Just like a little mountain goat, Capricorn babies are agile, sure-footed, have boundless patience and can climb the steepest mountains!

Astrologer Debra Underwood is sharing her extensive knowledge and insights into the characteristics of children born under each star sign. She explores their personality traits, how to help them spark joy, and ways that we can help and challenge our little stars.

Want to tune into the energies of the children in your world, and discover something new as you Explore their Sun? Join me each month as we follow the Sun’s loop of the Zodiac. As with the Sagittarius Sun Child, this month we explore the characteristics of your Capricorn Sun Child.

Capricorn Sun Child

Astrology Signs (7)

Capricorn Sun Sign dates for 2023/24 (December 22nd 2023 – January 21st 2024)

As a curious parent, it’s important to know that the dates and times of each Sun Sign can vary slightly from year to year. If your child is born on, or close to these dates, a Birth Chart can accurately decipher their true Sun Sign. The time and location are also valuable details. For example: The Sun moved into Capricorn close to 2:30pm on December 22nd 2023, Sydney, Australia time. Birth Charts are coloured with vibrational influences and angles that add flavour to your Child’s Sun Sign expression.

It’s also interesting to note that each Sun Sign has its own Symbol, Element and Ruling Planet. They synergise and flow through your child’s character. Capricorn is the 10th sign of the zodiac, so let’s begin by delving into the energies and personality traits of your Capricorn Sun Child, followed by helpful tips to guide, support and spark their joy.

Is a CAPRICORN SUN CHILD peeking out from under your loving wing?

Capricorn Sun Child Symbol: The Mountain Goat

In astrology, the symbols are representative of the energy and characteristics of each of the twelve signs, which mostly derive from Ancient Greece, Rome, and as far back as Babylonian times.

When it comes to gauging the astrological symbology of The Mountain Goat consider these fascinating qualities; Hardy, agile, sure footed, persevering, with patience to scale the steepest mountains to reach the top.

The Symbology can be extended through to the Sea Goat, with its tail tapping into emotion and creativity. The Sea Goat represents Capricorn as the ultimate dream creator. Combining instinct and perseverance, they can make steady inroads on dry soil, to build and crystallise great things.

As your baby Mountain Goat grows, it will be fascinating to see if they choose to seek out satisfying results, working with ambition and a long game focus. Determined to progress and overcome what stands in their way, their slow but sure direction will get things done. Have you noticed your light footed mountain goat endeavouring to take good care with every step of the way?

Capricorn Sun Child Element: Earth

Interestingly, Fire, Earth, Air and Water are known as the four elements in astrology. Each element belongs to three of the twelve zodiac signs.

The four elements relate to different aspects of the self and EARTH relates to our “physicality and reality”. It is expressed internally, is responsive, centreing and grounding, and is all about what you see is real, and being in the here and now.

A strong connection to the earth through all that is natural, pure, simple and of practical use can offer grounding satisfaction for your Capricorn Sun Child. The physical body, Being in the moment, Reality, Reliability, Stability, and Seeking manifestation through functional means all disperse Capricorn Sun Child Earth element vibes.

Capricorn shares the element of Earth with Taurus and Virgo. The three signs possess individual qualities based around the element of Earth, and when grouped together have a common thread of compatibility within the zodiac. Observe your growing Earth children thriving in natural environments with physical hands-on activities, where sensations are ripe, and tangible projects come to fruition.

With your down to earth Capricorn Sun Child on the scene, you may find them earnestly offering the most sensible options and practical solutions for the optimum benefit of those at play. Frills aren’t a necessity for keeping busy. They just like to build from the ground up, putting time and effort into projects that offer a sense of satisfaction.

Going solo doesn’t put them off and neither does having a cooperative team of helpers. Move on over, as your Capricorn Sun Child won’t have a lot of tolerance for nonsense. So step aside as your galaxial “grown up” in a romper suit, nominates themself for CEO of the sandpit, Manager of the duplo mat, or Captain of the Treehouse! If it’s up for grabs and offers a bonus, badge or certificate, not much will hold them back!

Have you noticed the element of Earth vibrating through your Capricorn Sun Child?

Capricorn Sun Child Ruling Planet: Saturn

Over time, each sign has been allocated a Ruling Planet. From an astrological perspective, the zodiac signs and planets in the Solar System were matched up, largely based on their thematic relationship to one another.

Astrologically symbolic of the Father, Saturn is the custodian of maturity, rules, mastery, accomplishment, commitment, diligence, integrity and goal setting. Serious business! As you tune into Saturn vibrating through your Capricorn Sun Child, consider its mission for structure, discipline, authority, uniformity, responsibility and a self motivated sense of duty.

