June 18, 2024


Introducing babies to food is such an exciting milestone! And because we all know life gets busy with little ones, it’s great to know that home delivery services can provide nourishing baby meals on days when you don’t have time to cook.

From first-taste purees to textured foods and tasty toddler meals, baby food delivery provides lip-smackingly good options for parents who want to buy quality meals for their babies and have them delivered straight to the door! Because sometimes, there’s just not enough time to pull out the baby food maker!

We’ve done all of the research for you and found Australia’s very best businesses delivering baby food across the nation. But first, let’s take a little peek at what should be on the menu when you’re looking for a baby food delivery service.

What you need to know about baby food delivery

Nourishing Bubs baby food cubes.
Nourishing Bubs

From location, to type of food and origin of ingredients, here’s what you need to be aware of when choosing a baby food delivery service.

Location: Of course, this is the big one. You need to make sure that the service delivers to your area before even considering what’s on the menu! You also need to make sure that delivery days suit you and your family.

Fresh or frozen: Some baby food delivery services provide frozen products, which means you can use them any time in the next few weeks or months. Others deliver fresh food which needs to be consumed within a couple of days, or frozen at home.

Food type: While all of the services we’ve included in our round-up are committed to using fresh, locally-grown ingredients where possible, there are others who specialise in only organic baby food delivery. Just be aware that 100% organic baby food is usually at a higher price point due to the price of organic ingredients.

Cost: Of course, the most economical way to feed your baby is to prep meals yourself, but if you’re looking for convenience, the cost of delivered baby food is actually pretty comparable.

Looking for easier meals for yourself as well? Check out our shortlist of postpartum meal delivery services for new mums and families!

 Australia’s Best Baby Food Home Delivery Services 2024

From fresh to frozen, fancy to humble, these baby food services will ensure little ones get all the goodness they need without any of the fuss. So stock up on baby bibs and prep that first feeding set, because it’s time for bub’s culinary adventure to get started!


JUCA baby food

These small-batch, thoughtfully crafted chef-created meals, focused on savoury flavours, clean ingredients and supreme taste have taken Australia by storm! JUCA has created its range to give babies a range of balanced, savoury flavours to help forge positive attitudes to healthy eating, right from the start!

Meal availability:

  • 6+ months

What we love about JUCA:

  • The ingredients include grass-fed lamb, ancient grains, wild-caught salmon and free-range chicken.
  • The philosophy of introducing a variety of savoury flavours to children from a young age.

What the reviews say:

  • Not your average food pouches
  • Considered and natural
  • Second to none

Cost: From $36 (for six pouches)

Delivery areas: Australia-wide

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Le Purée

Le Puree baby food.

This amazing Aussie success story has gone from providing baby food to just 23 local mums to delivering more than 9000 nutritious baby and toddler meals to families across the nation. Le Purée makes its meals fresh every week with a rotating menu to keep little tastebuds zinging! While not certified organic, Le Purée does aim to use organic ingredients when they’re available, with all ingredients sourced locally and 100% Australian-grown.

Meals are made fresh each week, snap-frozen and then delivered straight to your door. All you need to do is heat and serve!

Meal availability:

  • Purees (6+ months)
  • Bowls (1+ years)
  • Finger Foods (1+ years)

What we love about Le Purée:

  • Meals are made fresh to order
  • Can be delivered weekly or fortnightly
  • Meal plans for babies and toddlers
  • Meals can be stored in the freezer for up to four months

What the reviews say:

  • Great packaging
  • Excellent customer service
  • Nutritionally sound meals

Cost: From $22 (for a 12-cube tray)

Delivery areas: NSW, ACT, QLD, VIC, SA

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Nourishing Bubs

Nourishing Bubs frozen food cubes.

Founded by Paediatric Dietitian and Nutritionist Olivia Bates, Nourishing Bubs uses 100% locally grown fruits and vegetables to create its baby food, with no salt, sugars, thickeners or preservatives added. Nourishing Bubs is all about making sure nutrients are locked into its meals, so once the produce is harvested, it’s delivered straight to the Nourishing Bubs factory, processed, cooked and snap-frozen.

Meal availability:

  • Purees (4+ months)
  • Kids (1+ years)

What we love about Nourishing Bubs:

  • Committed to supporting Australian producers
  • BPA free packaging
  • The Solids Starter Pack is a brilliant way to introduce a variety of different tastes to babies.

