Mum warns parents to ALWAYS slice grapes after her two year old son almost choked to death.

Sophie Jackson, 24, from the UK, said her son, Jake, turned blue and purple after the grape became lodged in his throat.

sophie j

After passing out and going “floppy” from a lack of oxygen, he was saved when his grandmother reached into his throat and pierced the grape.

“Jake just grabbed two grapes and put them in his mouth,” she said.

“I went up to take them off him, but before I knew what happened it went crazy. He just could not breathe and went blue and purple so quickly.

“I started to whack his back and so did his dad to try and ease it out. We opened his mouth to try and reach, but we couldn’t feel the grape.

“Jake was struggling, his arms went down and then he just flopped forward.

“I said we need to get it out or he was going to die.”

“My mum put her fingers into his throat to try and get it and she said she could feel it, so she punctured the skin, and we hit his back again and managed to get it out,” she said.

“He didn’t even cry– his colour started coming back straight away. We put him in the car and went straight to hospital.

“The doctor said he was very lucky, especially because of the colour he was. She said my mum saved his life. He is so lucky.”

grapes fb

Sophie shared this image on Facebook with the caption:

“Today was by far the worst day of my life! Ever since reading about that little boy who died from choking on grapes I’ve been cutting them. Tonight Jake sat down on the sofa near my dad he got a couple of grapes and put them in his mouth my dad called me straight away and before I got the 2.5meters to Jake he was already choking.

I immediately put him over my knee and hit his back several times. Its didn’t work I put my fingers down his throat, I couldn’t feel the grapes. Jake wasn’t able to breathe. I knew I needed to ring an ambulance. Mark got Jake and started hitting jakes back while he was still unable to breath while I rang an ambulance. Ellie was crying saying ” he’s going to die mum, I don’t know what to do” Jake was blue and purple and stopped struggling.

He wet himself then My mum forced her fingers down jakes throat and managed to pop a grape while mark was still hitting jakes back. My mums finger nail popping the grape made the smallest amount for room in jakes airways which enabled him to finally have the strength to retch hard and bring out the grape followed by blood and mucous. Jake could finally breath. We could beat the ambulance to hospital so we got Jake in the car and got him to hospital where his ears and cheeks were still purple. And I have being told by the doctors and nurses he is extremely lucky to be alive and as well as he is. Jake is home and well with just trauma to his throat. I am posting this to once again spread the dangers in the food most children love. Please cut your child’s grapes. Please tell everyone to cut your child’s grapes. Nothing is worth the risk of loosing them.

****UPDATE **** I am really overwhelmed by everyone’s support. I was not expecting such a positive response from everyone. We knew first aid and it was still a huge struggle to get the grape out. In fact we found two. Jake was not able to breathe at all and couldn’t make a sound. The grapes were whole and the skin wasn’t broken. We are unsure when the first grape came out. We couldn’t see any of the grapes at all until the very end when jakes dad compressed jakes stomach/chest which enabled my mum to finally see the grape and pinch it with her nails which with out a doubt saved jakes life.
I really hope this encourages people to look into children’s first aid and always cut grapes for children. Jake is 2 years and 9 months and if he ever decides to eat grapes I will always cut them as shown.
Jake is doing so fantastically well!!! Thank you all for your wonderful support.”

grapes fb 2

Gosh, so scary! Make sure you share her meme to help spread awareness to other parents.

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  • A great lesson in why children should never be left alone while eating


  • Glad he is ok, thanks for the warning.


  • What a clever and obviously lifesaving idea. Not something I had even considered until I’d read this story.


  • Never heard of grapes choking a child – guess it depends on how your children eat foods. Mine were always taught to chew everything before they swallowed.

    • Omg????how frightening for all four of you!Every parents worst nightmare!My son at 14mnths was given a jelly snake lolly by another child whilst I was shopping in K-Mart he was in his stroller at the time,I was unaware of this.He swallowed the snake whole half was down his throat and the other at the back of his mouth (he couldn’t breath) he also turned blue!I thought he had somehow swallow his tounge or something until I opened his mouth!I grabbed at the small piece and pulled it out whole!I was terrified at the time so frightening!Im so relieved your son is ok!And Im sure many a parent is grateful that you have made them aware of what could happen to any child!Well done for sharing????


  • Banana was what my son choked on… He stuffed so much into his mouth…


  • I have to make sure our 20 month old bites his toast and doesn’t put the whole piece in his mouth at the same time. A slice is cut into a minimum of 8 pieces. He has been taught he has to bite a piece off it, chew then swallow it before putting another in his mouth. Sometimes he gives one of us a cheeky look then tries to put a whole piece in his mouth. He is at the stage he likes to hold one piece in each hand. Recently he attempted to put both pieces in his mouth at once.


  • Thanks for sharing this article


  • I cut my toddlers too and also never give popcorn under 3 years old or nuts.


  • How scary, I’m going to start cutting up my kids grapes. I usually sit with them when their having grapes but I think I’m going to slice them just to be safe.


  • wow yeah very scary situation! lucky for their quick thinking!


  • never thought you could choke on a grape – scary.

    • Yep – any food can be a hazard and the texture and size of grapes is quite tricky!


  • Grapes are notorious for being a choking hazard – good on your for raising awareness and glad your little one is ok.


  • I’m so glad he is ok. Thank you for the reminder


  • Thank you for sharing this. I have showed hubby how to properly cut them too. Sorry to hear you had to go through something like this, glad to hear Jake is doing well.


  • So scary but sooo pleased meme saved the day. All my best wishes to this family and thank you so much for making all aware of the dangers.


  • Wow, what a creakily scarey close call! Who would have thought the simple grape could be so life threatening. I’m going to share this meme on Facebook to make other parents aware


  • Such an important message that is surely going to help a lot of parents and carers.


  • Foods need to cut up for small kids – so many people are unaware of these dangers – great grape reminder!


  • Lke it


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