Big shoes for a small fry Capricorn Sun Child! Never fear, they’ll know where it’s at. So when fostering their radiance, allow them plenty of room for self reliant mastery and earnest superintendent energy.

Along with big daddy Saturn, factor in the grounded conglomeration of Earth and The Mountain Goat, and you may just have a steadfast, surefooted, high achiever on your hands quietly plotting their ten year plan! Youngest of the bunch? No problem. Is your Saturn inspired Sun Child a tad strict sometimes?

Are they content in their own company? Do they comfortably hang out with grown ups? If so, they’re living true to the main objective of their Sun Sign, as they take ownership of their Ruling Planet Saturn.

Capricorn Sun Child Personality

ASTROLOGY BABY TRAITS (766 x 527 px) (2)

By now, you’re sure to have gained a true sense of your Capricorn Sun Child’s energy. As their Sun Sign is their life force and expression, enjoy this list of character traits that may ring true as you see your Capricorn Sun Child at their most luminous.

  • Cool
  • Wise
  • Hardy
  • Logical
  • Dignified
  • Reserved
  • Traditional
  • Committed
  • Industrious
  • Reliable and Honest
  • Cautious and Thoughtful
  • Determined and Ambitious
  • Self managed and Contained
  • Respectable and Dependable
  • Strong willed and Hard working
  • Conservative and Conscientious
  • Unique balance of confidence and humility
  • Any light bulb moments?

Ok, it’s time to revise my 10 year plan and read up on best investments. I’ll squeeze it into my lunch break after I pay the bills! While I’m at it, I’ll book the kids into a rock climbing activity before homework time. We’re going to the top, baby!

How To Spark Joy In Your Capricorn Sun Child

Enjoy taking in these Hot tips for the healthy expression of their life force.

  • See them light up as you celebrate their merit awards at sports class, music class, dance class, swim school and big school. They love doing well. Be sure to have space on the fridge door, and a folder ready for your high achievers’ hard earned accomplishments.
  • Bask in their brightest light as your little mountain goat helps plan and pack their lunch and bag for a hard day at the “office”. Give them an inch and they’ll take a mile when it comes to responsibility in general and taking things into their own hands, so set the rules of safe practice and watch them thrive!
  • Channel their Earth with a nature walk. Find somewhere with lots of pint sized rocky terrain where they can get their mountain goat on. Over time, be sure to go back so they can measure their growth against the same obstacles. In the event of a few scrapes and grazes, see them insist on their own band aid application. If the great outdoors isn’t a goer, make an obstacle course at home for ultimate achievement and confidence building!
  • Enlighten their innate conscientiousness by including your Capricorn Sun Child in hands on jobs for reward. Set up a pay per task system with a money box or baby bank account, or agree on an incentive program with a trusty hand shake and see them get busy. They can be clock watchers, so put a time on each task and see them break records.
  • See them shine as you dress in respectably smart outfits for a grown up style day date. Visit heritage sites, museums or galleries steeped in tradition and history. They might love the ancient artefacts and something to study and touch will please them greatly. Once home they’ll be happy to unwind in their comfy old faithful jumper. Speaking of artefacts, don’t throw it out without their permission!
  • Be the instigator of luminous laughter with a game of who can keep a straight face for the longest time. They’ll win. And tickle their funny bone with deadpan humour and jokes that state the obvious. Jump in with a few dad jokes for muffled guffaws, smirks and eye rolls to keep things light and ridiculously entertaining!
  • Fill their happiness cup with family time, home time, and the simple pleasures. Outside of their strong work ethic and serious dedication to responsibility, your bubba big stuff will relish in uncomplicated downtime surrounded by strong foundations.
  • Ignite their industriousness with a planned garage sale or street front stall. They can be austere, enjoy simplicity and are motivated to make a mint, so combine the two and use it as a good excuse to declutter! See them shine as they own their domain. Hagglers beware. They’ll drive a hard bargain.
Did you know that in Astrology, from the day you are born, your life force, energy and expression is largely determined by the Sun’s position in the Zodiac? The Sun represents life and illuminates the world around us. It is the largest star in the Solar System, and its energy vibrates and adorns you with the flavours and characteristics of the Sign you were born under.
Your Sun Sign, also known as your Star Sign, represents your core personality, and how you shine through life. It’s where you are at your most luminous. From an earthbound perspective, the Sun takes one year to complete a circuit of the Zodiac, and spends approximately four weeks in each of the twelve signs.