What the reviews say:

  • Great way to introduce solids
  • Perfect portion sizes
  • Saves so much time

Cost: From $13 (for 16 cubes)

Delivery areas: NSW, ACT, OLD, VIC and SA.

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TinyBeets Foods

Tiny beets baby food shown in frozen cubes and served in a bowl.

If you’re looking for baby food as close to homemade as possible, TinyBeets Foods is where it’s at! They source their ingredients from local markets, process then freeze the meals to lock in the nutrients. Chef-made, with no added nasties, with different blends and textures to suit each stage and age of the weaning journey.

Meal availability:

  • Intro To Solids (4+ months)
  • Transition To Textures (6+ months)
  • Let’s Get Textured (6+ months)
  • Flavoured Up Texture (6+ months)

What we love about Tinybeets Foods:

  • The variety of ingredients and different texture options
  • No nasties
  • Local ingredients sourced from small greengrocers where possible

What the reviews say:

  • Delicious, fresh, healthy
  • Seasonal ingredients
  • Amazing quality at a great price
  • Babies love the food!

Cost: From $8.95

Delivery areas: SA, VIC and NSW

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Tiny Turtle Baby Food

Assorted Tiny Turtle baby food varieties.

Tiny Turtle Baby Food uses only high-quality Australian produce to create its baby food in Perth. No salt, sugar, filler or preservatives are added and the result is homestyle goodness! The team uses local produce and is the brainchild of a husband and wife team who were keen to provide a healthy alternative to processed baby food. Everything is made in their Balcatta kitchen and frozen for convenience before being delivered to your door. You can also shop directly from the Balcatta kitchen!

Meal availability:

  • Stage One: Smooth Purees
  • Stage Two: Textured Purees
  • Stage Three Lumpy Purees
  • Finger Foods
  • Breakfast Blends

What we love about Tiny Turtle Baby Food:

  • Great variety of textures
  • The finger food is so creative – from meatballs to muffins
  • Chef created meals

What the reviews say:

  • A lifesaver!
  • Wide selection
  • Takes the stress out of mealtime
  • Great customer service

Cost: From $7.95 (for 8 cubes)

Delivery areas: Perth and the South West

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My Baby Organics

Baby food home delivery service Australia

These handy little pods of goodness are bursting with tasty and nutritious purees and textured, organic meals for babies and toddlers. The individual pods are perfectly portioned and made from 100% certified organic produce from Australian farms and growers. Created by a chef, the meals are balanced so that they’re just right for developing taste buds. Either use the pods as they are, or mix them for different taste sensations! Snap frozen for freshness and upholding the integrity of the organic ingredients.

Meal availability:

  • 4+ months
  • 6+ months
  • 8+ months
  • 12+ months
  • Treats for toddlers

What we love about My Baby Organics:

  • Chef created
  • 19 flavours to mix and match
  • Organic

What the reviews say:

  • Amazing for parents
  • Quick delivery
  • Lifesaver!
  • Personal care and delivery

Cost: From $15.95 (for six meals)

Delivery areas: Brisbane the Gold Coast and Tweed Heads

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Bouchee toddler food packets.

With minimal sodium and refined sugar plus loads of fresh and healthy ingredients, Bouchée Bundles are some of the best baby food home delivery services in Australia.

The healthy and tasty meals are delivered frozen, attracting a health star rating of 3.5 stars. Delivered Australia-wide (except for WA) the range currently includes a choice of two toddler meals aimed at kids from 12 months right up to 12 years. Can’t wait for delivery? The range is also available in more than 200 Coles stores and an IGA stockist in Victoria.

Meal availability:

  • 12 months+

What we love about Bouchée:

  • Perfectly portioned toddler meals
  • Nutrient-dense
  • Australian-made and owned
  • Packed with flavour for developing taste buds!

What the reviews say:

  • Amazing customer service

Cost: from $35 for 5pk/$50 for 10pk

Delivery areas: Every state except for WA. (Also available at select Coles supermarkets)

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Assorted tubs of Umyum baby food on a high chair.

Gorgeous packaging aside, UMYUM is so much more than a pretty face! Mini meals are made from natural Australian ingredients with high nutrient value, with no added salt or sugar and no nasties at all. Each meal is made by UMYUM’s in-house chef, from recipes approved by a nutritionist.

