We all know that in the midst of giving birth, women will try any position to help with labour. But we didn’t know, until now, that labouring on the toilet is actually a popular position and midwives say that it’s very effective for many mums.

A photo has been posted by a doula, showing a woman sitting on the toilet with one foot on a birth stool, deep in the throws of labour.

The doula, from North Dallas Doula Associates, shares why she recommends this position.

“All of my clients know that I love using the toilet for labor. It’s the best way to release a pelvic floor and help a baby descend into the pelvis,” she commented. “The contractions are super intense on the potty, but that’s because they are super productive!”

“Trust me when I tell you, this is one of the all time best labor positions!!!!”

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Another birthing expert, Belinda Joyce, midwife, maternal and child health nurse, author and mother of four, spoke to Babyology saying that she is also supportive of labouring on the toilet.

“This position is excellent in active labour for both comfort and progress,” she says.

“In my experience, women rarely want to move away from this position. It increases the internal diameters of the pelvis allowing the baby to descend deeper and move into a better position.”

There Is A Butt

But there is a ‘but”. Belinda warns that women shouldn’t on the toilet seat for too long as it could cause swelling.

The midwife also reassures mums that while it is extremely unlikely that the baby would fall into the toilet, women still need to take care as labour progresses.

“It can become a problem as 2nd stage (pushing) begins, as the birth can occur on the toilet and it is difficult for the midwife or doctor to assist with the birth if required or to catch the baby,” says Belinda.

“In many hospitals and birth centres, there are birthing stools available which allow this same position on a padded seat similar to a toilet seat and also allows access if required during the birth and to catch the baby!”

Lots Of Support

The original Instagram post has attracted a number of comments with many followers sharing their experiences of toilet labour.

“I was on the toilet when my baby’s head started to come through,” said one.

“Yep, that’s where I spent the majority of my labor, right,” said another.

Another wholeheartedly agreed:
“This was my favorite position when I was in labor actually! It was soothing for me, personally. I also preferred to poop because it helped with the pressure!”

“It was literally the only place I could comfortable enough to labor,” said one.

“I went from 6cm to pushing after a trip to the toilet in labor,” another mum shared.

So labouring on the toilet may not be the most attractive place to push out a baby but who really cares. If it works, it works!

Did you/would you labour on the toilet? Tell us in the comments below.

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  • Do whatever works for you


  • Unfortunately being induced 3 times and on a drip i was unable to try this but does seem effective.


  • I wish I had seen this article before my labour!


  • Amazing, Any labour tips or tricks are wonderful, shame i didn’t know this with my pregnancies.


  • Definitely get this. There is so much pressure!


  • With my second I felt extreme relief when I sat on the toilet while in labor I probably would of had my daughter on there if I didn’t end up unable to get out of the bed.


  • I wasnt given this option but it makes sense…birthing stool sounds like a great option but that was never offered either. I dont know anyone who has used this method…


  • I don’t think I could actually do that, however, they do have special seats that you can sit on that are a bit like a toilet. To me toilets are such dirty places. Or you could always just use a commode.


  • Makes sense that this position would be comfortable…. But yes, not ideal for when the baby is coming!


  • I didn’t do this with my three kids, but I can certainly understand how pushing in this position would make things a lot easier.


  • All I remember is getting cramp in my backside every time I moved position so ended up sitting up. This may have been a good idea!


  • My friend’s sister! Except she didn’t sit on the toilet, she had one foot up on it and one on the ground. Apparently she found this position easier to push.


  • Can’t imagine doing this. Much happier with the bed.


  • You would think that they would invent something similar to have birth on the toilet a seat like a toilet but something that the doctors could get underneath and that there is no danger to the baby


  • By listening to your body you might end up in this position, the sitting position looks comfy and natural to me.


  • I don’t think I would be comfortable with that and I’m certainly not going back to give it a try. Maybe it all boils down to what options you have been given and finding the one that suits you the best.


  • God I personally wouldn’t cope in this position lol I hated sitting or laying down


  • I know of one Mum who spent most of the time laying on her side. She has a spinal problem and it was the only way she could lay except when they put her on her back to check her progress. Because of her back she only had one baby. They were advised not to risk another pregnancy.


  • I guess you do what you have to do at the time. You cant always predict when and where baby decides to enter the world and what is the best position for each mother is individual.


  • Its a very good position and its really helps even after delivery


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