Ever been offended by what people say or the questions people ask you about being a stay at home parent? Well you can probably relate to these.

Here are 10 stupid things some people say to stay at home parents:

1) “I wish I could stay at home all day with the kids instead of working.”

Up yours stupid. I haven’t gone to the toilet in peace for years, and my hair is permanently kinked in this messy bun up-do.

2) “What do you do all day?”

Oh nothing. Just keep a human alive. It’s very basic really. I just make very important decisions on this particular human’s life, plus try and keep myself alive too. It’s really nothing compared to your big fancy job in the city.

What do you do all day, besides ask insulting questions?

3) “Do you ever think you will go back to work?”

Probably not. I love being at home sitting on my arse all day, drinking coffee and getting massages. Parenting is so freaking easy. Why would I actually want to leave the job I am doing now? Oh sorry, it’s not a job according to you. Just a free and easy ride.

4) “Do you do anything else, besides be a parent?”

Oh of course. I am also a travelling circus performer; running for Prime Minister; I run a marathon every day, and also race unicorns in the land of ‘It’s-so-easy-to-parent’.

I have so much time as a parent, that I need all of my hobbies.

5) “I could never do what you do.”

I know that. That is why you are asking these very intelligent questions.

6) “Is being a stay at home parent boring?”

Depends what you call boring. If wiping small people’s butts and yelling at them to stop licking the ground is your idea of an awesome time, then parenting is really going to be your thing.

7) “I’m just checking in because you didn’t respond to my phone call from three minutes ago.”

I don’t use my phone for talking now. If you ring, I won’t answer it. My kid is too busy playing with it for starters, and it is also on a permanent setting of ‘Silent Mode’. Before ringing me, please ask yourself ‘Is this textable’? I am happy to get back to your texts, but it probably won’t be in this calendar year. Just hold out for 8 – 28 months please.

8) “Enjoy every minute!”

Like, every single minute? Even the ones where my kid is screaming so loudly, dogs from China can hear him? I’m not so sure.

9) “You look so tired all the time.”

No shit, Sherlock. I have kids. This is my permanent look now.

10) “So, you’re JUST a Mum?”

Please walk away from my life and never come back.

Personally, I have only had a couple of these said to me. I think mostly these questions are asked quite innocently from the other end, but sometimes it’s smart to think before you speak.

Have you had any random comments or questions from strangers about being a stay at home parent? Please let me know in the comments section below.

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  • When my husband and I got married we decided that if we were lucky enough to have children that I would be a stay at home parent. When im eldest came along she was a total nightmare for the first year. She would only sleep for a max of 20mins and she screamed all the time. I have no idea how I didnt go insane….oh wait…i think i did because I was crazy enough to have another one. Thankfully baby number 2 was a dream baby who slept 8hrs through the night from day one. Anyway…..we had 3 children in total and I loved being a stay at home Mum. I really dont care what others think or dont think as its a decission that you make as a couple and as a family and its no business of anyone else. Actually years ago the judegement used to be against working Mums. Funny how things change.


  • I don’t think it’s just the responses you get from people but the ‘look’ as well when you tell people you’re a stay-at-home parent. I’ve been to coffee with other mums from my sons school & as soon I say I’m not working at the moment, I get the look of disapproval. Then I get asked ‘so what did you do before you decided stopped working?’ Ummm I didn’t decide to stop working but the company I was working for decided because I was a Mum now, it was too inconvenient for me to return.


  • I have been a stay-at-home Mum and part-time working Mum. I find comments condescending. I had a male ask me what I did all day and I felt guilty when I tried to respond. He is now a dad at 48 and realising how kids just don’t stop, he prefers to spend as much of his time away from the home so he doesn’t have to deal with it! Being a Stay-at-home Mum is not easy. It’s relentless, you never get a break, you’re on 24/7.


  • People sure can be ignorant !


  • Seriously? I don’t think any of those responses are clever or funny. Sometimes people come out with strange things while they’re just trying to make small talk and I hope the people who made those silly responses realise that mums and dads with children who work still have to do what stay at home parents do once their work day is over and on weekends. Some of those responses seem like the parent has an almighty chip on their shoulder. My advice to any comments like those above is to smile and play nice in the playground.

    • Agreed! I don’t think any of those responses would adequately cover how hurt the mother is or ignorant the person is.


  • I am climbing the walls ready to get back to work but if isn’t worth it moneywise, I would be working purely to pay childcare fees


  • Such a pity that these things are still being said in this day and age.


  • I have the greatest admiration for stay at home parents. My late husband and I decided that on our low incomes we couldn’t afford both kids and a decent lifestyle with spare money for the “unexpected”. Subsequent circumstances justified our decision though we did have a few regrets over the years. We were both great believers in the importance of one parent at least staying home full time initially then perhaps part time when kids were older.


  • yeah these are just thoughtless comment hey! don’t put down mums! we do the best job and we raise people!


  • Some people are just plain ignorant.


  • ha ha love the sarcasm as always


  • stay home Mums do best job in world caring for our next generation. I realise some mums have to work to pay bills or for bricks and mortr but you cannot cuddle and tell stories to them.. Hard job when taken seriously so no put downs PLEASE!!!!!!! mE AS GIRL IN SWITZERLAND LONG AGO ANOTHER LIFE


  • I have 5 kids ( my eldest turns 7 next week, and my youngest is nearly 2.5yrs) No one would ever dare say to me “What do you do all day”. But I do hear “you look tired all the time” everyday.. lol


  • Yep this is all too familiar with me! I’ve had comments like ” What do you do, sit down & drink coffees all day? “, “I had to go back to work, I had to use my brain again” and my favourite, ” Lady of leisure”


  • My OH still thinks I have it easy and asks what I’ve been doing all day when the housework hasn’t been done!! I have a 6 week old baby… enough said!!


  • I have been in both of these situations. As a working mother, I clean the house less often and rely on my mother-in-law to help with the cooking (I am extremely fortunate there). But on my non working days, we spend quality time together and have lots of stories to share.


  • I don’t think I’ve ever really had anyone ask these questions except for the “when will you go back to work” question – I often want to smack them about the head when they ask that one.


  • I can so relate to this people are so stupid


  • Ooh yeah. I had a male ask me what I did all day!!! He’s now a Dad and has no idea. I recall thinking I’d return to work after 3 months because I’d be bored. What was I thinking? I remember having one of those days when my hubby returned home from work to find me in my PJs. I remember saying “now I know what they’re talking about”. At different stages of childhood – baby, toddler, preschooler there are so many things to do and ways to fill your day. Going to work is the easy part! Being a stay at home Mum is the hardest job in the world. It never stops.


  • Pull your shoulders up and shake it off !!


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