Mum of three admits she weighs her six year old daughter on a daily basis.

NADIA Udin, 30, is a mum of three children, Iman, 10, Shifaria, six, and eight-month-old Musa.

“Every day I tell my daughter Shifaria she is beautiful – but I also weigh her.”

“The reason for weighing her daily is that I wanted to keep her healthy – and I did the same with her older sister, Iman, at the same age, Nadia tells The Sun.

“Children at school called her chubby. Us mums know that name-calling is normal. But it’s not as if I can round up the mums and tell them to get their kids to back off.

Instead I preferred to help her with her weight and self-esteem. While I can’t control what her friends say about her I can do this.

“When those children said she was chubby, I reassured her that she wasn’t and I always tell her she is beautiful. But, practically, by weighing her I am keeping an eye on her puppy fat.

“I am proud to say I weigh myself everyday. I worked for a weight loss company for three years. During that time I recognised that such a move helped me keep my weight in check.

As a family, we all regularly weigh in together. I ensure it is seen as something fun and healthy to do.

“I’m mindful not to make it an issue about ‘weight’ though. Instead we focus on healthy lifestyle eating choices.

“Shifaria is 33.5kg and she is 1.28 metres tall – that’s tall for a girl who is almost seven.

“When I realised she could do with losing some puppy fat I was adamant that we were all doing it together. I didn’t want her to have a complex about it. Iman explained to her why it was important.

This isn’t about shaming my daughter it is about empowering her for the future.

“We all jump on the scales together. It’s a family thing. Scales aren’t the enemy.

Allowing your kids to get overweight is.”

However Taryn Brumfitt, the Founder of Body Image Movement and EMBRACE believes this is really not something we should worry our kids with. She says “to all parents out there wanting to raise healthy and empowered children, remove the scales from your home. Ban all diet talk. Don’t refer to good and bad foods. Be a positive role model and never speak negatively about your body in front of the kids.”

Recently we shared concerns for boys over the rising number of teens suffering body image issues. Read more HERE>

If you, or anyone you know is experiencing an eating disorder or body image concerns you can call the Butterfly Foundation National Helpline on 1800 33 4673 or visit their website www.thebutterflyfoundation.org.au for more information.

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  • As a child I was super skinny but cant remember anyone ever teasing me over my weight.


  • I think it’s wrong to weight your child every day. This is most likely creating a far too big focus on the weight and may cause weight issues and eating problems / disorders at a later age.


  • I was always taught that you should weigh yourself once a week at the same time. Her daughter may become dependent on those scales and end up being an anorexic.


  • I don’t agree with this, personally. Baby or puppy fat is just that and quite often kids grow out of it so let her be. Scales and weighing myself has brought about some of the most upsetting times in my life when other people feel they get to make comment or share that information. It is not okay.


  • Weighing yourself everyday is taking things a bit too far.


  • This is way over the top. A girl her age shouldn’t have to be worrying over her weight – let her be a kid! Just make sure she eats healthy and you take your kids for walks and not too much tv time that’s being a responsible parent without causing unnecessary worry for your child. This is how eating disorders can start.


  • This mother is going to regret this when they are teenagers obsessed with what they eat and what the scales are telling them. Eating disorders last a life time and ruin lives


  • Your weight is not the only thing that determines good health, I recently lost 1 kg but you cannot even see it, I believe it was internal fat, and all I did differently was drink celery juice every morning and eat fruit for breakfast and delayed having any fats until later on in the day. Children can keep their weight in check by not consuming too much fats including milk products, getting nutrients from fresh fruit and veggies, rarely having packaged snacks and of course leave the soft drinks for special occasions,


  • you don’t have to be skinny to be healthy, I weigh myself daily as I am over weight and I am trying to keep it down, my daughter could not care less about her weight and she is 16


  • Bullies are horrible. Them calling her chubby is especially unkind, but for the mum to weigh in her daughters at 6, on a daily basis, just gives more power to the bullies! Teach her that what they say doesn’t matter, not that they said you were fat, so let’s change that! Weekly is more than enough. And there’s more to being healthy than the size of your waist or the numbers on a scale!


  • This is ridiculous. Hubby and I went away for a week and left our 7yr old with my parents my mother kept weighing her and when we returned the first thing she said was tell your mother how much you weigh which wasnt that heavy. Once home she didnt eat a thing for over a week and ever since will not step on scales even now at 18. Thank god she has a great relationship with her body now.


  • Every day is just ridiculous. It’s obsessive and that’s not healthy. Don’t focus on the number either. Look at her. Is she happy. Is she healthy. Does she eat a good balanced diet. That’s what matters. Not a number on a scale


  • Some weight loss groups advocate weighing once a week, definitely not to be done every day.


  • Everyday is a bit over the top. Maybe monitor her weight each week or so if you really have to but I’d just encourage healthy eating part and you will see the results without the scales.


  • Weighing yourself but especially your children daily is absolutely not healthy.
    Offering your kids good healthy and moderate amount of foods and encouraging sports and outside play would be more healthy.
    Her attitude doesn’t sound right “When those children said she was chubby, I reassured her that she wasn’t and I always tell her she is beautiful. But, practically, by weighing her I am keeping an eye on her puppy fat” !!


  • Weighing yourself every day is not healthy!! Eating a healthy diet and getting a reasonable amount of exercise is healthy.

    • I agree – I fear it would become an obsession. :(


  • Eating a well balanced, well portioned diet and some daily exercise is the best way to set children on a healthy path. Weighing every day is only going to make them anxious.


  • Every day seems excessive to me too. Once a week would be more than enough.
    I fear this girl will become obsessed with her weight.


  • Weighing every day seems extreme to me – teaching healthy habits and good body image daily is our aim.


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