplets. That would be a shock to the system.


  • One of the ladies I worked with had severe back pain and it persisted non-stop for a couple of hours. Her husband took her to hospital and they discovered she was in labour. The back pain had most likely started when she started having contractions. She was not having usual pain from contractions for the first few hours.


  • All the best to the new family.


  • oh how wonderful. A double bundle of joy. We love all our kids and we have a double bundle of joy too.


  • Wishing all five the very best of wishes .


  • I think I’ve read this article before?


  • I know I fell pregnant with my third child whilst still breastfeeding my second, none of my husband’s family believed me, they all held fast to the old wive’s tale that it’s impossible. However delivering a full term baby only seven months after the second one changed their minds, I then provided milk for both babies.


  • Brings back so many memories. Those old wives tales are so ridiculous.


  • lol at some of these. i remember that the nurses had to me to let them know if i felt like i had to push. i felt “it” and told them but hours later, i knew when it was time and it takes over your whole being lol!


  • Every birth is a blessing. Having the love and support of family and friends helps too.


  • Every birth is different and how soon you conceive afterwards is also very different.


  • I think it’s a lot to take on but lovely nonetheless.


  • Lucky woman, actually – a home full of joy.


  • She looks like she has it under control.


  • It is not 100% foolproof that you won’t get pregnant after a tubal litigation either.


  • The first visit to the bathroom after birth was definitely an unexpected and painful experience and brought tears to the eyes.

    • Best of luck and well wishes to this expanded family. :)


  • Oops lol it may be a handful at first but once in a routine she’ll have it all under control


  • how wonderful! what a beautiful surprise gift! i would be over the moon!


  • Wushing you all the best with the twins!


  • Aw bless you mum Eliza, your hands must be so full !!


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