March 3, 2023


A curious creature with a strong sense of identity and always on the go, an Aries baby will no doubt keep you on your toes!

Astrologer Debra Underwood is sharing her extensive knowledge and insights into the characteristics of children born under each star sign. She explores their personality traits, how to help them spark joy, and ways that we can help and challenge our little stars.

Each month we’ll follow the Sun’s loop of the Zodiac, and this month we explore the characteristics of the Aries Sun Child.

Aries Sun Child

Astrology Signs

Aries Sun Sign dates for 2023 (March 22nd – April 20th)

As a curious parent, it’s important to know that the dates and times of each Sun Sign can vary slightly from year to year. If your child is born on, or close to these dates, a Birth Chart can accurately decipher their true Sun Sign. The time and location are also valuable details. For example: The Sun moves into Taurus close to 6:30pm on April 20th, 2023, Sydney, Australia time. Birth Charts are coloured with vibrational influences and angles that add flavour to your Child’s Sun Sign expression.

It’s also interesting to note that each Sun Sign has its own Symbol, Element and Ruling Planet.

They synergise and flow through your child’s character. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, so let’s begin by delving into the energies and personality traits of the Aries Sun Child, followed by helpful tips to guide, support and spark their joy.

Aries Sun Child Symbol: Ram

In astrology, the symbols are representative of the energy and characteristics of each of the twelve signs, which mostly derive from Ancient Greece, Rome, and as far back as Babylonian times. The Aries Sun Child’s symbol is The Ram. It rules with the head, and leans forward with speed and focus.

The Ram is known for its; Vitality, Strength, Fearlessness, Power and Determination.

Aries Sun Child Element: Fire

Interestingly, Fire, Earth, Air and Water are known as the four elements in astrology. Each element belongs to three of the twelve zodiac signs. The four elements relate to different aspects of the self and Fire relates to ‘our energy in motion’. It is expressed externally, comes with a sense of possibility and self motivation, and is the element for Aries.

Aries shares the element of Fire with Leo and Sagittarius. The three signs possess individual qualities based around the element of Fire, and when grouped together have a common thread of compatibility within the zodiac.

Lively, active, exciting, explosive and full of colour, there’s always a hive of activity around children with strong Fire compatibility!

Aries Sun Child Ruling Planet: Mars

Over time, each sign has been allocated a Ruling Planet. From an astrological perspective, the zodiac signs and planets in the Solar System were matched up, largely based on their thematic relationship to one another. It’s interesting to note that as you foster your Aries Sun Child’s radiance, Mars comes into play!

Activation, courage and assertion are all Mars words that can add an extra layer of insight to the true essence of your Aries Sun Child.

Is your Aries Sun Child a fierce little competitor in all they set their sights on? If so, they’re living true to their Sun Signs main objective, by activating the vibrations of their Ruling Planet, Mars.

When tuning into the dynamic of Mars, and how it may super charge your Aries Sun Child’s personality, consider these phrases; Warrior like and pointed, Strength of will, Prods into action, Sense of immediacy, Self motivated. Have you noticed your Aries Sun Child loves the feeling of winning?

Aries Sun Child Personality

By now, you’re sure to have gained a true sense of your Aries Sun Child’s energy. As their Sun Sign is their life force and expression, enjoy this list of character traits that may ring true as you see your Aries Sun Child at their most luminous.

Go getter
Self motivated
Likes to be first
Actively creative
Enjoys a challenge
Happy to stand alone
Loves to be in charge
Inexhaustible curiosity
Strong sense of identity
Wilful with a fuse at the ready
Always starting something new
Can achieve much in a short time
Has a strong, active mind and body

Any light bulb moments? Phew. All that activity in equal parts, is tiring and inspiring!

How To Spark Joy In Your Aries Sun Child

Enjoy taking in these hot tips for the healthy expression of their life force:

  • See them light up as you join in their fun and challenge them to a race!
  • Bask in their brightest light by encouraging independence and leadership.
  • Channel their fire and abundant energy with activities that involve body and mind.
  • Be the instigator of luminous laughter with crazy impersonations, they’re usually great at them!
  • Ignite their mind with silly word games and sparky, passionate conversations.
  • Enlighten their true happiness with unrestricted, spontaneous play.
  • Fill their happiness cup by involving them in the organisation of party games and fun events.
  • See them shine as they dress themselves in the appropriate clothing for their current challenge!

