After almost a month of chasing the Women’s Health Clinic for an antenatal appointment, I finally have one! Just under two months before I’m due to give birth, it will be the first time I have a checkup whilst I have been pregnant.

It will be the first time they check my weight, the fundal height, and even assess the baby’s heartbeat. This is in Sydney, Australia, where some of the greatest health care can be found!

If you consider that these appointments are only fairly new when it comes to looking at the history of pregnancy, it isn’t really anything unheard of. Pregnant women didn’t go through any of the numerous tests that we go through today a hundred years ago… so that thought should bring some comfort and reassurance right?

But it doesn’t, completely… I’m still scared!

Previously I’ve given birth to a baby seven weeks early. If they have given me an appointment only seven weeks prior to my due date – will I even get assessed prior to the birth of this baby?

Only Two Appointments

So far over the duration of this pregnancy I’ve had two telephone appointments with my GP. One was to get a pregnancy blood test referral, the other for a morphology scan. That’s the extent of it.

I know that with the risk of COVID-19 still very present this must be what the medical professionals consider to be the safest of options – but is it really?

I’m Scared!

What about gestational diabetes which I’ve had for my last few pregnancies? Am I not supposed to feel concerned about that because in 2020 all that anyone needs to fear is the coronavirus?

Should women have simply avoided pregnancy altogether this year?

I am completely confused! How are all these various tests considered to be so incredibly vital previously, yet now they are completely irrelevant?

How do they know if the baby is truly alright? Is it just a matter of praying for the best?

To say I am unnerved is an understatement! And my GP doesn’t specialise in pregnancy – I can tell that from the way, even though he is an incredible doctor, he hasn’t picked up on a major problem with my blood test report.

What Should I Do?

What is a pregnant mother supposed to do in the year 2020? Assess herself? Take her own measurements? Pray to all above that everything works out and that she is able to bring home a live healthy baby?

This being baby number eight does not make my fear or worry any less, no one is ever guaranteed a living, breathing tiny miracle at the end of pregnancy no matter what.

Perhaps this is my fear, the comparison of how lightly pregnancy is taken in 2020 compared with the way it was similarly handled 100 years ago, when outcomes for mothers and babies weren’t so good.

Slipping Through The Cracks

Besides this fact, if you aren’t actually looking at a patient, if you aren’t physically assessing them, how do you know if they are alright not just physically but mentally? First time pregnancies are a whirlwind of emotions. And I hope those mothers are being looked after adequately.

This year is so full of uncertainty. But I know that does not strip us of our belief in one’s self. Our ability to overcome any obstacles life throws our way, to succeed. And it doesn’t hurt to read up, research what brings us the most fear – not just via an odd scary Google search result, but old school textbooks.

Listen To Your Body!

Knowledge has always been power, it has the ability to lessen the fear of things we don’t understand, and no one knows your body as well as what you do. Even if this year sees pregnant mothers go through pregnancy without adequate assessments, if we actually invest time and care into our own bodies, our chances of getting through any situation with a wonderful outcome are high.

Do you think the fears of Coronavirus have affected the process of being pregnant and ultimately the birth? Tell us in the comments below.

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  • It sure was a crazy time.


  • So glad I’m not having a baby during this time the extra worry would be terrible


  • wow that would be very difficult, especially with your first bub.


  • That’s strange that you haven’t had any appointments. GPs aren’t rejecting patients at this stage and hospital midwives are still seeing patients as normal. I would also think that when you first found out you were pregnant it was before covid. Very strange.


  • I’m guessing that you hadn’t bothered with an ante-natal appointment before as you were seeing your GP? That may be the reason why you couldn’t get an appointment Women’s Health Clinic straight away. They may have been booked out. I do think your doctor should have been more concerned about you though. All the best for you and your new baby


  • I feel so sad for her. I think pregnancy need more attention even this is not your first baby.


  • I’m sorry that you’re experiencing this and am rather surprised as I am myself 29 weeks pregnant but thankfully have been seen regularly. Granted, I’m seeing an OB via private cover but I would have thought that you should have been seen more regularly via the public system (if that’s what you’re using). Good luck with your diabetes test and the rest of your pregnancy! X


  • I understand you’re worried after not having the regular appointments but I’m sure you have been kept safer that way. I’m not sure what it’s like where you are but my appointments were done at home by the Midwifery Group Practice- I’m sure there’s other avenues to offer assistance.


  • Why did you leave it so late to try and book an appointment? If you have only been trying to book for almost a month and you are just under 2 months from due date that means you are approximately 6 and a bit months pregnant (is my maths right).
    Did you have the early scans and check ups 12 weeks etc? If so you should have been in the system and identified as a high risk pregnancy due to previous gestational diabetes. All this before Covid 19 affected the health system.
    You aren’t alone I know a few people whose essential surgery/treatment has been put off because of the pandemic. They say its riskier to attend the hospital than delay the surgery.


  • Oh dear! This is so hard.


  • WOW! I do think that many medical issues/appointments have been put on the backburner, or people are afraid to make them as they’re not considered a priority. Pregnancy should always be considered a priority. This poor woman, I can’t believe her situation.


  • Think you should have stood up for your rights. Your GP should have made sure all the tests are taken. Do you have a family GP?
    Our family GP has often refused us to go into the Medical clinic and has arrived at our house to give us Flu injections, etc.
    You really do have to look after yourself these days even pre COVID-19 we found that and it will get worse afterwards


  • I am 27 weeks pregnant, I have had one doctors appointment but glucose tolerance is in a couple weeks….it has been rather eerie with not having so many appointments. Definitely would like there to be a little more comms so we know our little one is still in there!


  • I had a few appointments prior to the covid beginning, so was already in the system. Each appointment I was updated as to the changes due to the virus. As the midwife is an essential service, I could bring my children, but only because my midwife service wasn’t in the hospital proper. I wasn’t allowed to take the kids to anything else I.e. the obstetrician. There was a day when my baby’s movements dropped right back to most nothing. Whilst they were happy to give me a check up they couldn’t take me into the hospital proper for an ultrasound. My only option was to drive my kids home, wait till my husband got home and then drive back. It’s a tough situation and I’m lucky living in Western Australia where restrictions were followed properly, and I was able to receive the proper care throughout my pregnancy.

    • Glad you received the proper care !


  • That’s crazy !! My daughters teacher is pregnant and she has had check ups all the time ! I even don’t understand why you would have gone for 2 telephone appointments with your GP, all this time I’ve gone normally to the GP. Certain things can’t be ruled out without being seen.


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