They don’t show this in those instagram perfect new mum and baby photos.

One mum has shared on The Leaky Boob Facebook page how she suffered from the common side affect of hair loss post baby.

She makes a good point when saying, “There are no bald spots touted as part of motherhood.”

“When I say I have a massive hair shedding postpartum, I mean it. I’m about 3.5 months postpartum with baby #7 and the hair loss is well underway.

Now, before you tell me to get my thyroid checked, try some oils, eat a certain way, etc., this is my 7th time with this. I’ve tried ALL THE THINGS (my thyroid is great, thanks, I like and use some oils, I eat very healthy, all things considered I sleep great…). There’s nothing wrong with me or the millions of others who experience postpartum hair loss, also known as postpartum alopecia. We just don’t talk about how this is common and a normal variation. Not everyone will experience it but many, many will. One source I read said as many as 90%. And no, it has nothing to do with breastfeeding. (Google it, there is a great amount of info out there on it.)

Thanks to hormones that slowed down my normal hair shedding (something like 80 hairs a day is normal) during pregnancy and then all of that hair that normally would have been shed in that time evacuating the premises suddenly and virtually simultaneously (as many was 400 strands of hair a day), I have postpartum alopecia. My already thin, fine curly hair is even thinner with patches that are bald.

It will grow back. I think. I hope. It has before. It won’t be long before baby hairs cover my head and I’ll be ready to chop the remaining long locks (strands, it will be down to a few strands) into a short cute do that is more forgiving of the inevitable baby hair frizz.

If you’re experiencing postpartum hair loss, you’re not alone. Typically it is done by around 6 months but sometimes it can take a full year to start. You’re not broken, it likely will grow back, you’re going to be ok.”

She added, “If you notice hair loss that goes on longer than a few months, see your health care provider as it can be a sign of something more serious and should be checked out.”

Many mums have thanked her for sharing her experience and letting other women know how common the problem is…

“Thank you so much for sharing this! I didn’t say a word to anyone when I noticed this happening after my last 2 (of 3) pregnancies. Quite literally, I am acknowledging this here for the first time ever to anyone besides myself!”

“I am so glad you shared this for all the new mamas who might be concerned. When I had my first and my hair started falling out like crazy, my thick hair went super thin, I was terrified. No one warned me and I thought it would never grow back.”

“Thank you for sharing this! I lost the most hair after my third pregnancy. Started around 2 1/2-3 months and (FINALLY!!) stopped in the last week a little after the 6 months mark. It was brutal, but I am so glad for those fuzzy baby hairs!!”

Did you suffer hair loss after your pregnancy?

Share your comments below.

This post originally appeared on The Leaky Boob, Facebook page.

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  • I suppose the baby takes so much nourishment that your hair suffers
    Have any noticed hair loss prior to giving birth?


  • Fortunately no I never lost any hair with pregnancies – but did have bad teeth problems.
    As I have naturally very fine hair, extra loss would have been awful for me.


  • Yep I have really thick hair and I’ve shed a crazy amount since bub was born. Luckily my sister warned me about it.


  • I suffered post-natal acne and lost clumps of hair. I do have thick hair and tend to lose a bit when it’s washed, but this more more. A dermatologist I was seeing for the acne mentioned the hair loss to explained this could be due to stress and can occur many months after the stressful situation.


  • Yes and it came back. Just a normal side effect of this beautiful event of giving birth to our babies.


  • I lost a heap around my face after my last pregnancy, we put it down to stress of having another premmie bub


  • I did a little, yes, thanks for sharing.


  • I never got bald spots but I definitely had major hair loss. For a couple of months I was shedding handfuls each day. Combing it out in the shower when I washed it was just incredible.


  • It must be quite upsetting to lose so much hair. I don’t remember a huge hair loss during my pregnancy.


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