Bad Girls Advice, otherwise known as BGA by its followers, started as a secret, female-only Facebook Group.

It soon earned a very controversial reputation with its graphic sexual conversations as well as nude images and a tendency to celebrate violence against men.

Over the years, BGA has been banned after numerous complaints were made against the group, but then it popped again a little while later.

The group hit the news last year after BGA was shut down for publishing content that defended a young woman engaging in bestiality regularly with her dog.

“A lot of the women in the group were rightfully disgusted and said so. They were then berated by other members for ‘kink shaming’ and not following the golden ‘scroll on’ rule,” as reported in news.com.au.

After a while BGA was reinstated by Facebook, who supported their decision saying:

“A group will only be removed where the majority of the posts in the group violate our Community Standards. If only a small number of posts in a group violate our policies, then those specific posts will be removed and not the entire group,” a spokeswoman told the publication at the time.

controversial post on BGA facebook group

How BGA Began

The group was started in June 2016 by Brisbane mum Amy and two others. The group promoted itself as being a safe place for women to express themselves. The most important rules of BGA are ‘no bitching’, ‘no negativity’ and ‘no screenshots’.

BGA also has rules against underage members joining the group and posts about paedophilia are a no-go. But other than that, members are encouraged to go wild and post whatever they want. In fact, ABC reports that rule 6 of the ’10 Bad Girls Commandments’ posted by Amy last year said: “If you don’t want to see nudity, illegal shit, and brutal language, remove yourself from the group, vanilla princess.”

New Home For BGA

Now the group, with over 200,000 members, has established a new exclusive group on MeWe — a website described as “the next-gen social network”, as reported on news.com.au.

However, the joining requirements are stringent and potential members need to share personal details before being approved.

“In order to be added they must have the licence or any photo identification as their cover photo on their profiles. A lot of girls are not crossing out their licence numbers,” an anonymous source told news.com.au.

bga group is moving to mewe

The new home for BGA will be a platform for the group to share explicit content that would normally violate Facebook’s community standards.

“They moved to MeWe so they could be the ‘real BGA’ but it’s just turned into a lot of disturbing nude photos. The MeWe group is practically an amateur porn page,” a source said.
“It’s basically where they post everything that got them banned from Facebook,” added another.

The plan is to move the whole group over to the MeWe platform.

“I can confirm they have plans and intentions to transfer all content and activity to the MeWe, leaving the Facebook group as just a backup for admin updates, should it be required,” a source said.

Don’t Dare Disagree

However, it seems that members are keen to keep both the groups on Facebook and MeWe. But those that are opposing the move to MeWe are allegedly getting slammed.

“Members of the Facebook page have also been put down and abused because they have voiced that they don’t want to move to MeWe because Facebook is more convenient,” a source explained.

The Latest Update

Those in the know have reported that the group has very recently been shut down for good by its owner. Although who knows where it may pop up next? Many are disappointed to see it go, saying that it was a supportive group for women, while others say that it’s about time the group disappears.

Should a group like BGA be allowed to exist? Would you join if you could? Tell us in the comments below.

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  • Not something I would be interested in. Not sure how they can say its ok to post illegal stuff.


  • Lol were still here, we ain’t leafin ????????


  • We’re still here. We ain’t leafin ????


  • Unfortunately it was run by nasty admins with a money hungry owner who was cashing im on Merch. There merchandise was over priced and was like a girl gang of immature girls gossiping.

    Not to mention that admin was selling the girls naked photos they published on their mewe page. Can’t trust girls or girl code when their is money to be made


  • I didn’t know about them and don’t want to after reading this!


  • It’s still up. It got re established as a secret group called Small grapes.

    • And it’s still the same nasty admins on there. They pretend to be nice and caring but when it comes down to it, they only care about how they appear. Not their members.


  • I have never heard of this before now, how utterly disgraceful.


  • HAHAHA WOW! I didn’t even know it existed. Each to their own. I think I’ll stay clear though..


  • Not at this stage


  • I am not interested on it.


  • What a fabulous use of the internet! What possess people to be part of such a morally repugnant community


  • Glad it seems to have gone – hopefully on the new platform it will go as well


  • I was out of the loop and never heard of this, yes it should have been banned


  • I had never heard of this. And no, not interested.


  • I don’t think so as it seems to feed some pretty toxic notions and behaviour. The fact that this group was started in part by at least one mum grosses me out beyond words and makes me wonder what kind of lifestyle and guidance her kids are getting. It’s an ugly peek into what some people will do in a no holds barred kind of setting. If they were proud or comfortable with exposing that side of themselves the group wouldn’t need to be hidden or private or require people’s ID (which is a whole other issue all together) to join. Confusing that they label those who would be offended by illegal stuff, nudity etc as vanilla princesses when it literally violates the terms of pretty much every social media platform.


  • As long as it’s put down as a private group I have no problem with it.


  • I think it’s a shame it’s gone, it offered a supportive outlet for a lot of ladies.


  • Never heard of this group and glad my daughter wasnt a member of it


  • So many parts of this article are exaggerated or just incorrect. I was a member of this group and yes back when it first started it was not for the faint hearted. There was alot of adult content which continually got the group closed down from people reporting it but over the years the group became a very supportive community where woman could go to ask for advice (because they didn’t want to post on their personal page for friends/family to see) relating to anything without being ridiculed. The amount of love and support I seen on this page from women who got out of DV relationships and had nowhere to go all of a sudden had hundreds of offers of free accommodation and money and food, to women with depression and suicidal thoughts just needing somewhere to cry for help and yes sometimes people wanting to vent about their partners or in.laws or sex advice to cancer scares. It was a wonderful group in the end and will be sadly missed by ALOT of ladies. ????????????

    • Good to read your side of the story, thanks for sharing !


  • I was never a part of it when the animal stuff was up but I know since then it has been an amazing place for women to express themselves and give each other advice. I will miss it!


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