New technology and the ability to connect with so many people, on a global scale, in the blink of an eye, is truly mind blowing when you think about it. But does anyone call their friends anymore?

With all the various social media platforms and messaging apps we are able to not only stay in touch, but keep up to date with family and friends no matter where in the world they are. As well as with any unfolding events which are happening around the people we care most about.

However, has our newfound ability to connect with one another at lightning speed somewhat taken away our capacity to hold up an unscripted conversation with people?

We live in a world where we can take the time to respond with a well thought out, flawlessly put together reply to any given scenario thrown our way.

We Have Time To Respond

Time is suddenly our friend because it’s on our side when we receive communication in text form. We can afford to think of brilliant excuses out of any given situation – or not. We can choose to respond – or wait for more information to make itself available before replying. Technology has, in some instances, given mankind the upper hand when it comes to corresponding via text.

We can even see who is calling us and decide whether to take that call, or let it go to voicemail.

By not having to verbally communicate with others, are we depriving ourselves of our ability to react in the moment?

Most people find phone calls rude or intrusive now with all the other options of being able to be contacted. They prefer prior warning to receiving a call. But why? What is there to prepare for? It’s not an exam.

Is This An OK Time To Call?

Admittedly when I make a call one of the first things I ask is if I have caught the receiver at an appropriate time or if I should call back. Of course, I get it, people have lives, work, kids and just everything in between to deal with and the last thing I want is to interrupt family or friends at an inconvenient moment for them.

Has mankind become dependent on the ‘busy’ excuse though? Has technology and the advancement of social media crippled our ability to connect with one another in a completely unscripted and genuine way?

Can You Still Have A REAL Conversation?

Are we still being authentic even just to ourselves if we are incapable of holding up a conversation? Or are human beings truly so incredibly busy that we just can’t afford to take the time out to talk to anyone anymore?

Is communicating via written form a convenience or are we beginning to abuse it?

We seem to put the most personal things on social media – things which were once sacred and saved for personal encounters only. Instead of making special individuals in our lives aware of significant news, or genuinely asking someone if they are alright, we openly share the once exclusive announcement in a social media update for all to see- completely robbing some moments of their worth and sometimes even their integrity. I mean how many people do you know of who would feel comfortable with commenting on one of their friends’ posts asking if everyone is ok – especially if they are not?

Are We Losing Touch?

Don’t get me wrong, as a mother, I completely understand how tedious and time consuming the most basic of life tasks can feel. It’s hard to manage a home, family, work and deal with the chaos of making these things blend smoothly into life in general. I still can’t help but wonder whether we are losing touch with our basic abilities though.

Can we still think on our feet, in the moment, completely spontaneously, the way which the generations before us once had no choice but to do? Or are the only quick-witted responses we are able to give others, ones which we have had time to research before actually typing out?

Our smart technology is always close at hand. So close in fact that we could realistically answer a phone call in a heartbeat, if we wanted to. However a majority of us choose not to. Could our reliance on these clever gadgets actually be making us stupid?

What’s Going On Here?

Do we genuinely not have the time to speak to one another anymore, or have we merely forgotten how to make the time for the people that matter the most to us in our lives? Are we taking each other’s time for granted by replacing one on one contact with mass communication posts, and simply expecting our close circle to see those status updates and respond according to script, for the world to see – opposed to the way we once spoke to one another person to person.

Has the beauty, the intimacy, of a telephone call between friends been lost to a world of social media? Is the lure of screenshots and the ability to retain a copy of exactly what was said more appealing than the depth of an unexpected phone call? Have we lost the lust for those unscripted belly laughs between friends? Are we just happy to giggle whilst reading messages alone opposed to actually speaking with loved ones, laughing with them?

Why is one form of contact so much more appealing than the other? Is it the convenience, the ease, the enjoyment… the ability to stage a perfect life? Or is it something far deeper- do people crave the reliability of evidence… to be able to scroll back on a conversation and prove exactly what was or wasn’t said…

Don’t Lose The Ability To Talk!

Whatever it may be, I hope my children never lose their ability to talk about any and everything on their young minds. As a mother of a non-verbal little boy, communication is something I value greatly. Seeing him unable to communicate by any means seems to make me want to encourage others who do have the ability, not to abuse it.

Communication is a marvellous experience, don’t lose your gift, the sound of your laugh will never be replicated or replaced by the abbreviation ‘lol’.

Do you still call your friends and family? Or are you overly reliant on modern technology to communicate? Tell us in the comments below.

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  • I was actually discussing this recently and many mentioned that lately people prefer a quick text over a deep phonecall. Times have changed.


  • I do call some friends but with some I just stay in touch on social media.


  • I found that when I had my first child, I reverted to texting more than calling people, as my daughter was a bad sleeper, and mostly people would call during that time when she was down. After she started regular sleep patterns (at 20months old) i started calling people again. After the birth of my son, who is also a bad sleeper, no one really calls me, and with 2 kids, I don’t want to be attached to a phone all the time. I do have those close friends, I make effort once a week or fortnight to call. But they are in the same boat, busy with kids etc, now with iso and remote learning, times are challenging, and I have really found who my friends are.


  • I had started to rely only on texts and messages but since COVID I have made a point of calling either a family member or friend at least one per week. Messages do not mean as much as the personal call


  • Most of the time, I prefer to text or Facebook message friends


  • I can’t remember the last time I spoke to a friend on the phone. It’s all texting.


  • i call some friends. I dont like it when people call at random times and expect a long talk though. I just dont always have time to talk but I find a couple of people seem to expect it whenever something minor happens and they want to have a rant about it.


  • I prefer talking on the phone but not many people do!


  • I watch my phone ring unless it is my partner, Mum or dad.

    I hate talking on the phone, I avoid it at all costs.


  • I speak to friends and family on the telephone at least once a week. I hate texting! I think it is impersonal.


  • I only call if it’s urgent and it’s only going to last a few seconds.
    Otherwise, I’ll usually text.


  • I speak to my friends on the phone alot. Its so important to not just always text. I love hearing my friends voices on the phone


  • I make an effort to try and call a few friends every week. The thing is, some friends like to talk on the phone, and some would really rather email or text. And some, clearly, would rather let the relationship run its course. Which is sad, but I get it. Most are keen to stay in touch, but we’re all busy and it’s hard. We are there when we need each other though, and when we do see each other it is like nothing has changed. Those are great. But I think with getting older, and having lost people in my life, I’m valuing my family and friends more than ever. It has become important to me to pick up the phone rather than just send a quick Facebook message or text, and see how people are really doing. I’ve managed to give some friendships a real boost that way.


  • I very rarely do anymore text and messenger have become to the go to


  • Sure. I love to speak to my friends.


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