Brisbane mum fights the trolls who bullied her son on a Facebook video.



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Yarraka Bayles posted a video on Facebook of her gorgeous four year old son Quaden, doing funny stuff like all four year olds do. Her pride soon turned to shock when strangers started calling him an ‘ugly kid’, ‘little midget’ and even ‘crack house kid’.

Quaden has dwarfism, and his mum was shocked by the social media backlash.

‘I’ve had quite a few negative comments.  Yarraka explains to New Idea as she fights back tears. Someone wrote “that’s one ugly kid” on a video.’

‘People on the street often point and whisper, or sneakily try and take photos of Quaden because he’s different,’ she says.

‘It’s just heartbreaking – that’s my baby.’

Yarraka has started a dwarfism awareness campaign, Stand Tall 4 Dwarfism, which already has more than 5400 likes on Facebook.

‘I know how much joy he brings to my life,’ she says, ‘so it makes me proud to be able to share that with others.’

quaden fb

Some Facts About Dwarfism:

Did you know that there is over 200 different types of dwarfism? via Dwarfism Awareness Australia

You cannot catch dwarfism. It cannot be passed onto someone else like a flu. It is a hereditary and non hereditary condition which can only be passed on through carriers of the mutated gene or developed spontaneously in utero by a genetic mutation of a gene.

Dwarfism refers to a group of conditions characterised by shorter than normal skeletal growth. This shortness can be manifested in the arms and legs or trunk.

Achondroplasia is the most common type of short-limb dwarfism, occurring in around one in 25,000 children in Australia with both sexes at equal risk. This type of skeletal dysplasia (abnormal skeletal growth) is usually diagnosed at birth.

Basically people, just don’t be a …. well you know what I’m going to say. BE KIND to everyone.

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  • people are just so mean and rather than get to know someone judge them


  • Ugliness is inside, not out.


  • People are to judgemental. They need to grow up.


  • there will always be haters – they are the ugly ones xxx


  • That’s so sad, what is wrong with some people


  • What is wrong with some people. It is wrong when people do and say things like that, especially to a child.


  • He doesn’t look ugly to me. And even if he was unattractive, what’s with the cruel impulse to point it out?


  • He is gorgeous and these heartless monsters behind computer and phone screens need to seriously take a good look at themselves before trolling a little child.


  • A gorgeous and happy looking boy! I am saddened by these shameful comments made by some people and it reflects on their poor values and lack of self worth.


  • yeah what is wrong with people! it seems that nasty STRANGERS are saying this but how the hell can those bullies justify what they are saying? so it is alright to pick on people that they don’t know but i bet that they would not say this $%@# if they actually knew Quaden and his family.

    Those pics reflect a happy little boy which is more than i can say for those bullies’ mental states. This article makes me angry. That child is not at fault and has innocently been dragged into this.

    One day this kid will google his name and unfortunately, this is something that will always be linked to him. Sad.

    On another note, what a cool minion costume!

    Tracey- Thanks for hi-lighting this, even if people just think twice about the stuff that comes out of their mouth, then you have done your job.


  • Oh what a shame theres so many keyboard warriors out there, stooping so low as to bully and name call towards a child is just heartless. Yarraka, Thankyou for educating me on Dwarfism and taking it upon yourself to educate others and raise awareness. Your son is gorgeous, but you already now that, wishing you and Quaden all the best and goodluck with #standtall4dwarfisim.


  • I’ve long been an admirer of Quaden on facebook through the standing tall for dwarfism page. As a fellow Aboriginal, I proudly stand beside Quaden!


  • Incredible that people can say such ugly things.
    I’ve never heard there were so many types of dwarfism!


  • How horrible for her. I hope she stays strong and keeps getting her positive messages out. Beautiful boy.


  • Like da


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