Her husband only admitted to having a vasectomy after she had endured three years of fertility treatments…

A devastated woman has posted on Reddit after discovering her husband has had a secret vasectomy The Daily Mail reports. The woman said that she was heartbroken after three years of traumatic fertility treatment was unsuccessful, and blamed her PCOS, until her husband finally told her the truth.

A Betrayal Of Trust

The woman says that the news came as a total shock. “After three years of painful, invasive and expensive fertility treatment, I find out my husband had a vasectomy before we met,” she wrote.

“He let me endure 29 negative pregnancy tests and numerous hormone injections and he never thought to tell me.”

She says her husband chose to have the procedure to prevent his ex-wife from getting pregnant as he wanted to leave the relationship. “I’ve laid out the options: he gets it reversed, he agrees to me using donor sperm or we get a divorce,” she wrote.

“I love him. But I’m broken. And given his lies, I think we are better off not married.”

We think that if nothing else, this couple has lost all trust…

Selfish And Thoughtless

Comments on the post said that the woman was right to consider leaving her husband.

“This guy is straight up TRASH,” one wrote.

“Certified absolute garbage. How do you let someone you supposedly love go through all that?”

“I hope she leaves him. This is unbelievable.” said another.

“A lot of people I know with PCOS are already very stressed about their chances of being able to conceive and his a**hole made it worse for his wife.”

This husband sounds like he has serious commitment issues! We can only hope that he comes to his senses and decides to be supportive of his wife or has the courage to admit he doesn’t want children whatever the consequences may be.

How would you feel about your husband having a secret vasectomy? Let us know in the comments.

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  • That’s beyond cruel…it’s bordering pathological


  • It’s so deceitful and disrespectful. I don’t think I’d every be able to forgive this.


  • I think this gives a broader picture of the type of person than just this one incident. Letting a partner endure those things knowingly shows a certain disregard for feelings and then there is the lies.


  • Aw I can imagine this is a very unpleasant discovery


  • This is a horrible situation. How could the husband not tell her about the vasectomy? I don’t know if I could continue in the relationship. I would be so hurt.


  • I don’t understand why he didn’t tell her and just get it reversed or does he not want children. He needed to be truthful from the start. Puzzles as to why the IVF didn’t work?


  • I’m certain I would not stay married to someone like that. How terrible for this lady.


  • This is totally uncalled for. How can you sit there and watch your partner go through all of that knowing you’ve undergone a procedure. The trust is definitely gone.


  • What a selfish, cruel thing to do. Infertility is such a hard thing, and to do what he did – I seriously dont think even if he agreed to a donor or a reversal op, they could completely address the broken trust. If you dont have trust, what do you have?


  • I’d be so mad if this was me why let your partner go through all that so horrible


  • Wow, just wow


  • Wow, I can’t see how there’s any coming back from that. I can’t even imagine the money wasted let alone the pain and heartache- he should’ve been honest.


  • Okay,I would seriously be so hurt and angry. I’m sure my anger would have driven me to do something stupid like call a lawyer on his a**! That’s not right!
    It would honestly be so heartbreaking each time she would have gotten a negative pregnancy test. Honestly can’t believe some people!!!


  • I really dont know that I could forgive such a lie. I think that would spell the end of the relationship for me.


  • Wow that’s so dishonest and horrible. That poor woman thinking it was her when all along he was to blame. Sounds like he would lie about other things too so maybe run while you can


  • He did her a favour in a way his not the one for you anyone who could put you through that is not worthy your time or your future family


  • That’s brutal! I can’t imagine if my husband did that and didn’t tell me especially if I was doing fertility treatments!


  • That would be an unforgivable betrayal of trust. No way would I stay.


  • What a POS… as soon as she said she wanted kids when dating before they got married He should have told her.. To let her go through all of that and spend all that money just for him to keep that to himself and knowing full well she wouldn’t get pregnant… leave this guy seriously


  • There aren’t many words to describe the indescribable lack of trust in the relationship. She deserves to find someone that is honest with her. This is not a small betrayal, and it also went for a long long time.


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