Footage of a man pushing an aggressive young boy to the ground after he was taunted and punched has spurred debate as to whether he was within his rights to do so.

Filmed at an undisclosed park in the United States, the 10-year-old boy can be seen trying to get a reaction from the park manager, screaming and swearing as onlookers watch on.

It’s understood the man filming the incident had been driving down the street when two boys on bikes cut him off. When he told them off, they reportedly started throwing rocks at his car.

“The man went to the concession stand (of the park) and found the guy who is the park manager and asked him for help,” said the background statement shared online.

“The park manager told the kids to leave and they started swearing … then left for a minute down the path, threw down their bikes, and came back for more.”

The manager can be seen making a phone call asking for assistance before eventually using enough force to push his way back to the park stand.

It’s at this point the boy starts throwing more punches but this time, the manager’s patience has worn thin. He grabs the boy by the throat and tosses him to the ground.

After letting out a deafening shriek, the boy then takes aim at a female bystander, saying it was “child abuse” before going on another profanity-laden rant.

The vision, which has been viewed more than five million times, has seen social media users divided.

The post stated that police attended the scene after the incident and watched the footage, asking the park manager if he wanted to press charges.

A discussion on Studio 10 also found the hosts were divided over whether or not this was OK.

Do you think the man went too far?

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  • Im sorry but if you are going to dish it out then be expecting to receive it.


  • Too many kids these days don’t get disciplined so go around thinking they can get away with murder.
    I think the manager did the right thing.
    Those kids need a good slapping.


  • Least someone did some much needed parenting gloves off for kids these days.


  • The kid is a little shit and the man was the victim here and was 100% right to do what he did. I would have back hand him if he did that to me or I seen him doin it to any other person. No manners.


  • I don’t believe he went too far. This boy needs to be pulled into line before he gets much older. If he acts like this now, imagine what he’ll be like as an adult. Hope he gets charged and the parents see just how their son is behaving towards other people.


  • Honestly, I have absolutely no sympathy for that child at all. He got what he deserved. Thinking he’s a tough guy then wailing like a baby. I feel really sorry for the adult here. I have four kids and would be horrified if any of them acted this way, God forbid they ever do.


  • From what i could see the guy was patient for as long as he could be. the child had no respect and kept goading him… he ca’t be surprised when the guy reacted and snapped !


  • It seems the man was at breaking point, kids have to be respectful.


  • This kid is the Devil. I can’t believe what I’m seeing. This is apalling behaviour by any child. I believe this man acted with restraint. What else was he supposed to do? Who was filming this? Why were other adults not trying to help. My God, I have never seen anything like this and it’s part of what’s wrong this this younger generation today.


  • Further to my below comments – the kid punched and shoved first. What about his abuse on the adult.


  • No way was that too far! Probably the only bit of discipline this kid has ever seen and is obviously one of those types of kids who have to keep pushing the boundaries to see how much they can get away with and up until now has gotten away with everything. I mean seriously, the kid was 10 years old and at a park without adult supervision. Where were his parents? This kind of behaviour leads to more criminal activity later in life. It needs to get nipped in the bud, kids need to learn that that is not okay.


  • I don’t think it was too far. The kid was pushing and punching the park manager. He was well within his rights to defend himself. He might have only been a kid but was nearly as big as the park manager and certainly knew what he was doing. I can almost guarantee the kid was only behaving the way he was because he thought he would get away with it.


  • yes another adult should be able to discipline a child if the child is doing something to endanger another human being and the child’s parents are not in the vicinity.

    This kid and his friends were doing the wrong thing, and would have kept doing the wrong thing until it might have seriously hurt someone. I am glad the police officers asked the man if he wanted to press charges and I think he should have – young people who want to act that way need to be pulled into line quickly to change that behaviour before they turn in to young adults and their actions get worse turning them into petty criminals.

    I would also hope that their parents would be equally disgusted in the way the boys were behaving, especially as it has been caught on video


  • He was a lot more patient than I would have been with the boy.


  • Tricky – he’s just a kid, but that’s pretty close to self defence.


  • Oh wow where is this kids parent. This kid was outright wanting a reaction and that he got,


  • I don’t think he went too far. That kid was being a down right pain in the butt and deserved the push back


  • I would’ve felt like pushing the kid to the ground too if he was disrespecting me and my personal space. Although I would have dropped the kid to ground without harming him and then restraining him until he calms down not as forceful as this guy acted causing the kid to really slam on the ground. Ouch!


  • It will always come down to an adult versus a child regardless of behaviour. The man was deflecting the shoves and punches which was self defence. Once he pushed the child it changed and it would be interesting to know the outcome of this story. The child should be held accountable for his actions and attitude. The total lack of disrespect is gobsmacking.

    • I read a follow up article on this story on the mouth of mums fb page. It was a post from someone with a follow up story and it is well worth reading.


  • No, I don’t think the man went too far, the boy went too far !


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