Capricorn Sun Child Mum Inspiration

A few extra tricks up your sleeve as you look to the Sun for a Super Mum boost!

Challenge your Capricorn Sun Child to incorporate their life force intention of a practical, stable, foundation, with their passion. Self sufficiency and their place in the world is a big deal for this sign, so compromising happiness for success needn’t be a concern if their heart and ambitions are aligned. They strive to feel a sense of satisfaction in all they do.

Support your Capricorn Sun Child’s desire to do well. A few tips as they work hard towards their goal; Tried and true methods suit, they like to consider the pros and cons of where they’ll tread, they don’t quit easily, and have a distaste for careless mistakes. Importantly, Saturn’s striving vibe doesn’t indulge in pats on the back, or overtly bask in the glory of achievement, so if things don’t go quite to plan, be there backing and believing in your micro mountain goat without too much pressure.

Encourage your Saturnian sweetheart to occasionally risk it for the biscuit. They can tend to look at life as “glass half empty” and err on the side of caution by playing it safe, so encourage them to let their hair down and join the revelry from time to time. If they can shake off their duties for a while to relax and unwind, you’ll catch their cute smile. And funnily enough, behind their reserved exterior, they can be very cheeky and even mischievous. When they’re at the helm of events and party plans you’ll witness exemplary modelling of the fun side of life!

Tackle your Capricorn Sun Child’s nature to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders with some off grid rest and rec. Pare life back with the earthly delights of camping by the sea, bird watching, or a cosy log cabin in the mountains. They enjoy tradition so make it a regular thing. If they need something to do, they’re great with the stillness and patience required for fishing for dinner. Not their jam? Suggest timekeeping by tide watch or Sundial!

Approach your Capricorn Sun Child with straight facts, clarity, and nothing sugarcoated. They are logical, honest, good with perspective and point of view, and don’t like to be bogged down with annoying details or superfluous info. They appreciate integrity, loyalty, respect and commitment and will duly reciprocate in their own dignified way.

Inspire your Capricorn Sun Child to be the governor of their own life by exposing them to successful, well intentioned role models. Success and self made security can really stir the juices of ambition for your clever Capricorn to pave their own path. They are wonderful protectors too.

Guide their conservative and sometimes shy predisposition with your “mumcouragement” to outwardly enjoy wins. Preferring to quietly get on with things with their best foot forward, recognition is important but they are usually too humble to boast or shout from the rooftops. A splash of glory on the dais never hurting anyone in the big wide world of opportunity and achievement, so embolden your Capricorn Sun Child to own their supreme status and at the very least to congratulate themselves!

Stimulate your kicky Capricorn Sun Child with activities to stretch their legs like running, dancing, soccer, jumping and leaping. Physical outlets of this kind could really help your minute Mountain Goat decompress when faced with any life tests in the “boardroom of their own being”, enabling them to break through shining with their absolute best.

Capricorn Sun Child Playlist

Big Orange Tractor – dirt girl
Off He Goes – Pearl Jam
Shout to the Top – The Style Council
Manic Monday – The Bangles
Tom Petty’s Gone – Kurt Vile

Capricorn Sun Child Quote

“When you hit a wall just kick it” – Patti Smith

Shine Bright, Capricorn Child

As your Capricorn Sun Child grows with feet firmly rooted into the ground, be heartened by; their development of a clearly defined sense of who they are, their inner strength of will, and their belief, humility and personal pride in the discovery of what beckons them achievement wise.

Follow their lead by patiently persevering with all you want to master, and lead by example by being unafraid to congratulate yourself in success and failure for giving it your all. As your child’s greatest mentor, equipped with the added point of view of their Sun Sign, you can light the pathway to their true happiness potential and trajectory of spirit! I look forward to you joining me next month as we continue our loop around the zodiac, exploring Aquarius Sun Child.

Love and abundant sunshine, Debra✨


Debra is a Certified Modern Astrologer from Sydney, Australia, specialising in children’s birth charts. An astrological messenger, Debra offers interpretive pathways, and positive insight into your child’s abundant, evolving growth potential. Debra’s heart space finds joy, wonderment and enrichment from the unguarded, natural expression of children. Being a mum further ignites her innate desire to champion the unique qualities, and astrological signatures of the precious little gems in our lives.

Debra’s lifelong connection to Astrology, finds her invested in sharing the deep and significant awakening a reading can bring. Drawing on her vast observations and years of tuition, she guides you in celebrating and supporting your child’s individuality and luminosity. It’s intrinsic to know your child, and to add a sprinkle of stardust can be enlightening. Connect with Debra at Mini Signet.

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