Aries Sun Child Mum Inspiration

A few extra tricks up your sleeve as you look to the Sun for a Super Mum boost!

  • Inspire your Aries Sun Child to enjoy their own personal bests.
  • Challenge your Aries Sun Child to work on patience and perseverance.
  • Encourage your Aries Sun Child to seek accomplishment through practical visualisation and bright new ideas.
  • Their sense of urgency comes naturally, so support your Aries Sun Child in completing a task that may take longer than anticipated, and prompt them with the personal satisfaction that will come.
  • A direct approach is usually the way to immediately spark the attention of your Aries Sun Child.
  • Stimulate your Aries Sun Child’s spirit by exploring a few different modes of creative expression.
  • Bravery and impulses can be strong, so guide your Aries Sun Child in calculated risk taking.
  • Tackle something together to engage your Aries Sun Child in the joy and reward of teamwork.


Did you know that in Astrology, from the day you are born, your life force, energy and expression is largely determined by the Sun’s position in the Zodiac? The Sun represents life and illuminates the world around us. It is the largest star in the Solar System, and its energy vibrates and adorns you with the flavours and characteristics of the Sign you were born under.
Your Sun Sign, also known as your Star Sign, represents your core personality, and how you shine through life. It’s where you are at your most luminous. From an earthbound perspective, the Sun takes one year to complete a circuit of the Zodiac, and spends approximately four weeks in each of the twelve signs.


Aries Sun Child Playlist

Firework – Katy Perry
Start a Fire – INNA
Warrior – Havana Brown
Spring – Vivaldi

Aries Sun Child Quote:

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” Anais Nin, author.

Shine Bright, Aries Sun Child

As your Aries Sun Child grows, watch them find personal triumph in discovering the courage to express themselves and be themselves. Follow their lead and live life to the fullest. And as your child’s greatest mentor, equipped with the added point of view of their Sun Sign, you can light the pathway to their true happiness potential and trajectory of spirit!

I look forward to you joining me next month as we continue our loop around the zodiac, exploring Taurus Sun Child.

Love and abundant sunshine, Debra✨


Debra is a Certified Modern Astrologer from Sydney, Australia, specialising in children’s birth charts. An astrological messenger, Debra offers interpretive pathways, and positive insight into your child’s abundant, evolving growth potential. Debra’s heart space finds joy, wonderment and enrichment from the unguarded, natural expression of children. Being a mum further ignites her innate desire to champion the unique qualities, and astrological signatures of the precious little gems in our lives.

Debra’s lifelong connection to Astrology, finds her invested in sharing the deep and significant awakening a reading can bring. Drawing on her vast observations and years of tuition, she guides you in celebrating and supporting your child’s individuality and luminosity. It’s intrinsic to know your child, and to add a sprinkle of stardust can be enlightening. Connect with Debra at Mini Signet.

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  • My daughter is an Aries and I am too. There are definitely light bulbs going off with that list :)


  • My little man is soon to turn one and is already showing most of these traits!


  • I’ve got an Aries child

    • I really hope this adds a sprinkle of added insight for you and your Aries Sun Child;)


  • I’m not into star signs but it was interesting to read.


  • My son is now 21 and he definitely matches most of the criteria above.


  • I’m not really interested in the star signs


  • NO idea what star sign my kids are, but I do know this is mine – and not very accurate.

    • Thanks for sharing. Occasionally it doesn’t quite ring true:) In most cases, a complete birth chart analysis has the potential to hone in on your unique astrological signature which can be very interesting.


  • Very cute


  • I have no idea what star sign my kids are!
    I haven’t read or even thought about them since I was in high school.


  • My eldest is an Aries and very much wants to be first and win ! :)


  • I’m not really into star signs but it does describe my first born. He’s definitely wilful with a fuse at the ready and likes to be first!


  • My late husband fitted your reading to an absolute T. Thanks for the post.


  • This sounds a lot light my Aries son :)


  • I love reading this little kids star signs. They are so well written


  • I don’t look to the stars signs to find knowledge and insights into the characteristics of my children or myself


  • These are always great to read but I never really believe in them.


  • Star signs have nothing to do with personality. It is all genetics and upbringing.


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  • Love this, need more for the other signs

    • Thanks. We will most definitely be exploring each of the twelve signs in the Sun Child series.


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