The meals are made fresh and delivered frozen, and they’re ready to eat out of the microwave in mere minutes. The meals have also been specifically made for baby-led weaning, with textures that are soft and chewable but textured enough to still be picked up so babies can feed themselves.

Meal availability:

  • 6+ months (meals are textured)

What we love about UMYUM:

  • Great meal variety! Think vegetable curry and chicken burrito bowls.
  • Great texture for baby-led weaning.
  • As allergy-friendly as possible (none of the meals contain nuts, seafood, soy or eggs)

What the reviews say:

  • Delicious food that baby loves
  • Convenient
  • Nutritious

Cost: $7.99 (for 150g tubs)

Delivery areas: VIC (Melbourne Metro and Regional Victoria. Will be delivering to Sydney and Brisbane soon.)

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First Bites Baby Food

First Bites baby and toddler food.

The First Bites team is passionate about creating healthy baby meals from nothing but natural whole foods – which is to be commended in the baby food space. The chef-made meals have amazing variety, including apricot chicken, seafood paella and lamb tagine with couscous!

The meals are provided fresh and snap-frozen then delivered and the range includes everything from smooth purees to pinchable food for baby-led weaning

Meal availability:

  • Stage 1 – Smooth – Perfect for first-time eaters (least challenging).
  • Stage 2 – Textured – A thicker creamy consistency.
  • Stage 3 – Chunky – Slightly firmer, thicker consistency with soft chewable chunks
  • Stage 4 – Pinchables – Small pieces of whole vegetables, legumes and grains (most challenging)

What we love about First Bites Baby Food:

  • The meal descriptions explain how each blend benefits growing babies
  • No nasties
  • Nutritious

What the reviews say:

  • Love the blends and ingredients
  • Tasty way to introduce herbs

Cost: From $3 (for a 120g tub)

Delivery areas: Perth metro

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No mealtime with babies is complete without a good amount of mess! Check out our shortlist of tried and tested baby laundry detergents to help keep little onesies looking as good as new!

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  • I received a free sample of JUCA in a goodie bag from a baby market and my bub had a really positive response to it. It was the beef and veg with broth, it smelt really lovely. I wish mums wouldn’t judge others so hard. Calling mums lazy for buying these products, how out of touch can you be. Not all our babies jump at solids, and making your own food only for them to cry and puke it up can be so disheartening. Some people need to check themselves.


  • No wonder inflation is soaring with these foods around for the babies, then more solid foods for older children and adult meals as well. The other problem I see is when you try to wean your child off these bought foods and on to what you usually cook at home, the taste differential will be so great that your child won’t like what you cook anyway.


  • Didn’t even know this was a thing. Bet they’re making a fortune!


  • Wow, we really are making people SO lazy these days. What a waste of money


  • We never used the luxe of home delivery for baby food


  • Reviews and lists are always good to have on hand.


  • A bit of a luxury, but I guess if you’re only doing it occasionally it might be worth it for the convenience.


  • I can’t imagine many could afford this, no matter how tempting.


  • Gosh baby food has really come a long way! They look so fancy


  • This feels like the height of luxury to be able to pay for this, but if you’re time poor it’s probably worth it.


  • This is a great idea for those who have the money to spend on these types of things but i honestly think it is easy enough to make these types of foods yourself.


  • I’m very tempted to try the nourishing bubs range. I’ve bought their allergen pack and love it, they have made introducing allergens so much easier.


  • A great idea, much cheaper to make your own though.


  • I didn’t know this was a thing! This will definitely help with my newborn


  • I didn’t even know that baby food delivery companies existed.


  • Oh my goodness, have I heard it all now!?!? A baby food delivery service! Whatever next.


  • This is so handy, thank you! My 4th is starting her solids and I don’t have as much time as I’d like to prepare everything so looking forward to trying some of these!!


  • Would’ve been handy when I had my first born! But takes away the experience of making fresh food


  • I guess this would be handy for someone on a very big income who had gone back to work full time with a high pressure job but I don’t know anyone like that. There must be some people who can afford it because there is more than one business to provide this service. Steaming up a big batch of ingredients and blending and freezing wouldn’t be too hard though. I did this for my older two but my youngest was such a fussy eater that I’d end up disheartened, miserable and depressed because he wouldn’t touch anything I made. In the end we did resort to pouches and jars.


  • What a great initiative – fresh, nutritional and age appropriate foods delivered to your door. Sure would make going back to work after maternity leave that but less stressful. If only they delivered to my area.


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